Today is the day!

From the polls, we know the Democrats are going to lose big, but do we know what is good for all? Don’t celebrate. You have not won yet. The Democrats are saying, “just wait till the Republicans take control.” Does the end result justify the means? Is there, perhaps, a hierarchy of more intelligent humans destined to lead us? Today’s vote is going to tell our leaders that we don’t believe Obama and the Democrats. Today’s vote is going to tell Republicans that they are notice.

To be sure, the Tea Party stands for constitutional government, according to the original intention. Most don’t know this but, actually, verifying what the ancients reasoned, quantum physicists, in lab experiments, have discovered that a timeless, spaceless dimension exists. They reason that in the mix of things an essential element is consciousness. In other words, the universe is both quantitative and qualitative, which associates with the quality of our lives. We should know now that we’ve sold out to the devil.

Chicago community organizer Sol Alinsky, and now Barack Obama organizing the poor for social action, Obama by bankrupting America (the poor think it is Obama’s money they are getting), we know good and evil. We know Obama is evil. You are not thinking if you believe Obama will move to the center after the election. If he possibly can, Obama will continue to move America to the point that there is no way but his way. Going for him, more than half of the American people, in one way or another, depend on government.

There is no way out of the mess liberal progressives—both Republican and Democrat—have underhandedly created and protected for years, at the expense of future generations, than to sacrifice and accept hardships. I’ve yet to hear any talk about it.

The vicious dog fight is going to continue after the election. Unless the Tea Party and Tea Party politicians have the stomach for it, and can convince the American people that we’ve got to go through a tough time or lose our freedom, and the freedom of generations to come, double dealing Obama is going to win in the end. We’ve got our work cut out for us. The world could be set back a thousand years if Obama wins.

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