HOW TO GET AWAY WITH TREASON! Believe it or not it simply isn't hard at all when those you are betraying are easily distracted.  Americans, a well fed, well clothed, and all with comfortable shelter as well as enough meaningless immoral ent...ertainment are among the easiest deceived.  Obama, Eric Holder and those propping these two criminals up are confident that as long as Americans have their comfort, fat bellies and movies there is nothing they can't get away with.  What I find disgusting about this is the fact that they are correct. I have indisputable information that at this very moment, and well before, the DHS has been and is protecting foreign terrorists and assisting their entry into the United States.  Who do I think will believe this?  Honestly there are only a very few. Below you will hear one of those who has "first hand" proof of this treason.  She has paid a price for doing her Patriotic Duty and still Americans do not believe.  This all reminds me of just how weak minded people can be as I think of incidents like James Town and men like Jim Jones.  Liberals seem to be the kind who will follow the Grim Reaper to their graves so long as he talks a good game and makes them feel righteous though they are hearing Satan's song.
DHS Whistleblower Censored from 60 minutes
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  • I totally agree and have been stating this for quite some time. There is and has been in my Patriotic mind that there is only one way to deal with this threat from Obama and his Socialist pets, we have to do exactly what our Founding Fathers the framers told us to do in dealing with this internal threat. But how do we when the people in this country continue to insist their live is centered all around money, and every comfort you can name that hinders their ability to see the threat, the evil chocking us all for years. It will continue unless the Americans who call themselves that will stop and realize their money, their possessions, their jobs and the comfort of this delusional life they have is not going to last forever under Obama. Only when Freedom and Liberty is watched and fought over in THIS COUNTRY they will continue to be blessed with whatever they work hard for. Not pleasures, not money is going to keep their freedom and liberty. But again, how do we get this message across as a huge threat ...a National Security Threat towards the Americans who won't stand up? HOW?

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