To the Glory of Conquering Heros

4063519418?profile=originalOn this Memorial Day, I'm reminded by a fellow blogger, “the blood of patriots must water the tree of freedom.” How noble!  I'm a disabled World War II veteran. I fought the Nazis in Germany and served in the Army of Occupation in Japan. Before I was twenty, I saw with my own eyes the horror of war. There is no glory in my mind to war.  The glory of war is for those who have not seen what I’ve seen.

I didn’t like a lot about what I came back to in America.  The economy was booming. There was work for everyone who wanted to work. But the welfare state that was created during the Great Depression was very much alive, and growing. The American people were voting politicians into office that gave them something out of the taxpayer’s pocket, something they didn’t have to work for.  How could the American people be that dumb? They were on the road to tyranny and didn’t know it.  They had not seen what I saw. It was the work of government.   

I prospered as an entrepreneur, until the federal government put me out of business in 1975—in favor of those government entitled. That’s democracy for you, the majority vote, not the Constitution. For 25 years, I prospered, and then out of business by the acts of government. What did I have to offer? My wife divorced me. My marriage was built on things, not love.  What is marriage?  It isn’t between a man and a woman, and made in heaven.  It’s a convenience. All that I had worked for was tied up in a court battle.  Then, thanks to my wife, the IRS made a deal.  I owed no tax, but the IRS put me on the street. I paid dearly for the crime of being out of business.  There was no excuse. It was all my fault, according to my wife. I’ve blogged here about it several times, with no response.  It was my problem. You have no interest in my problems, which happened to be the American voters’ doing, perhaps your vote.  Maybe one of these days it will be you that the IRS puts on the street.  To the IRS, you are simply a source of money and power.  You have zero rights to one penny. You can find yourself like a chicken with a bloody spot, every chicken in the yard pecking on you.

To be sure, America is the greatest military power on earth, at my expense, and ready to go to war every year or two to solve the world’s problems.  It is the road to enslavement.

More lately, I’ve been reading the Bible, especially the Gospels.  Jesus was a man of peace.  His people wanted a conquering hero.  Jesus called their leaders hypocrites and turned over the money changers’ tables, the source of their leaders’ wealth and power.  They crucified Jesus.  

I wrote “Born for Justice.”  It was of no interest to you people. Certain blogs are picked by the Command Center.  This is not a site for the basics of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So laugh me off. I’ll leave it at that and go where the message I have to offer will be appreciated.


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