A U.S. military investigation into the burning of Qurans at Bagram Air Base near the Afghan capital, Kabul, last February has recommended disciplinary action against up to seven troops.

U.S. military officials said Tuesday no final decision has been made yet on the findings of the probe. According to the officials, one member of the Navy and up to six Army troops could face administrative punishments, but no criminal charges.

NATO troops stationed at Bagram attempted to dispose of a load of Qurans by setting them on fire, but were stopped by Afghan employees.

The incident sparked deadly riots across Afghanistan and attacks on NATO troops that killed some 30 people and led to the deaths of four Americans and plunged relations between coalition troops and their Afghan allies to an all-time low.

U.S. President Barak Obama apologized for the incident.

A preliminary joint investigation by senior U.S. and Afghan military officials in March concluded that while mistakes were made in the burning of copies of Islam’s Holy books, there was no intent to desecrate them.


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  • I support these troops and  when we start procicuting are soldiers for doing their jobs, we are headed in the wrong direction on why we are there in the first place. The way this administration is towards the military,if I had sons I don't think I would let them serve till there was a new person in the WH. 

  • Political Correctness has no place in the American Military.  Get the politics out of our Military because it's idiotic!  On the subject of Afghanistan, and the rest of the Arab countries: get our of there!  Bring our Military back!  Do not donate even one more American life to those people who have a 7th Century mindsetis.  Let the Arabs go back to killing each other.  If an Arab State is proven to have supported any attack against the United States, then go back and carpet bomb them back into the 7th Century where they belong!  Stop playing their game of "we're supposed to be guilty of all the problems we've caused in the world."  To hell with the Arabs!  Stop being the World's Police Department.  End foreign aid.  Get out of the United Nations and kick the UN out of our Country!  The original intent of the UN was to have a One World Government anyway.  Are our Washington "leadership" complicit in the slow overthrow of the Constitution by having anything to do with the UN?  You deside......

  • Obama may be building his own Militia, but it may be his private security he will need after he is voted out in November to protect him so he can walk down the street in Chicago. Kimberlee he is not giving consideration that this entire country is an American Militia. We are not like these third world countries like Syria and Libya. The civilians over there don't have guns in 95% of their homes with many homes having numerous guns and stock piles of ammo for them. And you can bet the way Obama has treated our Military he already knows he cannot depend on them to support him and back him if he tries something really super stupid so his little Nato Militia does not want to show just how stupid they could be. We are not a Syria and we are not a Libya, We Are the United States of America and can kick some serious butt if they want to push the envelope to far. As far as them wanting to punish any troops for burning the Quran they need to start at the top of the chain of command and punish the  ones that issues the orders and not the soldiers that followed the orders........JMHO

  • I have been trying to tell anyone who would listen that this "shoe shin boy" is a muslim through and through and not many will listen or believe me!  Between the Muslims and the Latinos, this country will be gone very, very quickly!

  • This is absolute nonsense!!  Our Fine Troops must not be punished for insulting a Cult.  Is betrayal by the "Commander in Chief" Treason??

  •  When are we going to wake up and throw that self anointed dictator out on his ass! We better before he declares the Constitution and the Bill of Rights invalid and sets up his own dictatorship rules.

  • Don't you know?!?! Destroying Obummer Bible is a BIG NO NO! It's a Death Penalty!
  • i still cannot figure out why our troops were involved in the burning, when common sense tells you to just turn quarans over to a local religious leader, and let them deal with it....or for that matter, just turn them over to those local workers who were there. whoever was in charge, was micromanaging the issue, and turned it into a major problem...this is another example of the united states having to tip toe around the egg shells of the muslim religion, but the white house jack booted administration has no problem with kicking the christians around...our military chaplains cannot refer to god in their sermons???????ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????

  • pray! pray! and more prayer. God bless our troops and America!

  •  There is no question that there is a lot of Collusion going on within this Administration and Foreign Entities from what I'm seeing unfold before my very eyes. It is so disheartening  and I'm Mad As Hell over it!

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