TO: Eric Holder

Below is the letter I sent, if you want replace my name with yours and send.  His address is included


Eric Holder

Eric, It came to my attention that you are seeking information concerning those who incite criminal activity with regard to race. There are two public figures who have been inciting riots recently over the Zimmerman trial. Their names are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Insofar as evidence they have been on television making speeches of a racist nature. It is my sincere hope that you can stop these individuals before they cause any further damage to our country. I hope this will be helpful in your endeavor.

 Respectfully,    Art Phillips (Elevengun

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  • Our Liberal media is as our Liberal schools. They teach the black and other minorities to collect food stamps and live off the government! They spout racism and deny what it is! It is about time that those who do such things be called for what they are: "Traitors"

  • Will the real "AG" please stand up ??? Must be twins....." LOL"  :D  :)  :D

  • Fox guarding the hen house...Eric the sloth!4086349048?profile=original

  • made several copies and sent them to dc, fl and gave them to family and friends to send also, awesome content and idea, thank you

  • Yes call him on this make him bend over to please us,he is wanted in a law suit for "Fast & Furious" and

    another crime in Syria by not giving assistance to the USAmericans they were set up by obummer and his administration ( entire Administration)they are giving "Aid" to our enemies in the East,Syrian Rebels and to the Muslim Brother Hood, in the millions and not providing our troops with the proper

    weapons and other items to help them to fight .Are these wars rigged???


  • Good!
  • For Eileen G. Jones ... wonderful post. I wish I could say so much in so few words. Guess it is just not in my genes. You even put a positive and hopeful bent on a very troubling and divisive issue. Thanks. Now, to respond specifically to your rhetorical questions - "WHY DIVIDE , WHY NOT UNITE!". Simply put, because that is just not what Marxist tyrants do. That is not they operate.

  • First the Coup then the Revolution

    It is a sad state of affairs. The United States experienced an Islamic Marxist coup beginning in 2002--progressives, socialists, communists, Muslim Brotherhood, illegal aliens, homosexuals, abortionists--took over the country and have been running things ever since. It is a coalition of the unrighteous ruling over the citizenry like never before seen in American history. These are folks who have a new definition of America. They love America--they're America--the one they are remaking into a third world country while good people are so busy surviving that they cannot bring an opposition to the field. But now that the coup is complete, the revolution follows.

    These people are not only wrong-minded and godless, they are the epitome of the failures of collectivism. As Romans 1:22 says, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." As Jeremiah 10:15 reveals: "They are vanity, and the work of errors." But they have become critical mass. It is in this, the revolution is afoot. A third of Americans on the government dole; the government the largest single employer in the nation; the "president" overseeing the destruction of a once great country, attempting to export his Muslim Brotherhood revolution to other parts of the world, especially the epicenter of the end times--the Middle East.

    The scandals should have brought this administration to its knees. But the coup is complete--neither Benghazi, nor Fast and Furious, nor IRS targeting or government spying can stop them from their appointed rounds. Now the revolution, pitting Americans against Americans. It starts by creating racial tension and augmenting it with the false flag of social injustice, fanning the flames with words of division disguised as words of peace, then bringing in their coalition to push it over the edge--just like how the Muslim Brotherhood did it in Egypt. The Trayvon Martin angry spark has grown to violent protests enjoined by the more organized "occupy" movement, amnesty, gun control advocates and others.

    These protests are aimed at calling out the government for more action--not against the government for its policies. In other words, the revolution is encouraging the occupant of the Oval Office to take stronger action against Americans who oppose abolishing marriage, abortion, amnesty, fiscal irresponsibility, etc. It starts with the racial fuse and then all the members of the unrighteous coalition join in. It is a revolution. And it is a revolution of the godless, often invoking God as if they are his representatives. This is separation time. As Joshua 24:15 says, "And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom you will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

    Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
    Bill Wilson

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    AG Holder’s G. Zimmerman’s Fed. Civil Rights Snitch TIP LINE =

    Hi ALL.

    I sent the following to the USDOJ's GZ Tip Line (see email address above and/or below). I wish ALL TP’ers would send Eric Holder a TIP about his "Civil Rights" actions. Please think about it, OK?

    AG Eric Holder & Collaborators,

    Here is MY GZ tip for you ... STOP YOUR RACIAL INSANITY! You are criminals ALL, YOU and your Marxist RACE-BAITING co-conspirators, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP, MSM, new Black Panther Party, Congressional Black Caucus in DC ad nauseam, are a disgrace to, plague on and an insult to all Americans, regardless of their RACE or ETHNICITY. In aggregation, you are a 21st Century BLACK DEATH for our Republic; and you are just as deadly and virulent as the original plague, back in the 12th and 13th Centuries. However, now we have Black boobs instead of Black buboes creating the havoc. Your collective actions have humiliated, denigrated and embarrassed our great Constitutional Republic in the eyes of the entire world...especially our enemies’; and YOU have recklessly created untold new ENEMIES, both foreign and domestic!

    The hundreds of MILLIONS of proud and powerful American patriots, military veterans and active war fighters, honorable men and women across our country, both our young and our old alike, ARE VERY ANGRY and will STAND TALL and put a STOP to your obscene abuses of power and your blatant and willful criminal malfeasance in office, believe it, Mr. AG!

    This Obama administration, single-handedly, has destroyed our Great Republic; and you have undone in just 5 years, the slow but positive progress in racial equity, that has taken our forefathers over 200 years to achieve. You should be stoned by the masses, not revered by your low-information voters. How could this Obama Administration, which so flagrantly disrespects and disregards our founding documents and our own people, ever be trusted or respected by our allies or our enemies? (Rhetorical question)

    Sir, you and your fellow RACE-BAITERS ARE our Civil Rights problem; thankfully, thousands more Americans like George Zimmerman are a strong beginning towards its ultimate resolution. The way I see it, as do at least 200 Million of my fellow Americans, this can go in only two directions from here... RESOLUTION OR REVOLUTION.

    You Sir, are out-of-control, out-of-bounds, out-of-your-mind, out-of-time and will soon be OUT OF A JOB…and with luck, OUT-OF-PRISON before you pass.

    Therefore, again Mr. AG, my TIP for you and your Jack Booted enforcers is > STOP IT!

    Jim McQuillan

    USDOJ’S Civil Rights TIP Line for G.Z’s Federal persecution =

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