When friends ask me what sours me on politics it is the language. The attacks, threats, and endless debates have solved nothing. If you ask me why Eric Cantor was defeated it appears to me that voters have had enough. I have always believed in one term limits  for all elected officials. Our nation was not founded by career politicians. They should not be running it now.

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  • By attacks I mean the hateful TV ads, and radio sound bytes. I want the issues debated, concrete solutions laid out the will reduce the size of the federal government and allow the states to govern their own people. We need to get beyond the war time hype. We cannot sustain this ridiculous defense budget for much longer. Too few people are in control. Someone in charge is going to have to challenge the leaders. If congress, the president, and the supreme court are the problem then we are going to have to start over.  If it takes a convention then have the states form a Constitutional Convention. We have an oppressive government that is guilty of suppressing the citizens of this country. I want to see some real leadership that has finished with the speeches and is ready to take action legally. 

  • Paul

    I agree that the anger, contempt and outright and flagrant illegal-ism at every level of DC, it's agencies, departments, and electorate is more than enough to discourage, dishearten and generally make grumpy the staunchest conservative, however:

    1. In the 1930's and while America was still in the Great Depression, Americans stood by while our government implemented the socialist inspired WPA.
    2. In the 1940s, following a great deal of subterfuge, backdoor politicking and Soviet inspired intervention in the American voting process, again Americans stood by and accepted the sinking of American shipping by German U-boats (as a legitimate reason to enter World War II); the movement of the Pacific fleet from San Diego to Hawaii (in order to provoke the Japanese), our failure to negotiate with Japan in good faith (yet further provocation to the Japanese as adequate reasons to enter the Pacific war.
    3. In the 1950s, the average quiescent American allowed a predominantly left leaning media of the day to essentially laugh Joe McCarthy out of office (turns out, of course, that McCarthy was essentially correct).
    4. And of course, most here remember the turbulent 1960s, the violence of the "peace movement" (and one of its offshoots, race riots – a new phenomenon at the time), and again, the average American accepted the explanations put forward by a newly radicalized American media. To support this new radical movement the left invented new words i.e. racism, bigotry, etc. that the ever quiescent American citizen all these years later, except as real and legitimate terminology for behavior that literally does not exist.
    5. Of course the intervening period up to the so-called election of 2008 is only now being uncovered as a genuine threat to America, its citizens, our Constitution and world peace in general.

    Paul, you mentioned that "the attacks, threats, and endless debates have solved nothing." And while I agree that our threats, the threats of conservative backlash (which never transpired,) our never ending and generally pointless debates have, as you say, accomplished nothing.

    However, I absolutely disagree with you about "the attacks," I presume you mean conservative attacks of some sort on the Left, but the reality is we have made no attack of any kind (beyond voracious saber rattling), which, of course, the left has, quite reasonably, ignored completely as no threat whatsoever to their ongoing tyranny.
    Eric Cantor was defeated for one simple reason. It is a reason that most Americans will not admit to, nor acknowledge the existence of i.e. American voters no longer control the American voting process. And it is a sad fact that the average American still does not know what Mao knew, what Stalin knew and what Barry and his rabble know, to paraphrase Joe Stalin, it doesn't matter how the American voters vote, what matters is how the foreign vote counters count.

    If Americans can't even learn this simple fact I fail to see what we hear, or conservatives anywhere will do to upset the liberal applecart.

    One further note, since the Russian Revolution of February, 1917 NO vote of any Soviet citizen, communist China citizen, Cuban citizen or any other individual trapped under the thumb of a Marxist regime (such as we have now become) has mattered in the slightest.


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