The end result is that an elected official is expected to follow theparty line, regardless of use for the constituency, or else “bad” thingswill happen. I don’t know about you, but I like to look at candidateswho roughly follow my way of thinking but also having the knowledge thathe or she will put the needs and desires of his or her district beforeanything else. That’s all. It’s so simple that it’s a little tooprofound to be followed by modern politicians.

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  • I really, honestly think that, especially down on the local levels, party becomes less important than the idea, "Is this guy representing me, my values, my beliefs?" If we use that idea as our starting point, we have to go out and look for the right candidate for us; we can't expect a candidate to just be presented to us.

    Isn't political leadership more important than buying a car? Would we go on to a car lot and tell a salesman our basic needs and just trust him or her to bring back something that worked, under budget, and fit our needs? Of course not. We do our research, we talk to people, we read, we look at different places and models, we try to find the best deal, we don't take anyone's word for it completely, and we go with our gut.

    That's why we started Clean Sweep Beacon Hill, in an attempt to start dislodging the stranglehold the Dems have on Massachusetts. Even though we've got the reputation as being a true blue state, that's only a couple of cities - most of us are independents but the real fringe whackos make sure their guy is in office. Not that it's that hard - 70% ran unopposed. We have to do something new.

    And Phil, if we give up, they win. So long as we keep fighting, learning, doing positive things, there is always that chance that we can make a positive difference. It's happened before, it'll happen again.
  • I am a Republican and I have been for the past 7 years when I turned 18, however I do not automatically agree with what every Republican in politics thinks just because they are the same party as me. You are absolutely right it seems that a vast majority of politicians these days, from all parties, are afraid to agree or with the opposite party on certain issues. I think that is one of the main issues or reasons why things are looking so bad in our Government right now. You always here about were working with the other party on this bill and everyone will have a say etc. But they don't. I may not agree with a lot of Obama's stance on certain issues but there is a few things that I'm like yeah thats a good idea or I agree with that. It would be nice to see candidate who is passionate about there beliefs and ideas not matter is it Republican, Democrat or Independent and not be afraid to openly agree or be open minded to the opposite parties view point.
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