To educate an ignorant liberal

Thanks to our poor excuse for a president we have masses of liberals who are grossly uninformed. It doesnt help that liberal spin television helps to turn the masses into sheeple. Something I learned is that basic logic beffuddles the clueless liberals. Take for instance their cry that its all the rich fault. Some even suggest that the people will soon be coming for the rich. I tell them ok, lets take out the rich. Then I explain to them that because we took out the rich we also just eliminated all buisnesses. The rich are the ones who created the buisnesses and they ran them, without the rich the buisnesses soon fall. This will befuddle a liberal for they never thought of this. Then I will add that gasoline and electricity are also gone for without the buisnesses neither one can be produced. Now the liberal is really confused so I will casually mention that stores are gone also for the rich are the ones who made them. Where do you buy food and other items from? At this point the liberal is mad at you for showing them how much of a fool they are and its the oppertune time to ask them, "now what do we do?" and leave them with that.

If you take what a liberal says and break it down to its basic form and then explain to them in the simplist form the consenquences of there choices, like they was a little child, you can get through to them a lot better than arguing with them. Once you show them how ignorant they are they will get mad at you but its because you made them think and see how ignorant they are. Next thing you know they will be thinking twice before saying something ignorant again for no one likes to be seen as a fool. Then they will start to understand they are on the stupid side and will start to convert to a thinking person and you will have accomplished something good.


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  • Rich People, WHO do they think BHO is???He has been having the time of his life, on the Americans Tax dollar. From a boy from Kenya, to the WH/ and leads the lavish lifestyle. Oh, They are so stupid.

  • Ahhh Daniel...Yes those rich people are to blame for all one's problems.  I'm sure the same liberals wouldn't balk at the concept of having more money in their pockets or a wage increase at their job, but I digress.


    I'll share my perspective.  I've found the common issue with many liberals (and some conservatives too) is the blame-game. They're always at war against the oppressor, whether that 'oppressor' is rich vs poor, white vs black, Christian vs aethiest, DEM vs GOP, owners vs labor, men vs women, green vs exploiters, lovers vs haters, blah, blah, blah.  It's always a battle between good and evil or right and wrong.


    Part of dealing with liberals or uniformed folks is taking the high ground...don't engage in their us vs them game.  Start talking about personal responsibility and take personal responsiblity for OUR individual and group failures.  BRING THEM IN AND UNITE THEM WITH US. 

    For example, I point out that OUR govt and leadership is messed up because WE the people neglected it.  OUR economy is failing because WE allowed it to fail...and site examples of where our faults are, just like you did above.  Help inform people.

    I'm not suggesting this is a political battle tactic, because I truly believe this.  I take it personally...WE took our eyes off of OUR govt and let it run amok.  Now I, you, and the rest of us will take the lead...and DEMs, Independents, and GOP are welcome to follow us.


    I stand for a robust economy, strong families, minimal govt, strong military, more God in our lives, and the foundational principles of our Constitution.  If they don't like me because of what I stand for, they don't need to follow me and us, but we will still have their backs.


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