Treason: The Crime of Betraying One's Country

8129252657?profile=RESIZE_400xIf ever there was a time to make your voice heard, it is now. If ever there was a time to march against this corruption, it is now. If ever there was a time to energize against the crimes committed against all Americans, it is now. This is treason!

Treason: The Crime of Betraying One's Country.

There is widespread, massive cheating going on. The number of registered voters compared to votes and voter turnout make it laughingly obvious that the Democrats have attempted to steal a presidential election nationwide.

What does this mean to the average voter— Republican, Democrat, or Independent? It means that one of our political parties has betrayed us as a people and a nation. It shows that the Democrat party will lie, cheat, and steal your vote, and do it blatantly, defying authorities to stop them, confident they can cover it over with lawyers, money, and threats of violence. They have done this successfully for decades, albeit never to this level. They are stealing your voice as a citizen.

Do they really believe we, the American people, are so stupid that we would not see this? The answer has to be a resounding yes. Their hatred of all things Trump, Republican, or Conservative so deranges them that they are betraying every sacred principle foundational to our Republic.

Today they betray open and fair elections; for years they and their surrogates have been demeaning and attacking freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, the right to bear arms, and many others. Each principle they erode results in more power for government and it will not stop until we are all slaves.

Our liberal political and cultural elites embrace this control as long as they are on top pulling our strings, as long as they control the media and social media, as long as they control the narrative. Look at the vicious language they use. Look at their contempt for the average citizen. It is everywhere. Just go to comments in any liberal leftist news site. The articles are bad enough, but the soul of these vile people comes out in the comments.

Your safety and your freedom mean nothing to them, only power and control energizes them. The wanton destruction and violent riots are Democrat creatures, they fund them, and they help organize them. Like vampires, they crave the lifeblood of our nation and will leave behind a burning husk of misery and violence.

If ever there was a time to make your voice heard, it is now. If ever there was a time to march against this corruption, it is now. If ever there was a time to energize against the crimes committed against all Americans, it is now. This is treason; shout it out for all to hear. It must not stand.

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  • In my humble opinion, yes - -trying to steal and election is treason, but then, that's just me.
  • If Biden becomes President, he has already been compromised with China and Russia. He, his brother, Jim and his son Hunter Biden are being paid millions of dollars for "access" from these countries. What Biden will give up to our enemies whether it's military secrets or favored nation benefits in monetary transactions, we may never know. But Biden will do whatever he is asked to do to protect his son. This man is showing signs of dementia and if he becomes incapacitated, Kamala Harris will then become President and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi will become Vice-President. God help us all and our country.
  • DOJ should take over and start arresting this socialist starting with the governors and mayors
  • As I understand things, I think treason requires collusion with foreign enemies to overthrow the government and there would have to be evidence that the DP and their supporters (MSM, Big Tech, etc.) colluded or cooperated with China or other enemies to subvert our government and Constitution. I have no doubt that this was the case given the so-called Covid pandemic which originated in China with the cooperation of the Gates foundation, CDC, NIH, WHO and others to enable the DP to justify all the mail-in ballots. However, it would have to be proved. Sedition on the other hand does not require a foreign enemy and can be domestic entities, organizations, and individuals who are trying to overthrow the govern, and there is little doubt that the DP leadership, Mainstream Media, Big Tech, Hollywood, Soros and other wealthy liberal elite are guilty of sedition.
  • Trump made America great again in four short years. The large majority of Americans (80%) wanted to reward him for that but corrupt demonrats and rinos prevented that.
  • Dee, I accidently clicked on the "stop following" please, restore me......
  • Ken Bittner, Its way beyond me as well, they make it so complicated That I'm beginning to question everything inside the belt way....I guess that's what happens when we allow Lawyers into politics...
  • Paul JJ Jensen, I agree with and support your question. It appears to me that Trump plays "the long game". But, this is all way beyond me!
  • Is this election a loss or a bait and switch?
  • So, why doesn't Trump fire his deep state ass??
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