U.S. Christians persecution must stop

By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -  voteforamerica@gmail.com

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"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Seek the truth and expose the corrupt politicians, the people must know the truth.


My fellow Americans, it is time to wake-up before Washington politicians destroy us. American’s trust in the government is being demise by the country’s political culture of corruption. Our political system is infected by sick Politicians, many are Psychopath, sociopath and most are pathological liars; they lost the sense of morality, honesty, responsibility, duty and most important their loyalty to our country. At state and federal government we are contaminate by this moral virus that is like cancer and is invading our whole society.
Our country’s leaders are the role models of our society, but they fail us, because what we learned from them is; that winning at any cost is most important and to get what they want at any cost justified the means. We have become the world’s bully, the world’s worst enemy, the economic predators, and the exploiters of humans and the enslavers of our own people. We have become a society that seek control to subjugate others, motivated by greed for power and money they plot strategies to move up at the control ladder.
This history of corrupting morals start with Reagan, Republicans and Democrats are to blame for this erosion of our leadership morality and values. President Bush and Obama are the ones that trashed our constitution and our God given rights to liberty and freedom; Clinton, Bush and Obama are to blame for the economic demise of our country; Bush and Obama are to blame for the increased of our national debt from 4.5 trillion Dollars to18.001trillion.  http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/.
Fellow Americans, we the people of faith are the only solution to our country’s down fall. We are very especial people and capable of reversing this trend of destruction. The root of this evil is greed for power, control and money. I pray for our country because many of our country politicians have forgotten God, now is the time to listen to God’s call, his call is to re-store moral leadership, moral authority and re-build our country under our constitution, our Christian-human moral values and the rule of law. Our freedom and liberty should be the force to promote social justice through equal opportunity for all. We must never forget that we are our brother’s keeper and it is our responsibility to help others to be the best they can be; not to make any one dependent of this system of government or any one, for dependency leads to subjugation, slavery and tyranny.
2016 must be the years of reclamation of our constitutional right, our freedom and our Christians-human moral values. The values and morals that Christians share with all civilized people are human universal morals, morals that arise from nature and the Jewish, Christian and Muslim incorporated these moral laws into their holy scriptures thousands of years ago. We must recognize that the world community in reality is a family with the same wants and needs, a world of peace and prosperity free of exploitation and slavery and equal opportunities for all to work and be the best they can be. 
Fellow Americans, our loyalty it is not to any political party, politician, The President or any political organization. Our loyalty is to our country, nothing matters but our constitution, our God’s given freedom and liberty and our Christian/human moral values. This culture of corruption is irreversible and we must do it so our descendants born after the year 2035 will be able to reap the benefits of our vision and mission to reclaim our human moral values to save our country and work for the world’s peace and prosperity, without the exploitation of others.
Fellow Americans, 80% of the citizens of our country are Christians, believers on Christ our Lord; I pray for our unity, 80% of us Christians must stand united, we have apparently made it to the point of return; our Christian community said. “No more Christian persecution in the USA, No more lies. No more cover-ups. No more killings of Americans. No more spying on Americans. No more economy slavery. No more predator corporatism. No more military interventions. No more collusion. Enough is enough."
We can make the difference we must vote out of office all the Psychopath, sociopath and pathological liars and deceivers, they have no conscience and act with no regard for others; they are dangerous, they are criminals that we voted for them because we never suspect them of being psychopaths.
We were informed about Obama’s record as president, but we can’t believe it and we voted for Obama in 2012, now we see the results. http://defeatobama.us/bankruptcy.shtml. Please in 2016 vote for America, be part of the movement to reclaim our country’s Christian/moral human values. We will reclaim our country, pass this on and preach for reform, the truth will set us free.
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