Truth Doesn't Matter

8553075879?profile=RESIZE_400xTo the progressive, liberal, secular, socialist, Democrat elites, the simple fact is that truth doesn’t matter, the truth never mattered!

Of all the weird things that have happened during the never ending season of hate, over the last couple of decades, is our culture’s tolerance for out and out lies. Lies have become the norm because truth and facts just don’t matter anymore. Politicians lie on the record. (I guess that’s not news.) The media knowingly lies to support whatever their agenda of the day happens to be.

The destruction of the fabric of our culture and our very society is the result of the lies perpetrated by the progressive, liberal, secular, Socialist Democrats elitists (SDe), their surrogates in the various media, and those that bankroll them.

Useful Idiots, Climate Change, Black Lives Matters
The truth is that there is no such thing as a socialist or communist utopia. No one can point to a successful socialist or communist country anywhere in the world that isn’t run by a tyrannical, elitist, governing class. The idea of a socialist or communist utopia is a bald faced lie, and this dangerous lie has been sold 100 % to the young American useful idiots by other useful idiots in the out of control education system. These useful idiots need to try living in one of these socialist or communist utopian countries for three years as a working stiff. Maybe, just maybe, real education would then take place.

Then there is the case of human caused climate change. Since the 1970s, the SDe have been using “junk science” to sell a theory that first, climate cooling, then climate warming, and now climate change is human caused. I can safely use the term “junk science” because many of these “scientists” were exposed and have admitted they lied and simply made up data to support the lie of their theory. Even after the liars were exposed, the SDe are still successfully selling the climate change lie to the useful idiots

In our world today, we have the case of Black Lives Matter (BLM), which is an organization built on a lie that is fully supported and endorsed by SDe. BLM is nothing more than an admittedly Marxist organization (check their website) that lies about the very purpose of their organization. This is an organization that is generating violent action against law enforcement when a black individual is killed while resisting arrest. BLM is a group with a political agenda. How do I know? If black lives really mattered to BLM, they would be demonstrating in every Democrat run city in the country where nearly a hundred black people are killed almost every weekend. But oh no, black lives don’t matter when they are killed by other black people. This is probably the biggest ongoing lie in America that BLM cares about black people dying. However, BLM has been masterful in sucking millions and millions of dollars from the useful idiots that have white guilt. And it was truly masterful when BLM even sucked in the useful idiots that operate major corporations for hundreds of millions of dollars. Masterful indeed!

The Impeachment Lie
This week we are witnessing the most incredible case of lying one could ever imagine: the Senate “trial” of Donald John Trump, a private citizen. Lies! Let me count the ways. The number one lie is the title of the event; it is being called an “Impeachment.” In accordance with the U.S. Constitution, an impeachment is against an official that can be removed from their federal office. This is a lie because Donald Trump does not hold a federal office. The number two lie is the House claims to be acting against a “President.” It is a lie because the only President today is President Joe Biden. The number three lie is that if it were not a lie, this proceeding would be presided over by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. However the Chief Justice has declined to participate and perpetuate this lie. The number four lie is that Congress claims they have some sort of jurisdiction over former President Trump. That is a lie because the truth is there is nothing in the Constitution or in any other federal statute that gives any form of legal jurisdiction for Congress to place a former President on trial.

So, here we have what should be the most honest, well respected body of government in the whole wide world lying to themselves, lying to American voters, and, embarrassingly, lying to the world. They clearly think that if they keep telling their lies over and over again, these lies will somehow morph into the truth. Unfortunately they are right, to some extent, because about 30% of American voters remain their loyal useful idiots. For the rest of America and the world, it is the greatest clown show on earth. The SDe should be ashamed except they lost their ability to be shamed a long time ago.

American patriots still have high hopes of being able to reason with the SDe. Unfortunately, people that are so full of hate and people that base their values on lies can never be reasoned with. In their twisted world, truth is only what they want it to be. Accommodations and agreements cannot be made unless all parties can agree about what is true and factual.

To the progressive, liberal, secular, socialist, Democrat elites, the simple fact is that truth doesn’t matter. Any means to an end.

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  • Truth doesn't matter when it advances the liberal agenda, but we all know that anyway so why even make that statement.
  • No wonder Americans love Mark Twain, he's wise and right, including with his quote above... today's dems are by definition liars and damned liars, and statistics are a tool; a valuable tool for animation but mostly a weapon in politics
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