Trump’s Only Crime…Exposed

By:Craig Andresen and Diane Sori / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

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mail?’s start with the fact that the impeachment inquiry is not a real event, it’s an Adam Schiff orchestrated and scripted duplicitous abuse of power…with behind closed doors depositions being but a dress rehearsal for public hearings that are simply a man and a party on a phishing expedition looking for a crime to fit their ultimate agenda of impeaching the man they know they simply can’t beat come 2020.

And while Democrats are now foolishly reveling in what they think are “big wins” for their side regarding what in reality is a “political coup” masquerading as an “impeachment inquiry,” President Trump in the end will have the last laugh for second and third-hand hearsay will not make for a strong legal case where it matters most…as in the U.S. Senate…no matter that Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL), foolishly stated that hearsay evidence is better than direct evidence. And while hearsay might make for good soundbites on the six o’clock news and make for eye-catching headlines in mainstream and online media rags, there remains certain truths as to the why we’re at the point we’re at now what with Nancy Pelosi claiming that the House will impeach President Trump before Congress begins its Christmas recess.

And as expected the media is again downplaying the Democrats faux-pas just like they mail? to downplay the “Clinton body count list”...just like they downplay the fact that neither U.S. ambassadors nor House members themselves were ever meant to set foreign policy directives. And if one thinks in those terms it also starts one thinking that maybe the trouble President Trump now finds himself in was possibly set into motion decades ago…decades ago when Bill Clinton was president…decades ago when Clinton’s foreign policy directives or lack thereof saw the first World Trade Center bombing morphing into Mogadishu which morphed into the USS Cole, which in turn morphed into Obama’s foreign policy directive of overtly and callously “leading from behind.”

Let us explain.


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