Freedom has had another crushing defeat today, as 15 Republican senators and all Democrats voted in favor of and passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (SB 510). What is most troubling are the 15 Republicans, who apparently voted their own free will, rather than adhering to the pleas of the American people who spoke out loud and clearly on November 2nd.


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  • Ethan, I answer the way I want to, thank you very much! It's called freedom of speech, you can't tell me how to answer you. Progressives hate that, look at union leaders.
  • Shocked "you" are Ethan! It's time liberals wake up as well as many others, but yes Ethan More than Hitler, more than Stalin, more than Roman Catholic Church, it's amazing how liberal point to religion as the biggest cause of wars, mean while the new religion is the liberal religion, and it's hate message is worse than the doctrine of Sharia law. Yep wake up, and stand up Ethan! The only people that hate America are the ones "unfortunately" listening to the liberal mouth pieces.
  • Amen, Paul
  • Ethan what is your definition of "evil", or are you asleep? The liberal wing of American society has caused more death and destruction throughout the world than any other faction on the planet. Every day another left wing radical that thinks they have a god like understanding of the world over steps their points of view and places them on everyone else, What is your wiki links boy doing today? what is the TSA doing today, George Bush LIBERATED 30,000,000 (That's Million) while is number one enemy was the Democratic Party, as we know the out come of war is heavy dependent on public opinion. Democrats killed more of our military than anyone else and more civilians, instead of supporting what had to be done, (unless you were like Obama at the time and voted (no) or not present, because you to don't mind gambling on America's future or for that matter the world's future, the democrats immediately divided the nation and demonized our President to the world. The Democrats in a time of war, intentionally divided America and attacked the President. You call that necessary, the war would have lasted possible months, with Democratic support, now it's been 10 yrs. I don't know where the ignorance from people like you comes from, but an over reaching over powering fed government leads to the destruction of a free republic. I opened that up for you! I layed that on the table for you dig in with your bull shit, lets here it clown.
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