A U.S. military investigation into the burning of Qurans at Bagram Air Base near the Afghan capital, Kabul, last February has recommended disciplinary action against up to seven troops.

U.S. military officials said Tuesday no final decision has been made yet on the findings of the probe. According to the officials, one member of the Navy and up to six Army troops could face administrative punishments, but no criminal charges.

NATO troops stationed at Bagram attempted to dispose of a load of Qurans by setting them on fire, but were stopped by Afghan employees.

The incident sparked deadly riots across Afghanistan and attacks on NATO troops that killed some 30 people and led to the deaths of four Americans and plunged relations between coalition troops and their Afghan allies to an all-time low.

U.S. President Barak Obama apologized for the incident.

A preliminary joint investigation by senior U.S. and Afghan military officials in March concluded that while mistakes were made in the burning of copies of Islam’s Holy books, there was no intent to desecrate them.


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  • Since the media isn't running these stories as they should since their free speech rigths are there so they can keep the governent toeing the line, we will ah ve to address them also.

  • Excellent!! Len Porochina, you summed Obama to a tee.

  • Yet another story that could only occur in the Obama regime. Gay marriages, amnesty for illegal aliens, successive trillion $ deficits, 900 executive orders, government ownership of private companies, bowing to Saudi royalty, Fast & Furious, Solyndra, food stamp recipients doubling, etc., etc. Never has there been a regime with so many perverse, anti-American, sordid, despicable stories to tell like this one.

  •  Thanks Kimberlee already shared it along with a well needed response to incompetency on FB

  • Sounds about right for the obummer regime.

  •  Always knew that there was something Evil lurking but this brings a whole knew perspective as to how "We As The People" can fight back this Red Tide and I do mean Red (Communistic barbarian radicals). I believe that as a Veteran of many veterans that we can come up with a superior Strategy of our own by a Mobilization which will Materialize a Counter Attack on the Agenda 21 Infidels. Namely Third World Countries and the United Nations with Samantha Powers and husband Cass Sunstein as the poster children. There are plenty of more to add to our List if they think they have one they better rethink their actions.

  • The Arab Culture has existed for thousands of years. It's obvious that their Culture has been stagnated for a good part of that time.

    My takeon this issue is that the personel who were tasked to dispose of the Qurans, (mind you they were already defiled by Islamic Terrorists who wrote messages in the margins) therefore there was no intention of our people defiling any already defiled Qurans, nor did they know they were Holy Books at all. Case closed. However, if you want to want to follow the lead of dimwits and rear-ends like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, you might try and blame George W. Bush. But that won't fly because GW was off the scene as POTUS for a long time before the incident occured. But following  Democratic logic, the blame should be placed on the head of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces at the time of the occurance, namely: Barack Hussein Obama. (the guy who single handedly took down Osama Bin Laden). However we must understand that Eric Holder will find some excuse to nullify Obama's connection with the burning, just as he has tried to cover Obama's ass on the outrageous attack on the Seconed Amendment by smuggling arms into Mexico which led to thousands of Mexicans losing their lives and a Border Patrol Agent killed by the very weapons that ATF tried to use in a ruse to discredit and blame American Gun businesses, therefore giving a reason to do away with our Congressional "RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. There is no end to Obama's treachery and obvious hatred towards Americans. PARTICULARLY those Americans who show any patriotic fervor for our Country. Obama has consistantly FAILED in every respect to favorably protect and  represent the the American People. An  Immediate Process of IMPEACHMENT for INCOMPETANCE should be drawn up to relieve him of Office of POTUS an further charges of TREASON should immediately follow. These actions should be immediately implemented so that Obama and Holder are prevented from declaring "Martial Law" and suspending National Elections in November.  Obama's horribly obvious and sagging ratings for re-election indicate that he will lose . Obama's "Chicago Politics, and Marxist Ideology" will not allow an honest election. He will engineer a "REVOLUTION" rather than lose. This man and the people behind him are pure evil and will allow nothing to prevent them from causing America and the world to collapse into utter destruction and decay. It is starting with the persecution of our Military people and religious freedom. We must prevent him from making ANY more inroads to our destruction.

  • OH, it's OK for the muslims to burn or Bible or even our Flag but we will sure enough make examples of anyone following orders to burn qurans. Our Country is only gotten reall out of hane sense the democraps took over congress while Bush was President. Then got a LOT worse with the kenyan warlord running the place. OH but that's OK too right??

  •  When we start prosecuting our Military then it is time to bring "The Hammer Down" on this President and his cult followers. "We The People" demand it , expect it and will Stand for nothing less because we are Guided by our Creator therefore our Constitution period.

  •  Keep a Real Sharp Eye out for anything suspicious , out of the ordinary or a bunch of Blue Helmets on our turf and prepare! They don't fool this guy.

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