Understanding America!

What follows is a nine-part series of research reports published by the Heritage Foundation under the title of “Understanding America” that explore how the United States’ commitment to the universal truths of human equality and the right to self-government-as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence-requires a vigilant defense of the cause of liberty, both at home and abroad-You Decide:

I. Why is America Exceptional?-Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Matthew Spalding,  Ph.D.-On October 1, 2010:


II. What Is America’s Role in the World?-Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Marion Smith-On November 16, 2010:


III. Why Does Sovereignty Matter to America?-Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Steven Groves-On December 3, 2010:


IV. Why Does Religious Freedom Matter?-Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Jennifer Marshall-On December 20, 2010:


V. Why Provide for the Common Defense?-Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Mackenzie Eaglen-On January 19, 2011:


VI. How Must America Practice Diplomacy?-Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Theodore Bromund-On March 3, 2011:


VII. Why Does Economic Freedom Matter?-Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Kim R. Holmes, Ph.D. andMatthew Spalding, Ph.D.-On April 7, 2011:


VIII. Who Makes American Foreign Policy?-Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Baker Spring-On April 29, 2011:


IX. How Should Americans Think About Human Rights?-Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Kim R. Holmes, Ph.D.-On June 13, 2011:


“Food For Thought”

God Bless the U.S.A.!


Semper Fi!


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