time to amend the constitution

    We all know that things are more than a little out of hand. I do not think anyone has an idea of how much money  this president has thrown down the hole that is our national debt. We simply do not know how much his entitlement programs will cost

Presidents  Jefferson and Regan lamented the fact that the united states is not required to have a balanced budget. Regan also wanted a line item veto to remove pork that has been added to a necessary bill.  These are things we need If we ever want to control the spending of this monster in Washington.

I think that while we work to change the leadership in Washington we can also work to give future presidents the tools they need to get this debt under control. 

It is my hope in proposing this that we will soon have enough members in congress to get it passed. I also believe that we can get 38 states to stand with us. We can probably get 31 now and as the current president's policies and programs and gross negligence become obvious, It will not difficult to see where this present monstrosity that is the national debt is headed.

I think we should start with line item veto.  We can probably get that one now if we can get it through congress especially sense a simple majority is all that would be required to overturn it.  The killer is that they have to stand up in front of their fellow members of congress and defend their pork.

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  • Whatever is supported should be something that helps stop all our corporations from moving out of the country and taking jobs with them! We know that Democrats seem to want to support Chinese jobs which funnels money into the Communist Federal Government! The laborer usually gats only 2.50 to 4.00 an hour for rhere work. Gee, Americans, I thought the Democrats were for the working man, or so they say! Those wages are about the same in Mexico. How can labor in the United States compete with them when the Democrats purposefully send our jobs overseas or South? Are they really for America and for Americans and our workers? Heck no!

  • Don't be fooled by the people behind the scene pushing for a Convention Of States (COS). Is anyone else aware of  the leftiest group pushing for the same thing? The other group pushing for amendments to the Constitution is  "Move To Amend". The Move To Amend link is https://movetoamend.org 

    The organizations that have endorsed Move To Amend are as follows:


    These organizations are all leftist groups.

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