Truthful Engaged Americans

The TEA party is the only true citizen centered activity that supports true effective accountability for all of our elected officials.  The TEA party members are not only correctly focused on fixing the problems our natino is facing, but eliminating those folks in public office who would block such achievement.


The 2010 elections were just a start for this citizen focused group and we will make more of a statement in 2012.  We must all work hard together to form a competent force and gain the support of those who are still lost in their current political rhetoric.  To do this, we all must focus our attentions to the positive activities to gain this support for our membership so that we do not get into the lying rhetoric of the current political agendas.


We must also strive to achieve electing straight thinking citizens into the political positions to support our quest to once again be the strong nation we were before.  Our very freedoms depend on our loyalty, or integrity, and our honor.  Each of us individually bring a capability that grouped together we are a strong voting force.  But only this strength focused correctly between now and 2012 will ensure that we can take back our nation from those who would destroy us.


Let our flags always fly and our honor always be high; this way, our freedom will not die.  

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