Ok, I have reached the point where Government and some minorities have taken complete control of this nations democratic process. How is it excepted that any black man or hispanic man can demand that equality be given to them while at the same exact moment seek to demonize whites by suggested everything we seem to do, has some racist motive or agenda to enslave non-whites. Like in one New England state where a black principle decided to only allow black students to go on a field trip while telling the white students they could not take part in that public runned facilities activity, but it's ok, it was "well intentioned". How is this not racism? How is this perfectly ok with government and local leadership? Where is Al Sharpton demanding equality or President Obama and his misguided rhetoric? Hmm? Good question. Or how about the incident where five white students who wore the American Flag on their shirts to school where some Mexican American students also wore their Mexican flag. Somehow only the white Americans were told to remove the flags from their person or face suspension. And one Mexican student actually came out her mouth and demanded the white students apologize for wearing their nation's flag in their nation. How is it equal to punish the white students and not say a word to any of the Mexican students? Al Sharpton? President Obama? Hmm... Still not here. I also find it funny that when those in the Tea Party voted for Obama they were not racist but somehow because they do not agree with his policies they become "Racist redkneck tea baggers"? Those on the left for some reason believe they can change the rules when it suits them but God forbid anyone else expressing their freedoms. Does anyone remember what happened when Bush was in office? Did the left not come out and do the same exact thing we are doing now? Were they called racist? were they called tea baggers? goodness..still no sharpton or obama. You see, this nation has become so double standard that we allow inequality and racism, existence. This legalized racism needs to be stopped before some real damage takes place. lets shine some light on real racism like Obama and Al Sharpton who intentionally create racist issues in order to advance a cause to seperate and unravel our free democracy. Yes, some whites are racist and I said some but let's not pretend that blacks or hispanics can't also be racist. And lets treat all racism the same with equal justice and not social justice. And I will be honest, I did vote for Obama. I saw hope in his promises, unforntunately I soon realized that this man carried no interest in protecting all americans and no intentions to keep America free and equal. He is a criminal who has violated his oath to protect the American People and the Constitution. He speaks in a socialist tone to divided the American people, increase our national debt, create socialist legislation, undermine state governments, pushing equal balance towards a racial preference, monetary theft from the rich and middle class to give to the poor, removing the seperation of powers to consolidate his one power, pushing government ever closer to a police state in which civil liberties no longer exist. I truly do not understand how this criminal racist man is allowed to remain in power? Why isn't he impeached? I do not know. The American people need to realize what is at stake. Lets end this double standard in our society, lets treat every American with respect and equality. Blacks,whites,hispanics need to stop hating each other and work together. Lets make American mean something again. If we are unable to live equal then this nation will collapse. Do the right thing, the just thing and remove Obama from power. So thats why I wrote this, to express my concerns about a government and ideals that portray equality but subvert it to a double standard. I wish everyone love and happiness and God Bless!!

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