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How in the world are we supposed to fix anything when things keep breaking? Things never broke this often before the left took over. We have more Whitehouse scandals going on now than at any other time in history. Sure there was one or two per president but nothing like today.Today we have Benghazi with four Americans killed and what looks like a serious coverup. The attack on the First Amendment by snooping thru AP reporters media, Fox news was also attacked. No idea how many more were attacked. My favorite is the IRS checking into conservative groups and denying tax free status.I want to add one more that has fallen thru the cracks, Seal Team Six. Joe Biden wanting to be big dog told the world the name of the team that caught up to and killed OBL. A few weeks later Team Six is in a POS chopper with a group of Iraqis that were unknown to Team Six and the chopper with 17 members of Team Six was shot down. Seems kind of curious to me. Why did they not have their normal chopper? Who were the 6 Iraqis dumped in with the team while the known six bugged out? I think this need to be looked into more.I am at a loss of which way to go. We the people need to get our great country back. I am stealing an idea I saw another day, another place. Kick the top administration out, Obama Biden and Holder need to be in jail, then select an interim president, preferably someone with experience at the top. Stop all legislation going on, repeal everything Obama has done from day one and sit on government for at least a year. Bring in some of the think tanks maybe to try to come up with solutions to our problems. Little to no congressional involvement in making bills only voting on them.Congress may be able to discuss the bills but no amendments. If the bill won't pass throw it out and start over.If anyone wants to add or subtract from this idea feel free, I'm no policy maker, I know this, too bad others don't realize it too.Obama and his leftist, socialist, communist buddies need to be removed now. How can this be done? Pick up the phone and call your congressional reps, send emails, some websites will send faxes if you join to tell your reps what you feel. We need to get this nation back on track. Stop sitting and wringing your hands, make some calls send some letters, talk talk talk..
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  • This is IRS people please talk to Scout leaders, religious leaders, political organizers, and business people.  See if their tax-exempt status has been threatened by the IRS for not conforming.  

    Both the Boy Scouts and billionaire Kellogg had their tax-exempt status threatened or pulled recently.  I suspect many more organizations have been targeted, not just Tea Party.  Gestapo-like tactics need to end.

    Instead of sitting before a panel begging for the govt to listen, the Boy Scouts could possibly sue the IRS for forcing them to change their organizational principles and being "unduly prejudiced" towards the LGBT bias or political left.  IRS basically made vieled and blantant threats to pull their tax-exempt status in a "politically charged atmosphere".  Senate actually made a law to force the BSA to comply.  Kellogg is suing for similar reasons because he had his tax-exempt status pulled.

    This "unduly prejudiced principle" and "media-bias" could possibly be used to remove some laws and lawmakers???

  • if obama was a ceo of some company (and i dont think he could ever be qualified to be one)..and all of these coverups and scandals were happening within the company....he would be fired, and i dont think the board of directors would allow him in the building. so between now and the next presidential you think it will get any better???? if you think it will get better, then you should quit the teaparty.

  • We aren't going to stop this crises from happening.

    Why? People sit on there rears at home and will not do any thing. WE HAVE GOTTEN FAT AND LAZY.

    So the only thing we can do is damage control. After the fall what kind of governmnet are we going to have. We have been out thought. So get used to it. Store food and guns. Prepare to find leaders and start net works.






  • Obama won the vote by cheating, because of that,he became the president. If he was to be impeached ,Gov. Romney should get to be the President, by default.

  • Mr. Gusti, I am very agreeable with what you say, in a way we echo each others thoughts and ideas.

  • "Thank you for expressing your views.  I believe that ........."

    When I write to either Boxer or Feinsteiin Hahn or Waters I get a form letter that goes just like the above.

    They dont listen -- so add Call call call and leave your opposition to whatever the Bill might be with the receptionists -- this works too - very well!

    Good post thanks


  • Scripture, tells us that if our own eye offends,  we should pluck it out, and if our own member offends, we should cut it off.  I think that philosophy needs to be applied to our government.

  • We are stymied on your first step..."kick the bums out". How do we do that under the present circumstances?
  • I agree that government needs a magor overhaul. But rather than creating new laws/policy, I beleive that congress needs to set down and review what is already on the books and start repealling all that have not been "made in Pursuance" of the US Constitution. There's a ton of Fed law that are NOT in compliance with the Constitution, as well as many of the agencies. Many State laws do not conform with the US Constitution either.

    I'll let you all in on a little known fact. Man has yet to resolve a problem for humanity without creating a new one, and sometimes, more than one.

  • The WH and D of J are going after reporters.. really mostly Fox reporters... for leaking  classified papers.  Maybe we need to investigate Biden for leaking, causing the death of those Seal Team 6.   Or which adm  insider leaked all the info on the Osama take down.   This adm is letting the Dr who helped them swing in the wind.   Maybe of Valerie Jarrett should be brought before a committee under oath and questioned about Benghaze.   She seems to be the one making all the decisions.    This adm and many  of the Dems are weasels.  They are in the chicken coop sucking the eggs dry.

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