To cure what ails our nation.

In a perfect world right is right, wrong is wrong and you let your conscience be your guild. If it feels wrong it probably is. In our present world wrong is right and there is no conscience. That’s what liberalism has given us.

I was talking with a friend recently who like me yearns for the good old days where children said “yes mama” and “no sir”.  They learned the good feeling from a job well done. Competition was encouraged for it helped make a person strive to do better.  To take what wasn’t yours, what you didn’t earn was shunned. Today children will disrespect an elder in a heart beat. A job done mediocre is not only acceptable but encouraged. Competition is discouraged for we don’t want anyone to feel bad because they didn’t try and to take a handout is expected. That’s what the cancer on our society called liberalism has done to us.

Today many in our society live on entitlements and believes the government owes them. JFK’s “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” has turned into a fable and now its “give me more”.

I read recently in the American Thinker that a study was done on one state that to do better than all the services offered, a family would have to have an income higher than $65K a year. With that in mind is anyone surprised that families continue to live in government provided housing, collecting government checks while watching their 50 inch plasma TV’s, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer all paid for by the American tax payers. Those fancy radical rims on their ride you see when they drive by, you the tax payer paid for. Government assistance is now a way of life for many and there is no incentive to get off it, in fact people are encouraged to not only stay on it but to help others also get on the welfare train. That is what the liberalism cancer has given us.

This cancer that ails our nation can easily be cured if we had lawmakers who would actually represent “we the people”. Government assistance should be just that, to assist a person who fell on hard times, not used as a way of life. If a person can afford to have that plasma TV then they don’t need government assistance. If a family can afford a TV and an xbox for each child then they don’t need government assistance. If a family can afford for each member to have their own cell phone then they don’t need government assistance. If a person can afford to use tobacco or alcohol then they don’t need government assistance.  If a person refuses a simple drug test then they don’t need government assistance.

We know what ails our nation and we know how things should be, yet how do we get there. The answer is actually simple yet hard at the same time. It takes a lot of effort on our part. We contact our elected officials and then we contact them some more. We make it where they start to know us on a first name basis and then we contact them some more. How hard is it to email them. How hard is it to call them toll free. How do they know what we the people wants if we don’t tell them.

We also show up at our children’s schools regularly and often. We attend the parent teachers meetings. We go to the school board meetings. We let the educators know that mediocre is not ok. That we will not accept them teaching our children liberalism and they will be replaced if they don’t do what is right.

And most importantly we talk to our friends. We talk with our coworkers. We talk to acquaintances. We get them involved with us in our fight to take back America from the liberals. This week alone I talked two people, online friends into joining the Tea Party. They couldn’t believe that it wasn’t the redneck cult the media made the Tea Party out to be but made up of people just like them who are sick and disgusted at what our nation has become.

There is a lot we need to be doing. There is a lot we should be doing and there is a lot we are not doing. What are yall waiting on?

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  • i have been doing this for about 2 years...and will continue to do it...this is not obamas country to do with it what he wants...this is our country, our constitution, our children, and our future.....and our flag...and its our responsibility to keep it, not anybody elses....just us.

  • I am ready to stand up and fight to savw america we need to remove obama the dictater from the white house he is destroying  america and wants to kill american when ever he see fit come on fokes lets stand and together and get the job done befor it is tolate to do it .He is stocking up guns and ammo right now to kill all of us and the one,s that dont die he is going to make his slave 

  • Immigration, entitlements, foreign wars, and thieving banks.

  • AMEN to most everything. The exception teachers' being the scape-goat for liberalism. The curriculum is mandated by elected officials--Feds, and State. ---elected  by non-thinking voters who simply go by their party without question. Then whinning non-voters that want the hand outs, or complain about who is in office. The fault is with "WE THE PEOPLE." HELLO out there--stop projecting excuses, and look to thy-SELF!

  • You can write GOD and not be ashamed of it....

  • Only G-d can save us. He calls us to action.

  • Good post.

    Liberalism (not not to be confused with Classical Liberalism), Progressivism are terms used to give a positive chime for their cause, when in fact they represent what is leading to the ruination of this country. 

  • We are sitting at home on our computer talking and complainting.

    We need to do work.


    Be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a purpose or result, esp. in one's job; do work.

    I just went to a JBS meeting last night for the second time. Less people there then the first meeting.

    This is the way it was with the Tea Party meeting also.

    What moves people to get involved. Enough people to make things happen.

    We really don't know who and how the enemy works.

    If we had files on these people and  how they work maybe we could chamge things.

    I fear guns will be needed in the end. And if we loose them. We are done.

    Evil will prevail in this country when good men do nothing.


    Put signs up in your yard. Display your flag. All year around. Display a cross in your yeard.

    We may have to make these communist play there hand to early.

    Orly Taitz just got her appeal in court on Obama the fraud on the California ballet.

    This lady is working.

  • Trust.

    Earn it or lose it.

    D.C. did not earn it.


    Communists took over D.C. while we were not looking.


    We are called to throw them out.


    Where are the real men like Joshua and Caleb?

  • JFK’s “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”!

    Have you really thought about this statement? WE elect people to do the job of governing the affairs of the country according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights and to make life better for its citizens. Not the other way around. We do everyday for our country. We send our children to war. We send a great portion of our hard earned money to the governing of the nation. Our jobs consist of running railroad, building highways, food for consumption, drilling for oil which is used in many areas of our life including transportation, we build houses and schools.... and the list goes on!

    The question is, what is our elected government doing with the funds that they are receiving. Is life better because of their governing? Are we safer in our country and homes? Is our government upholding the Constitution? Are they more concerned with this country's health or meddling in the affairs of  another country? Are the citizens at home cared for or are they sending their money over seas to the neighbors while the citizens are out of work and scratching for a living? Think, think, think!

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