To the Future?

The majority of these  blogs all relate to what they believe the President will do - ddo all of you honestly believe that our Congress and The States are so stupid that they can't see the writing upon the wall - believe you me I feel the States' National Guard Units as well as our own Military would not turn on their own families just to make a Black President happy - you people must think that because the President says in his orders will be backed and enforced by true blooded Americans - well people I have more faith in the American Uniformed Military and the true blooded Citizens of this Country to know they will not follow (as Germans did Hitler) the stupid actions of an Islamic President let alone one that is believed to be an illegally elected President - if any of you have fears that such an action is in the near future, then everyone of you need to start writing to your Congressmenmand your Senators and express your beliefs and desires and demand they take appropriate action now to orevent such an action or to commence Impeachment procedures to remove him from office before he can enforce his 6-month suspensions - the BALL IS IN THE cOURT OF ALL OF YOU THAT BELIEVE SUCH AN ACTION IS IMMINENT - thanks for reading

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