Time to Sever ties?

Political comprises make me the most uncomfortable that a solution has actually not been reached.  For the last four and half years, compromises have been a delay or a cave for conservatives.  Tolerance has been a bitter pill for one side and a disguise for the other. 

Now, America, has reached the fork in the road of political, social and economic abyss.  Neither Democratic nor Republican has the determination to stand back and review the unintended consequences of the spending, legislation, pejorative attitude to the constitution and social bigotry, while encouraging the opposite. Since the leadership of both parties has capitulated to business as usual, it is time to look for new leadership to represent the forgotten population who has been defrauded for over a decade or more. 

Third parties have come and gone throughout the history of the United States.  However, the most successful have rallied to causes that eventually defined America.  The Republican Party was one such party that amalgamated for the abolition of slavery.

The Republican Party organized from discontented Whigs, Democrats and Free Soil faithful.  The beginning of the movement was met with ridicule and misinformation.  Southern Democrats were threatened by the notion to abolish their economic and social way of life, and the northern Democrats and Whigs had nobility like leadership that legislated compromises, such as the Nebraska Kansas act and the compromise of 1850, which did nothing but kick the can down road. 

A civil war may not have been averted, but only one group actually stood for something and ran on a platform that looked at the future of America, not to keep their seats in Congress.  The party platforms of the Whigs and the Democrats did not address the slavery problem that divided America.  The Democrats won the White House and America cut itself perilously deeper.  America was divided among social, economic and political trenches, much like America is divided today.

A radical approach to mending the divisions would come from such radicals as Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln ran for the Senate in Illinois in 1858.  His Democratic opponent was Stephen Douglas, whom I would describe as a Washingtonian, with autocratic ideals and solutions.  Lincoln lost to Douglas.  Should have the Republican dream and platform, perceived to be radical be abandoned?

Lincoln ran again in 1860, for President and America realized that it had enough of Washington nobility and wanted a leader.

History does repeat itself.

In late October, 1980, I covered a John Anderson rally in North Carolina.  He was an independent for President, running against an incumbent, Jimmy Carter and the Republican, Ronald Reagan.  Anderson, like many of the third party movements in our history, had a vision of the day, instead a vision of tomorrow. 

In our current political climate, we need a vision of tomorrow and an issue that can define a party, like the Republican of 1856. 

Senator Ted Cruz (R Tex) had a host of disapproving critiques, including his own party.  Our current nobility of Washington (which includes both parties) are bearish of challenges to authority and the Washingtonian way of life: of governing.  Unlike many movements that preceded the Tea Party, there is a coherent, organized vision for the future and a predictable consequence while staying on the current path.

The Tea Party is more popular than the combatants will admit.  Polls, cited by the talking heads on the media, refer to the low approval numbers for the Republican Party, but do not reveal the disapproval includes those within the party that would never support progressives from either party.

The filibuster by Senator Cruz was heralded by his critics as a waste of time.  But was it?  Leaders take the lead, despite what detractors try to portray.  It would not be surprising to find that the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party would be viewed as the few that have the credibility and principles to lead.

Therefore, the solution is to forward the agenda that follows the thought of the founding fathers, Abe Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan and reverse the trends of defeatism, dependency and deception and form a party of principle. 

The separation between the United States and the rest of the world is the first ten amendments to the constitution. If those amendments are watered down, the framework of our laws, social and economic structure is also lost.  That is why Obama care is so dangerous.  That is why the National Security Agency (NSA) is so dangerous.  That is why the abuses of the IRS are so dangerous. That is why the freedom of the Press is so important.

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