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Stop Traveling,' Say Climate Alarmists
Robin Smith  
Firm Working for Al Jazeera 
Demands GOP Rep Correct Op-Ed
by Adam Kredo
freebeacon.com } ~ A prominent Washington, D.C., law firm has been working on behalf of the Qatari-owned broadcasting network Al Jazeera... prompting questions from a congressional office as to whether the firm has disclosed this relationship under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The firm, DLA Piper, recently sent a letter on behalf of Al Jazeera to the office of Rep. Jack Bergman (R., Mich.) demanding he issue a series of corrections to a recent op-ed accusing Al Jazeera of peddling anti-Semitic and anti-American rhetoric, according to a copy of emails exchanged between DLA Piper and Bergman's office viewed by the Washington Free Beacon. Al Jazeera is owned by Qatar and routinely disseminates the country's anti-Israel propaganda. Congress recently passed legislation to compel greater disclosure and transparency by foreign-owned broadcasters operating in the United States. Several foreign government-owned broadcasters registered; Al Jazeera has thus far not done so. The exchange comes in the midst of heightening scrutiny of Qatar's high-dollar efforts to influence policy and public opinion in prominent Washington circles.  Al Jazeera recently ran an undercover report on American Jews and pro-Israel officials in D.C., efforts that prompted several members of Congress to demand an investigation. DLA Piper, in its letter to Rep. Bergman, demanded the lawmaker correct what it described as "significant factual and legal errors" in his op-ed, which was published earlier this month in the Washington Examiner. The letter initiated a testy back-and-forth between DLA Piper and Bergman's office, which later told the law firm it was "deeply troubled by your message, which seemed to be a heavy-handed attempt to intimidate a Member of Congress to advance the interests of a foreign government that promotes Islamic extremism and anti-Semitism." DLA Piper partner Ignacio E. Sanchez first emailed Bergman's office on June 5, a day after the op-ed initially appeared...  https://freebeacon.com/politics/firm-working-for-al-jazeera-demands-gop-rep-correct-op-ed/?utm_source=Freedom+Mail&utm_campaign=9ef46e03e6-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_06_10_08_33_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b5e6e0e9ea-9ef46e03e6-45611665  
President Trump Calls Out Predatory Corporate Lobbyists, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce
3kLgvOMmMTh7afwT92PTCdPS98Ug0n9xmLbqyTV3JmKZU9nSoydzX4I37szK1lt8nWJCspyM0Fs8a4j_WlqvZ5sIxrFJPoRAOtUolgC5fGfreAoNqlTQ8y7DjNt6rUG1WInxualt2LfvGtMMGNxG3oHEhGl9=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby sundance
theconservativetreehouse.com } ~ Do not overlook the importance of President Donald Trump publicly calling out the largest DC lobbyist group, and epicenter of Big Club corruption earlier today... During a widely discussed CNBC interview today President Trump landed two torpedoes directly below the waterline on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.The U.S. CoC is the largest influence purchaser in Washington DC, and the benefactor of dozens of the highest politicians in both the House and Senate. The Wall Street funded CoC, and their President Tom Donohue, was already frustrated at their inability to influence President Trump and White House economic/trade policy. President Trump is now confronting their self-serving politics directly. The CoC is the lead U.S. member of the multinational ‘Big Club’, and has driven policies directly against Main Street USA for three decades. Until now no modern U.S. President has ever been willing, or fearless enough, to take them on…. ‘until now’. A few days ago the U.S. CoC threatened to sue President Trump over countervailing tariffs. Today, President Trump hit back hard; this is an excellent development...
Turkey's New Violent Political Culture
9Pn5i8lSK6rMh5IZwC9MFInVc1Ezb7da4PlJ196ZPjvDktnB-7qMNw-PfTWQbADE-HK8RtearCWre8_yYoDPYR-LBw=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Burak Bekdil
gatestoneinstitute.org } ~ In most civilized countries, citizens go to the ballot box on election day -- be it parliamentary, presidential or municipal -- cast their votes... go home to watch news reporting the results and go to work the next day, some happy, some disappointed, to live in peace until the elections. Not in Turkey, where any political race looks more like warfare than simple democratic competition. One reason is the dominance of identity politics in the country that has its roots deep in the 1950s, when Turkey evolved into multi-party politics. The fighting between "us" and "them" goes on since then. At the heart of the matter is a culture that programs most less-educated masses and in Turkey average schooling is 6.5 years into a) converting the "other" and, if that is not possible, b) physically hurting the "other." A deep societal polarization since President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in 2002 has widened to frightening levels. None of the incidents that opposition journalists are facing today is a coincidence. In September 2015, for instance, an angry group of AKP fans attacked the editorial headquarters of Hürriyet, Turkey's largest newspaper, at that time an opposition media company. Smashing the building's windows with sticks and stones, the crowd chanted: "Allah-u aqbar" ("God is great!") as if they were in a religious war. In fact, they thought they were in one because Hürriyet at that time was a secular newspaper critical of Erdoğan. For a long time, security forces watched the incidents with only one police team. The crowd took down the flag of the Doğan Group which then owned Hürriyet and burned it. After repeated demands, extra police were dispatched. The AKP Istanbul deputy and the head of the AKP youth branch, Abdürrahim Boynukalın, was in the crowd. He  announced on his Twitter account, "We are protesting false news in front of Hürriyet and we are reciting the Quran for our martyrs." It was a jihad: attacking a newspaper...A month later, Ahmet Hakan, a prominent Hürriyet columnist and a presenter at CNN-Türk, was outside his home. Hakan was followed home from the television station by four men in a black car before being assaulted near his residence. Hakan was treated for a broken nose and ribs. Only a few months before those incidents, Erdoğan had accused Hürriyet's owner of being a "coup lover" and described his journalists as "charlatans". In October 2016, Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs, or "Diyanet," issued a circular for the formation of "youth branches" to be associated with the country's tens of thousands of mosques. Initially, the youth branches would be formed in 1,500 mosques. But under the new plan, 20,000 mosques would have youth branches by 2021, and finally 45,000 mosques would have them, in what would look like "mosque militia"...  https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/14306/turkey-politics-violence  
Iran Claims Abducted American 
‘Spy’ Was Handed to Hezbollah
by Adam Kredo
freebeacon.com } ~ Iran claimed Monday afternoon that it had handed an imprisoned American accused of spying to the country's chief terror proxy group, Hezbollah... according to reports in the country's state-controlled press that have caught the attention of the U.S. State Department. Iran's state-controlled press reported that Iran was making preparations to extradite Nizar Zakka, an imprisoned dual American and Lebanese national, whom Tehran accused of spying and sentenced to a prison term. An "informed source" told Iran's Fars News Agency Monday that Zakka would be transferred to Hezbollah later in the day. "This will be done in the next few hours," Fars quoted the source as saying. "Extradition of the American-Lebanese spy has been made only at the request and mediation of Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyed Hassan Nasrallah."Tehran claims that no talks have been held with the U.S. or other parties regarding Zakka's imprisonment. Zakka "has been freed and extradited, thanks to Nasrallah's mediation and the respect Tehran pays to him," Fars reported. A U.S. State Department official declined to comment "at this time" on the reports, but said the agency is aware of the latest developments.  https://freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-claims-abducted-american-spy-was-handed-to-hezbollah/  
Few American Jews Were Communists, 
and Many Fewer Were Spies
by Harvey Klehr
{mosaicmagazine.com} ~ David Evanier’s portrait of Morton Sobell, the last survivor of the American Communist cold-war spies, who died late last year at the age of one-hundred-one... is a devastating and depressing reminder of the political blindness and moral vacuity that long held in thrall a small but significant portion of the American Jewish community. Sobell may well have been more obtuse about the Soviet Union, and personally more manipulative, than most of his fellow Communists, but his brand of fanaticism was unfortunately shared by others. How many others? It’s important to be clear about this. Although Jews made up a disproportionate share of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA)—perhaps as much as 40 percent in 1939—the party itself never held more than 100,000 members. So, in an American Jewish population of several million, a tiny percentage were Communists. Of course, this is not to count the many sympathizers and “fellow travelers,” drawn by the Soviet Union’s war against Nazism and its seeming opposition to anti-Semitism. But there was also among Jews a greater number of fierce enemies of Communism than is sometimes credited. In the socialist garment unions, the Zionist enclaves, and the religious world, Jews who understood that Communism was a pernicious doctrine waged a continuous war against its influence. Indeed, for most of the Jewish community, the highly visible presence of so many Jews in the CPUSA, amplified by the location of so many of them in New York, the cultural and intellectual center of American life, was a constant source of tension and embarrassment. American anti-Semites had routinely insisted that the 1917 Bolshevik revolution was led by Jews as part of a far-reaching conspiracy against the Christian civilization of the West. Henry Ford linked Jews with Communism in his paper the Dearborn Independent, which also translated and circulated the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. During the 1930s, Father Charles Coughlin excoriated Jews on his widely popular radio show. Charles Lindbergh, one of the leaders of America First, cited American Jews’ hostility to fascism as evidence of their alleged disloyalty to the U.S. After World War II, the beginning of the cold war created a new and potentially even more fraught situation for American Jews. It was one thing for a number of Jews to have supported the USSR in the 1930s when Communists were temporarily on the same side in the fight against fascism in Spain, or later during World War II when the U.S. and the USSR were military allies. It was another thing when, in the late 1940s, the perception of Jewish support, however statistically insignificant, for an enemy of American democracy became much more disturbing... https://mosaicmagazine.com/response/history-ideas/2019/06/few-american-jews-were-communists-and-many-fewer-were-spies/
'Stop Traveling,' Say Climate Alarmists
Robin Smith:  The ideology that permeates the Center-Left is supposed to be “progressive.” Yet the policies that come from these supposedly forward-thinking elites push our culture into a mindset that dwells on crisis, decline, rationing, and mediocrity — all of which drags us backwards.

Recent polling reflects the wide embrace of socialism that redistributes wealth to all regardless of effort or work and centers on “investment” through government control that is characteristic of shortage, corruption, and even illness. In Venezuela, its citizens are emaciated from the lack of food. There’s no fuel, and showers are even a luxury. But socialism is the new darling of the losing Left.

Medicare for All will guarantee government-controlled health insurance that, in other nations, has proven to result in excessively long waits for services and limited access to innovation and top-quality health care and medicines. The open-border approach to immigration is turning some U.S. cities into landscapes that feature the rise of measles, tuberculosis, mumps, polio, the bubonic plague, and widespread illicit drug use in massive homeless camps.

But, again, the intelligentsia on the Center-Left declare The Progressive Way to be that which protects the rights of all for a future of bliss.

The same crowd is angrily fighting the War on Climate Change. This group is composed of entitled, guilt-driven individuals who operate on the wrong-headed belief that authentic progress, mobility, and achievement are mutually exclusive to good stewardship of environmental resources that are changing and resilient. In other words, if you believe that the best for individuals is self-reliance, the honor and dignity of work, or wealth and mobility that comes with personal responsibility, you’re dangerous. To “progressives,” the best way “forward” is to ensure scarcity and minimalism because humanity is the enemy.

Look no further than the recent New York Times article informing the masses that an individual enjoying air travel of 2,500 miles will be responsible for melting 32 square feet of Arctic ice. The same piece features this assertion from the University of Tennessee’s Professor John Nolt: “The average American causes through his/her greenhouse gas emissions the serious suffering and/or deaths of two future people.” Nolt’s analysis is based on his calculations that the average American generates about 16 metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent a year.

And, if you’re someone who likes cruises, you’re the biggest offender. Compared to flying by jet, those who sail around on even the most efficient cruise ships are supposedly belching out three or four times more CO2 per passenger mile, says Bryan Comer, a researcher at the nonprofit International Council on Clean Transportation.

The message of the NYT’s piece: Either buy carbon offsets at “carbon kiosks” available at airports like San Francisco’s to assuage your guilt or just don’t travel by plane and surely get off those cruise ships. When asking just how harmful one vacation might be, the article’s author, Andy Newman, wrote with dread, “You can’t see the face of the unnamed future person whose coastal village you will have helped submerge.”

This entire mindset is so very sad — to see generations of otherwise intellectual beings mired in fear that the very breath they exhale, containing carbon dioxide, is poisoning our planet. While indoctrinated to view humanity as the enemy, a life of limitations is demanded. Because the curriculum of our modern culture equates progress with destruction — all with little if any mention of the massive climate changes and continental shifts that occurred prior to the world’s population growth or burning fossil fuels with the advent of the combustible engine — many are convinced that development can’t occur with a sustainable community or that advancement can happen without apocalypse.

On Friday, an article looking at “apocalypse anxiety” noted the biblical doomsday scenario — Judgment Day after the war to end all wars on earth with a returning Messiah who would divide humanity into believers for heavenly reward and non-believers to a damned eternal separation. For many modern folks, this age-old belief has now been replaced with a climate catastrophe. As the alternative online news site, Metro.co.UK published, the return of Christ is seen as “unlikely” to be the End of Days but is now replaced by another end-of-the-world scenario. “We are absolutely sure doomsday will come when climate change melts the ice caps and rising seas swallow our civilisation. And if that doesn’t happen, a killer computer will wipe us off the planet — as long as we manage to survive the inevitable nuclear war, alien invasion or global pandemic.”

The greatness of humanity is being eclipsed by the angst and fear of “progressive” politics, which is moving us into a disgruntled mediocrity. Instead, let’s choose to believe in greatness and make true progress while stewarding our wonderful planet.  ~The Patriot Post


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