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What if nObama’s climate change
policies are based on pHraud?
Marita Noon
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 War Crimes? Let’s Start With the Current President  
fixthisnation.com - Perhaps enraged by polls that show Americans, by and large, don’t give a damn if a few terrorists were subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques,” the New York Times editorial board came out swinging this week...Cementing their status as a liberal rag of little interest to readers who haven’t devoted their lives to “ending patriarchy” or whatever idiotic cause the left is currently embracing, they called for the Justice Department to prosecute those in the Bush administration who committed or authorized torture. Perhaps as a nod to their surely-unbiased examination, the NYT editorial takes aim at the Obama administration as well. Citing their failure “to bring to justice anyone responsible for the torture of terrorism suspects,” the newspaper – headquartered not far from Ground Zero – once again shows how quickly we’ve all forgotten the darkest day in America’s modern history.       http://www.fixthisnation.com/conservative-breaking-news/war-crimes-lets-start-with-the-current-president/
 Muslim group sues over US Navy’s ‘beard discrimination’ 
bizpacreview.com - A Muslim who served almost 10 years in the Navy and is still a member of the Navy Reserves, is suing the Navy because it does not allow beards...According to SFGate.com, Jonathan Berts of Fairfield, Calif., is demanding the Navy grant him a religious exception to its no-beard policy, and claims in his lawsuit that he was denied a promotion because he requested the exception in the first place. The suit also claims he was denied re-enlistment because of the beard. There are rules and guide lines that all must follow. Enough is enough, then he has one choice is to get out.     http://www.bizpacreview.com/2014/12/29/muslim-group-sues-over-us-navys-beard-discrimination-168976
 nObama Ignores Black Economic Woes To Focus On Racism  
By Neil Munro - President nObama is using racial tensions to distract attention from the painful impact of his economic policies on African-Americans...The tactic was crudely and successfully used Dec. 19 in his year-end press conference, when nObama waved away a reporter’s question about the economic condition of African-Americans in the sixth year of his presidency, and quickly shifted the topic to racial conflict.       http://dailycaller.com/2014/12/28/obama-ignores-black-economic-woes-to-focus-on-racism/
 Hanoi Kerry said to hint at sanctions if Palestinians push UN bid  
By MARISSA NEWMAN - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told US Secretary of State Hanoi John Kerry Sunday the PA would submit an amended statehood proposal to the UN Security Council Monday, reportedly drawing threatening hints from Washington...Earlier, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said a draft resolution would be submitted to the Security Council by Jordan on Monday. A vote could be set for Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. Abbas called Hanoi Kerry Sunday night to inform him of the Palestinian plans to submit the bid, which calls for an Israeli withdrawal to pre-1967 lines by the end of 2017, the official Palestinian Wafa news agency reported. You can forget the pre-1967 line.       http://www.timesofisrael.com/kerry-said-to-hint-at-sanctions-if-palestinians-push-un-bid/?utm_source=The+Times+of+Israel+Daily+Edition&utm_campaign=829e4760da-2014_12_29&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_adb46cec92-829e4760da-54638825
 Al Sharpton’s Tax Evasion 
Chris Enloe - Last month, the New York Times reported on its investigation into Al Sharpton and his unpaid taxes...The Times found that Mr. Sharpton has more than “more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.” Shortly after the release of that report, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren inquired through a post on her Facebook wall as to why exactly Sharpton is getting a pass from the IRS on his tax evasion.       http://www.ijreview.com/2014/12/223520-fox-news-host-inquires-al-shaprton-gets-pass-tax-evasion/?utm_source=dailynewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=%7BCAMPAIGN_ID%7D&listID=%7BlistID%7D
 nObama on Opening Embassy in Iran?  
By Bradford Thomas - In a recent interview with NPR, President nObama was asked whether or not he could envision opening a U.S. embassy in Iran during his final two years... “I never say never,” replied nObama, adding that U.S.-Iranian ties must be restored first...nObama told NPR that the situation with Iran differs from Cuba because the communist island is much smaller and does not pose a real threat to America. Iran, he explained, has nuclear capabilities and also has a "track record of state-sponsored terrorism": Hold on here, I though America has been trying to shorten or stop Iran from having nuclear capabilities?       http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/obama-opening-embassy-iran-i-never-say-never
 Pres’s Brother Malik nObama Declares Muslims Will Destroy Israel  
By Bryan Preston - Malik nObama is Barack nObama’s half-brother, but he is close enough to the president to have been the best man at Barack and Michelle’s wedding. He has also visited the White House, and is president of the Barack H. nObama Foundation...The Barack H. nObama Foundation was fast-tracked to IRS tax-exempt status at the same time that the IRS was abusing numerous Tea Party and conservative groups. While those groups’ tax-exempt applications were taking two years and mountains of paperwork and invasive queries about their memberships and activities, the Barack H. nObama Foundation won its status in just 30 days. That status was back-dated 38 months, which is against the law.     http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2014/01/28/photo-presidents-brother-malik-obama-wears-kaffiyeh-declaring-that-muslims-will-destroy-israel/
 Let Erik Prince and Blackwater Take on ISIS  
By Bob Barr - Like many liberal criticisms of market-based solutions to public policy problems, the idea of privatized armies is likely to conjure images of rogue mercenaries advertising in the back of Soldier of Fortune magazine...However, many of today’s paid civilian soldiers are highly skilled and professional former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and Marines. They often are employed by private contractors because of their effectiveness as support staff, training instructors, security personnel, and occasionally as combat-ready operators. They are trained and ready to kill the enemy, not “degrade” him. Such contractors have been instrumental in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; filling key positions with the State Department, the CIA, private companies, and others that the U.S. military either cannot, or will not, supplement. Most recently, insofar as responding to the rise of ISIS in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere in the region presents policy, budgetary and other conflicts for the nObama Administration, there is a new focus on using paid military contractors (PMCs) to “finish the job.”       http://libertynewsnow.com/let-erik-prince-blackwater-take-isis/article579?utm_source=Elist&utm_medium=email&utm_content=subscriber_id:35652032&utm_campaign=Daily%20Newsletter%20-%2012/29/2014
 Europe's Year of the Jihadist  
By Abigail R. Esman - Among the trends of 2014 – "Gone, Girl," Lena Dunham, and $55,000 potato salad – was another the list-makers seem to have missed: it was also a very good year for Islamic jihad...And while this was true on the battlefields of Syria and the cities and villages of Pakistan, it was true, too, in more subtle ways throughout the West – and especially in Europe. It was, for instance, the year of Mehdi Nemmouche's slaughter of four Jews at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. It was the year that Belgium itself was named a "terrorist recruiting hub" by the Wall Street Journal. And in Germany, France, England, and the Netherlands, pro-Islamic State demonstrations laid bare the growing support of terrorism and Islamic jihad among Europe's expanding Muslim population – all while politicians either stood back or even contributed to the praise.       http://www.investigativeproject.org/4713/guest-column-europe-year-of-the-jihadist
 48 Percent Of Americans Said They Are Not Voting For Hilly  
By Matt Vespa - Is this a Christmas gift for the GOP? Despite what many pundit circles have been saying about the invulnerability of Hilly Clinton’s reported presidential ambitions...almost half the country said they weren’t going to vote for her if she ran in 2016 (via WSJ): Granted, the poll also found that roughly the other half of the country would be fine voting for Hilly, but the 48 percent figure should troubling for those who keep the Clinton political machine a well-run operation: Hilly tosses her hat into the ring and half the country won’t vote for her from the start? Moreover, 71 percent of the respondents wanted the next president to take a different approach than that of President nObama; 40 percent wished to see a Republican in the White House compared to 38 percent who wish to see another Democrat occupy the Oval Office.       http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2014/12/29/hillary-48-percent-of-americans-said-they-are-not-voting-for-you-n1936604?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm&newsletterad=thpm1

What if nObama’s climate change
policies are based on pHraud?
Marita Noon
     cfact.org - “Ocean acidification” (OA) is receiving growing attention. While someone who doesn’t follow climate change science might think OA is a stomach condition resulting from eating bad seafood, OA is claimed to be a phenomenon that will destroy ocean life—all due to mankind’s use of fossil fuels. It is a foundational theory upon which the global warming/climate change narrative is built.
     The science and engineering website Quest recently posted: “Since the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s, we have been mining and burning coal, oil, and natural gas for energy and transportation. These processes release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. It is well established that the rising level of CO2 in our atmosphere is a major cause of global warming. However, the increase in CO2 is also causing changes to the chemistry of the ocean. The ocean absorbs some of the excess atmospheric CO2, which causes what scientists call ocean acidification. And ocean acidification could have major impacts on marine life.”
     Within the Quest text is a link to a chart by Dr. Richard A. Feely, who is a senior scientist with the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL)—which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Feely’s climate-crisis views are widely used to support the narrative.
     Feely’s four-page report: “Carbon Dioxide and Our Ocean Legacy,” offered on the NOAA website, contains a similar chart. This chart, titled “Historical & Projected pH & Dissolved Co2,” begins at 1850. Feely testified before Congress in 2010—using the same data that show a decline in seawater pH (making it more acidic) that appears to coincide with increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide.
     In 2010, Feely received the $100,000 cash prize from the Heinz Family Foundation awards (established by Teresa Heinz, wife of Secretary of State Hanoi John Kerry). The Heinz award site touts Feely’s work: “Ocean acidity is now considered global warming’s ‘evil twin,’ thanks in large measure to Dr. Feely’s seminal research on the changing ocean chemistry and its impact on marine ecosystems.”
     The December edition of the scientific journal Nature Climate Change features commentary titled: “Lessons learned from ocean acidification research.”

     However, an inquisitive graduate student presented me with a very different “lesson” on OA research.

     Mike Wallace is a hydrologist with nearly 30 years’ experience, who is now working on his Ph.D. in nanogeosciences at the University of New Mexico. In the course of his studies, he uncovered a startling data omission that, he told me, “eclipses even the so-called climategate event.”
     Feely’s work is based on computer models that don’t line up with real-world data—which Feely acknowledged in e-mail communications with Wallace (which I have read). And, as Wallace determined, there are real world data. Feely and his coauthor Dr. Christopher L. Sabine, PMEL Director, omitted 80 years of data, which incorporate more than 2 million records of ocean pH levels.

     Feely’s chart, first mentioned, begins in 1988—which is surprising, as instrumental ocean pH data have been measured for more than 100 years — since the invention of diagram-co2_emissions (1)the glass electrode pH (GEPH) meter. As a hydrologist, Wallace was aware of GEPH’s history and found it odd that the Feely/Sabine work omitted it. He went to the source. The NOAA paper with the chart beginning in 1850 lists Dave Bard, with Pew Charitable Trust, as the contact.

     Wallace sent Bard an e-mail: “I’m looking in fact for the source references for the red curve in their plot which was labeled ‘Historical & Projected pH & Dissolved Co2.’ This plot is at the top of the second page. It covers the period of my interest.” Bard responded and suggested that Wallace communicate with Feely and Sabine—which he did over a period of several months. Wallace asked again for the “time series data (NOT MODELING) of ocean pH for 20th Century.”

     Sabine responded by saying that it was inappropriate for Wallace to question their “motives or quality of our science,” adding that if he continued in this manner, “you will not last long in your career.” He then included a few links to websites that Wallace, after spending hours reviewing them, called “blind alleys.”  Sabine concludes the e-mail with: “I hope you will refrain from contacting me again.” But communications did continue for several more exchanges.

     In an effort to obtain access to the records Feely/Sabine didn’t want to provide, Wallace filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

     In a May 25, 2013 email, Wallace offers some statements, which he asks Feely/Sabine to confirm:

“…it is possible that Dr. Sabine WAS partially responsive to my request. That could only be possible however, if only data from 1989 and later was used to develop the 20th century portion of the subject curve.

“…it’s possible that Dr. Feely also WAS partially responsive to my request. Yet again, this could not be possible unless the measurement data used to define 20th Century ocean pH for their curve, came exclusively from 1989 and later (thereby omitting 80 previous years of ocean pH 20th century measurement data, which is the very data I’m hoping to find).

    Sabine writes: “Your statements in italics are essentially correct.” He adds: “The rest of the curve you are trying to reproduce is from a modeling study that Dr. Feely has already provided and referenced in the publication.”

     In his last e-mail exchange, Wallace offers to close out the FOIA because the e-mail string “clarified that your subject paper (and especially the ‘History’ segment of the associated time series pH curve) did not rely upon either data or other contemporary representations for global ocean pH over the period of time between the first decade of 1900 (when the pH metric was first devised, and ocean pH values likely were first instrumentally measured and recorded) through and up to just before 1988.” Wallace received no reply, but the FOIA was closed in July 2013 with a “no document found” response.

     Interestingly, in this same general timeframe, NOAA reissued its World Ocean Database. Wallace was then able to extract the instrumental records he sought and turned the GEPH data into a meaningful time series chart, which reveals that the oceans are not acidifying. (For another day, Wallace found that the levels coincide with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation.) As Wallace emphasized: “there is no global acidification trend.”

     “In whose professional world,” Wallace asks, “is it acceptable to omit the majority of the data and also to not disclose the omission to any other soul or Congressional body?”

     Wallace met with staffers for both of his Senators, Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall (both NM-D), and shared his findings with them — but got no response. Heinrich and Udall both claim adherence to the climate crisis narrative.

     These taxpayer-funded scientists are leaders of the OA narrative. They participate in well-funded OA research programs and sit on advisory councils, such as the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health X Prize that offers a $2 million prize related to ocean pH measurements. “It all seems authentic and quite legitimate.” Yet their work is based on, as Wallace calls it, “a new history of ocean pH” — one that “is significantly different from the history suggested by actual measurements and other sources of peer review literature.”

     Wallace came to me, because I’ve addressed similar cases of data omissions or use of bad science in relation to climate change issues, and he hoped I’d see the importance of his discovery—where his Senators did not. I am not a scientist, but I understand the broader issues. I’ve read through the e-mails, the FOIA, and Wallace’s recounting of the details. I’ve had several scientists review this accounting. It holds water (no pun intended).

     As he initially did with Wallace, Sabine (should he see this) will likely dismiss me as some two-bit blogger who “will not last long” in my career. I invite him to prove me wrong—as Dr. Tim Ball has done with Michael Mann of the “hockey stick” fame.

     In addition to my efforts to raise awareness of this issue, Wallace authored a petition that he urges my readers to sign. We also strongly encourage you to ask your representatives in Washington questions on this issue. Wallace concludes: “Ocean acidification may seem like a minor issue to some, but besides being wrong, it is a crucial leg to the entire narrative of ‘human-influenced climate change.’ By urging our leaders in science and policy to finally disclose and correct these omissions, you will be helping to bring honesty, transparency, and accountability back where it is most sorely needed.”


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