TO: Eric Holder

Below is the letter I sent, if you want replace my name with yours and send.  His address is included


Eric Holder

Eric, It came to my attention that you are seeking information concerning those who incite criminal activity with regard to race. There are two public figures who have been inciting riots recently over the Zimmerman trial. Their names are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Insofar as evidence they have been on television making speeches of a racist nature. It is my sincere hope that you can stop these individuals before they cause any further damage to our country. I hope this will be helpful in your endeavor.

 Respectfully,    Art Phillips (Elevengun

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  • eric holder is a "  RACIST  " and has proved it over & over again, same goes for Obama . Why didn't they prosecute those black panthers who put a bounty on Zimmerman !! since when is that legal in America ! Can you imagine if a few of us White Boys put a bounty on holder , Jackson , Sharpton , You can bet your sweet ass that the white F.B.I. would be at your door with tanks and M16's to kill your dog shoot your wife in the back and take you to jail !!! And have you executed faster than a Christian Priest in Iran !!!!!White America Better Wake Up ,Those COLORED People don't play fair ! affirmative action , b.e.t. TV , n.a.a.c.p. black college's  Just to mention these  few shows and proves how Racist they are against White America!!! This has to Stop If we are all to be EQUAL all of those groups have to be BANNED Same goes for all Latino Groups !!!  IF WE CAN'T, WHY SHOULD THEY BE ALLOWED !!!

  • Slightly off topic, but I see that Eric Holder's so-called Justice Department has opened a 'tip-line' for people to give tips about any 'racism' on the part of George's (Zimmerman).

    I propose that we open a 'tip line' to obtain information as to (Trayvon) Martin's prior criminal and/or violent acts.  I have heard passing references to his punching out a bus driver, being caught with 14 or so pieces of women's jewelry, being involved in street fights.   In the interest of fairness, how about starting a petition to have the (so-called) Justice Department start such a 'tip-line?' 

  • I hope everyone who has read this article will send this to Holder, I did.

  • Holder, like his master Obama, is a legal lightweight, who, on a level playing field, couldn't make it through the 1st year of law school.   Yes, there are lots of great, even brilliant African American lawyers out there, but these two aren't among them.   They got through law school by being passed by numerous left wing extremist law professors who shared their idealogy of hatred  for America.   Now, in effect, what Holder wants to do, is to shift the burden of proof in a criminal case, where a black man is killed in self-defense by a white or Hispanic.   Holder and company want to rewrite the law so that the non-black defendant has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is innocent.   That''s what all this mumbo-jumbo about juror #37 really boils down to.   There should never should have been an instruction  on  manslaughter in the first place, since there was never any question that Zimmerman killed Martin and intentionally undertook the act that caused Martin's death.   From the very beginning, the only issue was self-defense.   The so-called stand your ground law was never even raised by the defense;  and, on the facts of the case brought out in evidence, it had no application.    If Zimmerman had a good defense to 2nd degree murder, then a fortiori, he had the same good defense in a manslaughter count.   A conviction on manslaughter, given the acquittal on 2nd degree,  would have been quickly reversed.   There are some offenses that are lesser included offenses of others,  but the idea of a lesser included "defense"  is absurd.   When the judge instructed on manslaughter, she was just playing the games the judges often do, knowing that she was committing reversible error, and knowing also that they jury would most likely get it right in the end. If the dumb chief prosecutor had done her job in the first place, and brought ONLY a manslaughter charge, and exercised some intelligence rather than knee-jerk liberal bias, in jury selection, my guess is Zimmerman might have well been convicted.   Self-defense cases like this, that involve a complex interweaving of objective and subjective states of mind in the mind of the defendant are factually among the most difficult.   That's why the jury alone is ultimately in the best position to bring in a verdict.   The chief prosecutor is an utter incompetent, should be removed from her job, and disbarred.

  • Very good, but Obama and Holder should have been added as also making statements of racist nature.  No one has done more to destroy the past 30 years of healing the racist movement, than those two.

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