Trump – Unfit to Serve…Part 1 of 2

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

I believe that Donald Trump is on the cusp of losing the Republican nomination and I psy-1.jpg?width=180believe he knows it which is why he has turned the blame factor up to full blast but who is really to blame?

Nobody but Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s narcissistic ego disallows any acceptance of self-blame, and his bombast flows over to his followers who have become so emotionally invested in Trump that they simply can’t handle or accept simple facts.

And there are plenty of facts.

Let’s take Colorado as an example…Trump’s followers are all over social media blaming Ted Cruz for Trump’s zero delegates, and they’re acting like this was something concocted BY Cruz at the last minute and that Cruz behaved unethically in winning all 34 of Colorado’s delegates.

Here are the facts…


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  • are wrong. With the exception of not holding a non-binding straw poll, the 2016 caucus was exactly the same as the 2012 caucus and the caucus system has been in place in Colorado since 1912. The rules ere set in August of last year...all the candidate were made aware of how to proceed and Cruz did nothing but follow the same rules that were given to trump. The difference? Cruz campaigned in Colorado and had a ground organization there. Trump did neither.

  • It seems to me that the facts are that Colorado changed the rules and gave Cruz the delegates...The COLO GOP members revolted. As I see it ,and as to what I know as of now, Cruz was not to blame, it is the GOP after TRUMP that is to blame...! Tell me if I am wrong. Cruz should tell them to shove the delegates...and NOW!

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