Time to Go!!!!!!!!!

It is time to let our representatives know that it is time for them to go home for good. It seems that they feel that their chairs are a permit part of their "asses". No representative should be in the house or senate for more then two terms. "We the people" should be able to vote on a referendum to that effect. Not the house or the senate. The "PEOPLE" should have their voices heard. For too long "our" so called elected politicians have ignored our voices. It is time that they we wake them up from their slumber, and special interest and make them listen to the people. "WAKE UP AMERICANS". This is our country!!! Many of us have put our lives on the line for the freedoms all people deserve that are native born or naturalized. We do not need to give those rights to terrorists. The rights are only for free men. Those who betray our country being citizens should be tried for treason. May "God" bless this country forever and those who protect it.

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