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    Will Democrats Tax Your 
Retirement Savings?
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scumbag-Comey may not be 
off the hook in FISA investigation
by Jerry Dunleavy
{ washingtonexaminer.com } ~ Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has already harshly criticized scumbag-James Comey in two high-profile investigations... so the watchdog’s impending report on abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act could spell trouble for the former FBI director. scumbag-Comey handled the FBI’s criminal investigation into former Secretary of State scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton’s illicit private email server and her mishandling of classified information, while simultaneously leading the bureau’s counterintelligence inquiry into alleged ties between the Russian government and Trump’s campaign. Horowitz released a report on the scumbag/liar-Clinton investigation in the summer of 2018, criticizing scumbag-Comey for usurping authority that wasn’t his. His August report discussed one aspect of the Trump-Russia investigation — scumbag-Comey’s mishandling of his memos of conversations with Trump and leaking of information on retired Gen. Michael Flynn. Both reports were unsparing in their critiques of scumbag-Comey’s tendency to violate DOJ and FBI policies and to act on his feelings instead. “We have previously faulted scumbag-Comey for acting unilaterally and inconsistent with Department policy,” Horowitz wrote last month. “scumbag-Comey’s unauthorized disclosure of sensitive law enforcement information about the Flynn investigation merits similar criticism.” There’s little reason to believe Horowitz’s next report won’t be as bad or worse for scumbag-Comey. Since 2018, Horowitz has been reviewing the FISA surveillance warrants targeting former Trump campaign associate Carter Page, and the watchdog is likely scrutinizing every aspect of the FISA approval process, including the FBI’s extensive use of an unverified dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele through funding from the scumbag/liar-Clinton campaign. The head of the FBI plays an integral role in the FISA process — scumbag-Comey signed and approved three of the four FISA warrant applications and renewals. Steele put his salacious allegations together in 2016 at the behest of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which had been hired by the scumbag/liar-Clinton campaign through its law firm, Perkins Coie. The FBI knew Steele was desperate for Trump to lose, his dossier was flawed, and he was receiving funding from scumbag/liar-Clinton, but these facts weren’t revealed to the FISA Court...  https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/analysis-comey-may-not-be-off-the-hook-in-fisa-investigation?utm_source=breaking_push&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=push_notifications&utm_source=WEX_News%20Brief_09/09/2019&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_News%20Brief&rid=5261   
scumbag liar-Nadler’s Fake
Impeachment Inquiry
{ spectator.org } ~ The impeachment of a president, parliamentary esoterica notwithstanding, involves three straightforward steps. First... the House authorizes the Judiciary Committee to open a formal impeachment inquiry. Next, that committee conducts an investigation to determine if the president has committed any offense justifying his removal from office. Finally, if such evidence is discovered, the full House votes to approve one or more articles of impeachment. The Democrats, despite their accusations of dark doings at the White House, can’t muster enough votes in the House to complete the first step toward removing President Trump. Consequently, Committee Chairman scumbag liar-Jerrold Nadler has decided to conduct a fake impeachment inquiry. Over the weekend, CNN reported that the House Judiciary Committee is prepared to vote next week on a resolution laying out the procedures for its investigation: “The vote, which is expected to occur on Wednesday, will lay out the ground rules for conducting hearings now that the committee has publicly announced it is considering recommending articles of impeachment against Trump.” scumbag liar-Nadler has not merely abandoned two centuries of congressional precedent for impeachment; he is also opposed by nearly half of the Democratic House caucus. Only 134 of the 235 Democratic representatives favor the maneuver, and many adamantly oppose it. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, puts it thus: I don’t support impeachment. You know, I think it’s important for us to think about what is in the best interest of the country and the American people, and continuing to pursue impeachment is something that I think will only further tear our country apart.… We need to defeat Donald Trump. But I think it’s important for our country’s sake and our future that the voters in this country are the ones who do that. No wonder the Democratic National Committee arranged the rules so that Rep. Gabbard will be excluded from the next presidential debate. She isn’t in step with the far-left fringe that is rapidly taking over her party. She does, however, concur with the moderate Democrats, who are likely to pay the price for scumbag liar-Nadler’s plan to pander to the loony Left. Virtually none of the 31 Democrats clinging to districts won by Trump in 2016 favor impeachment. They know the GOP needs to flip only 18 seats in 2020 to regain control of the House, that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has targeted their seats, and that scumbag liar-Nadler’s “inquiry” may doom their re-election bids. As longtime Democratic consultant Douglas Schoen writes: It would be a profound mistake for Democrats to be goaded into pursuing impeachment … to hold impeachment hearings for President Trump plays right into the president’s hand, by giving credence to his assertion that the Democrats are a party of division, polarization and investigations.… Getting distracted by impeachment will only impede our chances of developing a narrative that can defeat President Trump in 2020. Worse, it isn’t just vulnerable Democrats and cautious consultants who want nothing to do with scumbag liar-Nadler’s irrational push for an expanded impeachment inquiry...
Federal Complexity: The Bane of Health Care
By Deane Waldman
{ americanthinker.com } ~ U.S. healthcare has become a never-ending nightmare. Our politicians blame each other for unaffordable costs and excessive spending without ever admitting that Washington itself is the culprit... Health care as two words is the patient-doctor interaction. It encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness or injury. Health care is inherently and necessarily complex, which is why patients need doctors. Healthcare as one word is the system. It too is incomprehensibly complex, but its complexity is intentional, artificial, unnecessary, and a massive waste of money. If the patient (buyer) and doctor (seller) were connected directly without a third-party (payer) in between, healthcare complexity would virtually disappear. Healthcare systems exist to organize, finance, and oversee medical care for people. In effect, healthcare exists to facilitate health... care. As Americans have learned from bitter experience, our system doesn’t work: we pay too much, we get too little, and someone else makes our medical as well as financial decisions. Healthcare system complexity is gratuitous. A good example is the tenth edition of the International Classification of Disease (ICD-10), which is a list of codes used in the payment process. After a provider cares for a patient, the Billing and Coding Department reviews the doctor’s records and converts care activities into a series of codes that are sent to the third-party payer. This starts a long, arduous, and frankly Byzantine process. As Washington politicians create more bureaucrats, they increase the number of voters beholden to government. Bureaucrats justify and defend the complex system in order to protect their high-paying jobs. Government bureaucrats are paid at least 17 percent more than bureaucrats in the private sector doing comparable jobs. All this complexity doesn’t just cost some money -- it wastes trillions. At least 40 percent of U.S. healthcare spending goes to bureaucracy in all forms, or what management experts call dollar inefficient spending...
Ukraine-Russia Prisoner Swap 
Renews Hopes for Peace Deal
by Nolan Peterson
{ dailysignal.com } ~ A prisoner exchange Saturday between Ukraine and Russia marked a key step toward renewed peace talks between the two nations... which have been locked in a low intensity conflict for five years. In all, 70 prisoners changed hands, 35 from each camp. The move, which the Red Cross oversaw, was among the most significant peace overtures since 2014, when Russia invaded and seized Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula and then orchestrated a war in the country’s eastern Donbas region. Notably, this was the largest release of Ukrainian prisoners by Russia since the war began. Among the freed Ukrainians was filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, 41, who spent five years imprisoned in Russia after being arrested in Russian-occupied Crimea and convicted of terrorism. “Even when the last prisoner is free, our battle isn’t over,” Sensov reportedly said Saturday upon his arrival in Kyiv. “We are still far from victory.” The freed Ukrainians also included 24 sailors whom Russian forces captured during a November naval confrontation at the Kerch Strait. Many saw the sailors’ ongoing imprisonment as a key sticking point impeding renewed peace talks between Ukraine and Russia...
Is 'Social Credit' Coming to the West?
By H.K. Rivera
{ americanthinker.com } ~ There exists in China a “Social Credit” system, which is used to decide an individual's status as regards the state. This system works much like a traditional credit score does in the way of permitting you credit to make purchases... Each individual is granted an original score of 1000, and loses points for each social “offense.” The social score decides what you can do and even what you can be punished for. First implementation began in 2014 and it is expected to be fully functional by 2020. “Social Credit” information shall be used, among other things, to check who will be permitted travel access. Tickets for planes and train, and even taxi rides, are subject to checking of your social credit. The Chinese government is boasting about the social credit system, and how thus far they have prevented 2.5 million “discredited entities” from purchasing plane tickets and another 90,000 people from purchasing high-speed rail tickets in July. The United Kingdom’s YouTube host Paul Joseph Watson outlined in his video “China’s TERRIFYING Social Credit” the everyday behaviors that Chinese citizens are having their credit scores lowered for engaging in: “Bad driving, smoking on trains, buying too many video games, buying too much junk food, buying too much alcohol, calling a friend who has a low credit score, having a friend online who has a low credit score, posting ‘fake news’, criticizing the government, visiting unauthorized websites, walking your dog without a leash, letting your dog bark too much.”...
Will Democrats Tax Your Retirement Savings?
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The late bank robber Willie “The Actor” Sutton is said to have been asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, to which he supposedly replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” In his autobiography, Sutton denied the quote, but it serves as a warning to those who fear Democrats will come after their retirement savings because that’s where the money is.

All of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates and their advisers seem united in their belief that the federal income tax is inadequate to meet their increasingly voracious spending needs, despite the fact that Washington regularly collects record amounts of tax revenue.

The Wall Street Journal reports on what may be coming should a Democrat win the White House in next year’s election: “For the richest Americans, Democrats want to shift toward taxing their wealth, instead of just their salaries and the income their assets generate. The personal income tax indirectly touches wealth, but only when assets are sold and become income.”

The Economic Innovation Group, a nonprofit that seeks to encourage investment in low-income areas, reports by the end of 2017, American households had $3.8 trillion in unrealized gains in stocks and investment funds and even more in real estate, private businesses and artwork, says the Journal.

If raiding retirement funds occurs, it will start at the extremes, as most outrages do. The strategy will be to again beat up on the successful and wealthy as part of the left’s envy, greed and entitlement scenario.

We regularly hear from Democrats how rich people aren’t paying their “fair share,” though they never tell us what they consider fair and how much of that share they think government should seize.

After socking it to the rich, Democrats won’t stop there. Having established a precedent and again raising taxes on capital gains, they will ultimately find a way to come after your IRA and 401K accounts, which harbor money you have earned for your retirement and pay taxes on as the funds are withdrawn. Not soon enough for Democrats. They think you should be taxed on it now, though how that would happen is yet to be determined as we currently receive a tax deduction for money we invest until age 70-½ when mandatory withdrawals must start.

As usual, this debate begins at the wrong end. Since college has just started for many students, try this analogy. Your child is sent off to school and has agreed to a budget. After the first month, you get a call asking for more money because the kid has spent it all on partying. You can either send more money, which will only encourage the irresponsible behavior, or you can say “no.”

Politicians seem incapable of saying “no,” chiefly because it isn’t their money they are spending and because they use it to buy votes, addicting more people to government and thus, to them.

It’s an old, but relevant quote: “We don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much.” Add $21 trillion to Ronald Reagan’s remark, to reflect the current debt.

Irresponsible spending by both parties is sufficient reason not to give politicians more of our money. Who will stop them from coming after our retirement funds? Since a majority in both parties seems unwilling to restrain themselves, we the people must do it for them. Call it an intervention and it has never been more needed.

It can start with next year’s election.  ~The Patriot Post


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