"Torture Report" is ALL About Liberalism

Part 1 of 2 By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.com

apol-1.jpg?width=244The mere thought of it so disgusts me, so repulses me that my blood boils.

According to a California liberal/socialist member of what must be the Islamic caucus in the House of Representatives said something SO vile it nearly made me puke.

During an MSNBC interview, Jackie Speier told Craig Melvin that the CIA should APOLOGIZE to…TERRORISTS…over the treatment a few received during questioning as outlined in the 500 page Finestein “TERRORISTS ARE THE REAL VICTIMS” summary of the 6300 page “ALLAH BE PRAISED” report compiled by liberals over the past 5 years regarding enhanced interrogation techniques that ended 6 years ago.

According to this Speier piece of trash…”The agency (the CIA) needs to do some soul searching.”


The CIA needs to do some soul searching. NOT ISLAM mind you but…it’s the CIA that needs to “do some soul searching.”

Listen Speier, you sorry excuse for a human being…


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  • This is pure BS. Thousands, if not 100's of Thousands of US Servicemen a women have been "water boarded" as part of our training.  Either for SpecOp's or for Air Crew qualifications.  What we did to those Bastards that killed over 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2011, is a slap on the wrist.  I had the privilege of being selected to serve in the USAF's SPEC OP's Program...I was a PJ and FAC (Forward Air Controller), embedded with a certain US Army Ranger Unit, to call in precise air strikes.  Think about this, my fellow Patriots:  in 2009, right after this piece of human excament  took over the White House and began talking about closing Gitmo, the number of battlefield combatants captured plummeted to almost ZERO.  On a long (over 2hr) fight on a CH-47 to a clandestine OP inside Pakistan, an Army Capt. reached into his ruck-sack and pulled out a copy of the Geneva Convention.  He read the pertinent parts to us:  Our adversary was not entitled to the provisions of said convention because they were not in uniform and were not fighting under an established flag of a recognized country.  Since the "convention" specifically" classified them as "spies", that's how they would be treated from now on. "Any combatant engaged in combat on the battlefield, not in uniform, shall be considered a spy."  Treatment of spy's consist of "field interrogation" and summery execution; all within the "rules of war.  Think about it. How many live examples of human intel have come out of Afghanistan since 2009; but we still get intel.  Why should our War Fighters take undue risks to secure POW's, just to have our CIC release them back into the fight.   

    No Quarter Asked, None Given

  • People like this have been killing us forever.

  • Great post, Gary!

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  • The CIA is part of the US government and in the case of the CIA most of us here want the CIA to operate kind of outside and above the law to get its job done. It is a nasty job where liberal ideas like human rights and such are not needed to get the job done. We must face down the power of the muslim attacks forcefully. Liberals, stop bashing the CIA and the patriots who work there!

  • Fool in the White House.

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