Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison,

Senator John Cornyn,




It is imperative that you read and try to understand the significance of the subject matter this email addresses.  I did not include Congressman Cuellar for obvious reasons, I know you understand.  I want to address the ill-conceived proposal that our soldiers be put on trial by NATO for an innocent mistake they had no reason to know they were making, they are soldiers not diplomats.  A mistake that no sane person would hold against them.  Muslims have been burning Bibles for hundreds of years.  I am Christian and I never considered murdering one of them as they have done to Christians and our soldiers.  Please ask yourself and your peers what the hell has happened to this government?  Is there any common sense, Honor or Dignity left anywhere in Washington DC?


Allowing such an action to advance any further than it already has, isn't simply ill-conceived, it is one of the highest forms of treason and betrayal one could commit.  I am absolutely convinced I am supported by most Americans when I tell you, any individual in favor of this action is not welcome in the United States of America.  This applies to the President as well as Congress.


Please don't tell me there are things I do not understand, I've heard that one too many times and it simply doesn't hold water.  I have dealt with Islamic types both enemy and "friendly"  day in and day out for months as a part of my duties.  Though I no longer have close contact with them, I am comfortable saying, that there may be some things you do not understand as well.


Every citizen of this country knows, with no doubt whatsoever, that if one of these soldiers happened to be a Senator's or Congressman's son or daughter no mention of any trial of any kind would have ever been mentioned.  These soldiers are our people, they are American citizens. Americans, true Americans, would never allow this injustice to take place.  You may think I am indicating that any representative supporting this "mockery of justice" is not a true American.  If you are, rest assured you are absolutely correct.  


If you were being Honest when you took an oath to our Constitution you will see, to the best of your ability,  that these soldiers are freed and Honored for their service by those who had any part in this insanity.



Art Phillips

Constituent who voted for both of you, donated to your elections and is waiting for you to earn some of that support.   

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  • Angela,

    Bravo, and send Obama with them!  Maybe that is what you meant by "cowardly, nasty acumen "?

  • What bothers me about the reporting on this issue is the fact not ONE news media has mentioned these 'holy books' were sent to that facility because they were being used by those 'religious' prisoners to smuggle messages in and out of the prison.
    And then you have the whole thing that NO American actually burned anything.
    Oh yeah, where is our "president " at during these fights, assaults, and murdering of our soldiers and civilians? They atr cowardly, nasty acumen who should be sent back to where they are from. And bring our soldiers.
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