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  Bait and Switch
Roger Helle  
Whistleblower’s letter to 
chairmen Burr, scumbag-Schiff
by timesonline.com ~ This is the text of the unnamed whistleblower’s Aug. 12 letter to Sen. Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence, and Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff, chairman of the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence... Dear Chairman Burr and Chairman scumbag-Schiff: I am reporting an “urgent concern” in accordance with the procedures outlined in 50 U.S.C. §3033(k)(5)(A). This letter is UNCLASSIFIED when separated from the attachment. In the course of my official duties, I have received information from multiple U.S. Government officials that the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election. This interference includes, among other things, pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the President’s main domestic political rivals. The President’s personal lawyer, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, is a central figure in this effort. Attorney General Barr appears to be involved as well. • Over the past four months, more than half a dozen U.S. officials have informed me of various facts related to this effort. The information provided herein was relayed to me in the course of official interagency business. It is routine for U.S. officials with responsibility for a particular regional or functional portfolio to share such information with one another in order to inform policymaking and analysis. • I was not a direct witness to most of the events described. However, I found my colleagues’ accounts of these events to be credible because, in almost all cases, multiple officials recounted fact patterns that were consistent with one another. In addition, a variety of information consistent with these private accounts has been reported publicly. I am deeply concerned that the actions described below constitute “a serious or flagrant problem, abuse, or violation of law or Executive Order” that “does not include differences of opinions concerning public policy matters,” consistent with the definition of an “urgent concern” in 50 U.S.C. §3033(k)(5)(G). I am therefore fulfilling my duty to report this information, through proper legal channels, to the relevant authorities. • I am also concerned that these actions pose risks to U.S. national security and undermine the U.S. Government’s efforts to deter and counter foreign interference in U.S. elections. To the best of my knowledge, the entirety of this statement is unclassified when separated from the classified enclosure. I have endeavored to apply the classification standards outlined in Executive Order (EO) 13526 and to separate out information that I know or have reason to believe is classified for national security purposes. • If a classification marking is applied retroactively, I believe it is incumbent upon the classifying authority to explain why such a marking was applied, and to which specific infonnation it pertains... And yet he is going on hear say, not true facts.  https://www.timesonline.com/news/20190926/whistleblowers-letter-to-chairmen-burr-schiff   
 In August 29 Tweet it Appears scumbag/commie-John Brennan Also Knew about Partisan 
Anti-Trump CIA “Whistleblower”
by Jim Hoft
{ thegatewaypundit.com } ~ As reported yesterday –House Intelligence Chairman scumbag-Adam Schiff (D-CA) learned about the Deep State CIA spy’s accusations against President Trump several days before the officer filed a whistleblower complaint... It is blatantly obvious that scumbag-Adam Schiff is one of the main architects of this coup against Trump and worked with the scumbag/commie-Brennan protege and partisan CIA operative to help him craft the complaint. Then just days after the whistleblower filed a claim of wrongdoing by President Trump, an aide to scumbag-Schiff flew to Ukraine. The trip by a staffer on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, on which scumbag-Schiff serves as chairman, was “sponsored and organized by the Atlantic Council think tank,” Breitbart reported. “The council is funded by and routinely works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding loose lips liar-Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.” So scumbag-Schiff knew about the accusations well before the CIA spy filed a whistleblower complaint and planned accordingly. scumbag-Schiff colluded with the Deep State CIA spy. This is a conspiracy against President Trump. But scumbag-Adam Schiff may not have been alone. Former CIA Director and arrogant anti-Trump partisan scumbag/commie-John Brennan also showed his cards back in August. Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff tweeted this out on August 28th. We now know that this was after his office had contact with the CIA ‘whistleblower.’One day AFTER scumbag-Adam Schiff’s AUGUST 28, 2019 tweet, on August 29, 2019, CIA Director scumbag/commie-John Brennan posted a ominous tweet to President Trump. scumbag/commie-John Brennan: scumbag-Jim Comey is far more decent, ethical, honest, competent, & patriotic than you could ever hope to be. It is only because the AG & Republican Senators refuse to put country above party that you are not in a world of trouble & hurt. But their protective cocoon is only temporary… Boy, these scumbags are full of it. 
US warned Turkey only last week 
that attacking Kurds helps ISIS
by Joel Gehrke
{ washingtonexaminer.com } ~ President Trump’s decision to allow Turkey to attack America's Kurdish allies in Syria reverses warnings issued last week by the administration... “A conflict along the Turkey-Syria border would serve the interests of all the bad actors in the conflict and in the surrounding region — whether that’s Daesh [ISIS], or al Qaeda, or the Iranian regime,” Joel Rayburn, the special envoy for the Syrian conflict,  said Wednesday. Rayburn issued that warning to a Turkish diplomat who portrayed the Syrian Kurds — who helped American troops defeat the Islamic State — as terrorists. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused the United States of supporting Syrian fighters tied to Turkish rebel groups that Turkey claims are terrorists. Erdoğan has resented the partnership for years because he believes the Syrian Kurds are tied to rebel Turkish Kurds who seek to create an independent Kurdistan within Turkey. American officials have touted the implementation of a “security mechanism” designed to prevent conflict along the border. “So far, the implementation is going pretty well,” Rayburn said Wednesday at the Council on Foreign Relations. “That’s a necessary condition for the resolution of the overall conflict. As long as there is a danger of a conflict along the Turkey-Syria border, it’ll be difficult — that’ll make the job of reaching the resolution of the conflict much much harder.”Trump abandoned that policy in a statement released late Sunday evening. “Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long-planned operation into Northern Syria,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said. “The United States Armed Forces will not support or be involved in the operation, and United States forces, having defeated the ISIS territorial ‘Caliphate,’ will no longer be in the immediate area.”...   https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/defense-national-security/us-warned-turkey-only-last-week-that-attacking-kurds-helps-isis?utm_source=breaking_push&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=push_notifications&utm_source=WEX_News%20Brief_10/07/2019&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_News%20Brief&rid=5261   
Mollie Hemingway: loose lips liar-Joe Biden's 
brother also involved in scandal 
and media ignores it
By Nick Givas  
{ foxnews.com } ~ James Biden, the brother of 2020 presidential hopeful  loose lips liar-Joe Biden, has become enveloped in the Ukraine scandal surrounding the former vice president... but has received very little media attention, according to Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway. Hemingway appeared on "Fox & Friends" Monday and claimed James Biden had been involved in business dealings with Ukrainian and Chinese officials but has managed to fly under the radar, and avoid media scrutiny. "It's not just his son, it's also his younger brother James who is involved in some of this as well," she said.  "There has been a little bit of news coverage about it. There was a very lengthy New Yorker profile about Hunter Biden, about his involvement in Ukraine, also about getting gifts from Chinese businessmen who are close to the Chinese government --$80,000 gemstones and whatnot. "So there's a lot of stuff that is interesting out there," Hemingway continued. "It's kind of surprising that some of these media figures are so ignorant of these facts or claiming that to talk about these facts is a conspiracy theory." She said the media's willful ignorance on the issue goes beyond a basic double standard, as the media tries to bury the truth of the 2016 election to bolster their political allies. "I actually think it's so much worse than just a double standard, which is something that we've seen for a long time," Hemingway said. "We actually have a story here where Donald Trump and a few people in the government are trying to get to the bottom of what actually happened in the 2016 election, which involved some meddling from foreign  countries -- it involves the weaponization of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies. And as this comes out, they're trying to... refocus this story in a different direction. And it is not good."...   https://www.foxnews.com/media/joe-biden-son-brother-ukraine-scandal  
Ukrainian Embassy confirms DNC 
contractor solicited Trump dirt in 2016
{ thehill.com } ~ The boomerang from the Democratic Party’s failed attempt to connect Donald Trump to Russia’s 2016 election meddling is picking up speed, and its flight path crosses right through Moscow’s pesky neighbor, Ukraine... That is where there is growing evidence a foreign power was asked, and in some cases tried, to help scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton. In its most detailed account yet, the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington says a Democratic National Committee (DNC) insider during the 2016 election solicited dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and even tried to enlist the country's president to help. In written answers to questions, Ambassador Valeriy Chaly's office says DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa sought information from the Ukrainian government on Paul Manafort’s dealings inside the country in hopes of forcing the issue before Congress. Chalupa later tried to arrange for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to comment on Manafort’s Russian ties on a U.S. visit during the 2016 campaign, the ambassador said. Chaly says that, at the time of the contacts in 2016, the embassy knew Chalupa primarily as a Ukrainian American activist and learned only later of her ties to the DNC. He says the embassy considered her requests an inappropriate solicitation of interference in the U.S. election. “The Embassy got to know Ms. Chalupa because of her engagement with Ukrainian and other diasporas in Washington D.C., and not in her DNC capacity. We’ve learned about her DNC involvement later,” Chaly said in a statement issued by his embassy. “We were surprised to see Alexandra’s interest in Mr. Paul Manafort’s case. It was her own cause. The Embassy representatives unambiguously refused to get involved in any way, as we were convinced that this is a strictly U.S. domestic matter.” “All ideas floated by Alexandra were related to approaching a Member of Congress with a purpose to initiate hearings on Paul Manafort or letting an investigative journalist ask President Poroshenko a question about Mr. Manafort during his public talk in Washington, D.C.,” the ambassador explained. Reached by phone last week, Chalupa said she was too busy to talk. She did not respond to email and phone messages seeking subsequent comment. Chaly’s written answers mark the most direct acknowledgement by Ukraine’s government that an American tied to the Democratic Party sought the country’s help in the 2016 election, and they confirm the main points of a January 2017 story by Politico on Chalupa’s efforts... https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/441892-ukrainian-embassy-confirms-dnc-contractor-solicited-trump-dirt-in-2016 
Top Indian Muslim Group's Support for Kashmir Policy Challenges Islamists' Religious Narrative
by Abha Shankar
{ investigativeproject.org } ~ India's largest Muslim organization recently backed the country's decision ending the special autonomous status of the Himalayan Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir, popularly known as Kashmir... Pakistan and its American Islamist supporters expressed "alarm at India's aggression in Muslim Kashmir" and condemned the "undemocratic Hindu-Chauvinist bigotry driving it." They also accused the Indian government of wanting "to change the demographics of a disputed region." In contrast, India's largest Muslim organization has no concerns of a "Hindu takeover" of a Muslim-majority state. "Kashmir is an integral part of India and that all Kashmiris are our compatriots. Any separatist movement is harmful not only for the country but for people of Kashmir as well," a resolution passed by the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind reads. "We feel it's our national duty to protect the democratic and human rights of Kashmiri people," the resolution says. "Nevertheless, it's our firm belief that their welfare lies in getting integrated with India. The inimical forces and neighbouring country are bent upon destroying Kashmir." That's a not-so-subtle reference to Pakistan, which uses terrorist proxies to wage attacks across India, including in Kashmir. In February, for example, U.S.-designated Jaish-e-Mohamed  terrorists killed 40 soldiers in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir, provoking an Indian military retaliation that destroyed terrorist training camps in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. It is worth noting the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind played a key role in India's independence struggle against British colonial rule and opposed partition of the country on the basis of religion...  https://www.investigativeproject.org/8103/top-indian-muslim-group-support-for-kashmir  
Bait and Switch
Roger Helle:  Maybe this has happened to you. It’s Black Friday and the sales are incredible. You camp outside the store all night to get that special device you absolutely have to have. The doors open, you rush in, run through the store to find your sale item only to learn they are sold out. BUT… they do have other items they will gladly sell you for a little more. You’re a victim of a bait and switch.

America has been a victim of bait and switch for nearly three years now. Three years ago we were told the Trump campaign and the president-elect conspired with Russia to change the outcome of the election. One by one, Trump associates fell to the prosecutors, confessing their sins. Yeah, I know, they didn’t commit collusion with Russia, but hey, they’re Trump’s people, so…

For two years, Congressman scumbag-Adam Schiff told the media he had absolute proof, irrefutable evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia. He said that right up until Robert Mueller’s report was released, showing no collusion. But Schiff maintained he had irrefutable evidence of Trump’s guilt. scumbag-Schiff effectively said, “I have evidence of… OH LOOK, A SQUIRREL.”

Rep. scumbag-Schiff now has “evidence” that President Trump threatened the president of Ukraine by withholding funds for the Ukrainian military unless he dug up dirt on Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The evidence was so damning that scumbag-Schiff had to do a “parody” of the letter during a congressional hearing. In his parody, it was horrible to hear the “threats” President Trump heaped upon the Ukrainian president. scumbag-Schiff might as well have said, “Why, it was so bad that… OH LOOK, ANOTHER SQUIRREL!”

It’s interesting that last year, Senators scumbsag-Durbin, scumbag-Leahy, and scumbag-Menendez wrote to the Ukrainian prosecutor general asking him to investigate President Trump. Nothing to see here folks; move along. Even Snopes said it was not true, which just goes to show you can’t trust Snopes anymore. They lie!

Back in January 2018, VP loose lips liar-Biden was speaking for the Council on Foreign Relations. Video shows him bragging about telling Ukraine that over a billion dollars in aid would be withheld unless they fired the special prosecutor who was investigating the company where his son served on the board. And, “Son of a b—h, he got fired,” Biden boasted. But that’s ignored. Bait and switch! Look at Trump!

As a Christian, I have FAITH. I have faith God is in control of this planet, even though at times it seems events are spinning out of control. But my faith pales in comparison to the faith of the media in our country. For two and a half years scumbag-Adam Schiff told the media he had irrefutable proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia! IRREFUTABLE! Yet, time after time, they came to scumbag-Schiff in expectant hope that this time he will have the goods to prosecute Trump! I don’t have that kind of blind faith!

Now he has absolute proof that Trump has threatened the leader of a foreign country for his personal benefit. Now, the actual words don’t convey that, but because scumbag-Schiff is smarter than the rest of us, he had to interpret it for us. scumbag-Schiff told us this is what Trump actually meant, not what he said. Bait and switch.

Something to think about?   ~The Patriot Post


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