Truth or Fiction

We, the membership in the New Tea Party knows darn well that we have people of all colors that are also members of the New Tea Party. I say New Tea Party for the simple reason that none of the membership were members of the First Tea Party.

What I would like to see is more activity with all members of the Tea Party. We need to show more patitionpation where our Black Membership take more of an active roll in meeting and protest. We need a New Face for the Operation. We need a United Face where we have people of all of our colors involved with pictures. It has long been heard that a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Well, we need to speak Loud and Clear with a Roaring Voice.

I see Black Members of the Tea Party on Fox News but we need to see them more at the meeting. Now It Is True. We can't force anyone of Color to attend our meetings and other functions, but what we should try doing is getting anyone that is a Member of Color to attempt to bring to one of our function some of the Negative People of Color. This way I feel that it is possable to show them where we stand and then maybe the remainder of the Holdouts.

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