839293872?profile=RESIZE_480x480Enough! For many years, the American Left has and continues to shamelessly abuse the American people; slandering, beating up and bullying them into submission by using the easily proven false narrative that America is a racist nation. In other words, the Left recklessly and unfairly plays the Race Card.

Why? The Left has great disdain for traditional American values and desires to transform America into it's dreamed Socialist/Progressive utopia. Calling an opponent to the Left's agenda “racist” typically frightens and shuts them down.

On behalf of my decent and hard-working fellow Americans, I demand an apology from the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Democratic Party, Hollywood and the Mainstream Media. All of these self-proclaimed paragons of fairness and compassion are nothing more than liars; peddlers of hate and division. Each entity that I named is a cheering section and advocacy group, assisting the Left in the furtherance of it's socialist/progressive agenda.

Somewhere in America's recovery from the sin of slavery, the Left hijacked our well-intentioned Christian desire to achieve racial equality. The Left redefined “racial equality” to mean that minorities are never to be held responsible for their actions; minorities are entitled to endless government hand-outs via government confiscation and redistribution; opposing a minority on any issue is regarded racist and hateful.

O.J. Simpson's attorneys successfully played the Race Card, changing the subject from Simpson murdering his wife. Baby murderer, Dr. Gosnell's attorneys said his trial was about racism against a black doctor trying to help the poor. The Left is claiming that America's outrage over Obama's three scandals (IRS, Benghazi and AP) is rooted in racism against a black president. Whenever behavior by a black is indefensible, the Left plays the Race Card, expecting it to trump facts, truth, justice and logic. Innocent whites typically run to the tall grass fearful of being devoured by the all-powerful and all-consuming Race Card.

The Left plays the Race Card with impunity, intentionally attacking opponent's First Amendment right to free speech. Victims of the Left's unmerited use of the Race Card include Conservatives, Republicans and low-info voters – deceived to hate non-existent enemies; their brains infected with propaganda and misinformation.

Hollywood: Hollywood is notorious for promoting leftist agenda lies to low-info voters. For example: in a movie I was watching, actor Ice Cube delivered this line, “Tell the NRA to stop killing black people”. I stopped the DVD and threw the stupid piece of crap propaganda movie into my trash-can. The NRA does not target or kill black people. The irresponsible producers of this film spread their hateful lie to millions falsely accusing and slandering the NRA which simply defends our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Informed black leaders praise the NRA.

The NRA deserves an apology.

NAACP: Serial liars! Chairman Emeritus Julian Bond said the tea party is “admittedly racist”. Mr Bond, show us the communication that proves your claim. President Ben Jealous said he saw signs, “Lynch Barack Hussein Obama” and “Lynch Eric Holder”. A year or more later, America is still waiting for Mr. Jealous to show us the two signs. The Tea Party deserves an apology.

Congressional Black Caucus: Rep Andre Carson said the Tea Party movement would “love” to see black Americans “hanging on a tree”. How outrageously inflammatory and hate-inspiring is that? But most of all, it is a despicable lie. As a black conservative having attended over 400 tea party rallies on numerous national tours, I have only encountered being loved to death. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said a tea party protester spit on him. A tea party group offered a $15,000 reward for proof of the spitting. No one has claimed the reward.

CBC members claimed being called the n-word 15 times outside of the U.S. Capitol by tea party participants. Breitbart offered a $100,000 reward for proof of the incident. The reward has not been claimed. These are only a few of many lies the CBC has told about the tea party. The Congressional Black Caucus owes the Tea Party an apology.

The Democratic Party: U.S. president Jimmy Carter said opposition to Obamacare is motivated by racism against a black president.

Democrats have declared that disagreeing or opposing Obama on any issue is racist. Remarkably, the Dems expect us to ignore Obama's unprecedented usurping of power over the private sector and his routine unlawful trashing of the Constitution. Think about that folks. For the first time in U.S. History, we have a president that non-submission to his will could destroy you. Constitutional patriots deserve an apology.

The Mainstream Media: ABC's former White House correspondent Sam Donaldson said many on the right oppose Obama solely because he is African-American. Donaldson named Rush Limbaugh in his allegation. MSNBC's Chris Matthews says “white supremacy” plays a big role in opposition to Obama.

Such allegations from liberal MSM hacks are absurd and bogus. Let's get real. Obama is the first Affirmative Action president; exempted from the traditional vetting process for one seeking the highest office in the land. Millions of white Americans could hardly wait to pull the level for America's first black president; 40% now attend tea parties. Poor things...they naively thought electing Obama would relieve them of ever being called racist again.

Blacks are only 12% of the U.S. Population. So it took a whole lot of white votes to put Obama in the White House – two times. White America deserves an apology.

I am only one voice crying in the wilderness. Still, I feel compelled to shine the light of truth on how the American Left continues to abuse the American people via the unfair playing of the Race Card; solely to manipulate Americans into embracing an agenda contrary to that of our Founding Fathers.

John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.” Such is who we are as Americans. Ironically, the Left uses America's morality against her by playing the Race Card; with great success. Despicable.

My fellow Americans, you are a great people; non-deserving of the abuse you have suffered from the Left. You deserve much better. Don't hold your breath, but the American Left does own you an apology.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  • Hey an apology coming from these people would be totally useless much like a "FART IN THE WIND", does anyone believe anything they say.

  • Great post Lloyd.  The aforementioned people do owe America an apology, as they use racism, and racist tactics to further their left-wing agenda.

  • Loyd sometimes you amaze me. I am beginning to believe that you honestly have a compassionate attitude toward my tribe. Of Course compatriot you are my countryman, and we stand together against the forces of evil that threaten all of mankind. I have met a few like you. It is a noble thing to care for your tribe and want their well being. but it takes an extraordinary sense of justice to show compassion toward your countrymen who while being your countrymen are of another tribe. I must express my heart Marcus,and I express it with sincere conviction. I have been deeply concerned with the future of my country, and also my tribe. This is the litmus test brother, because we the white Americans are a dying breed. Our birthrate is extremely low. Ethnomasochism has caused the children of my tribe to hate their own blood and their own heritage. It is a deathwish.

    Friend, it is a rare thing to find a black American who is obviously proud of his heritage as you are, who can extend the olive branch to Americans of European ancestry without demanding submission. I love this land as you love this land. I understand that our tribes must find a path to peace. I am not willing to take a yoke of submission to the NAACP which has destroyed my people's monuments, interferred with and shut down our heritage events which have been open to all. and demonized my ancestors. The NAACP has placed the yoke upon us so as to subject us to violence for being what we are, and for holding sacred the memory of our fathers whom God commanded us to honor that our days may be long in the land which the Lord our God gave us.

    I ask you with humility to forgive us of perceived past wrongs, but also in the irrespressible conflict which is yet to come only that our tribes stand together as American Patriots against the common evil that threatens all of mankind. The evil that I speak of is the global Marxist order and the wave or barbarism that is at enmity with all of mankind.

  • Excellent prose Marcus! I won't hold my breath for an apology though. The Left doesn't have class, scruples, decency, honor or morals and will lie, cheat and deceive at whatever measure they can muster to cast blame to anyone but themselves. A conscious, remorse or apology is alien to them.

  • your damn good and right we demand an apology!


    I AM THE BEST...THE UNTOUCHABLE...THE ALMIGHTY...I AM YOUR KING..YOUR LORD....YOUR SLAVERY...YOUR DICTATOR.....You are having that my apologize...for being against me and conspiring against me..I WILL DO MY PAP....I SWEAR...I WILL DESTROY YOU...


    Barry Soetoro  or


  • I don't require any apologies, from anyone. A simple deportation would be more than enough.  My tax dollars go to all these leaches on society to do nothing but call us names and "TRY" to intimidate us, start riots and in general act like animals, a Thank you would not even be welcomed. Just pack up and LEAVE the Country I almost died for in Vietnam. You folks owe me nothing. On the same hand, I DON'T OWE YOU ONE MORE DAMNED PENNY!! LEAVE NOW!!

  • I'm going,to confess something...I always thought it was going to cost me more work,achieve gain power....weaving my fraud came,my fakes of my past life,my true identity....but it was easier,that I thought...

    Ultimately disappeared witness silenced,many mouths,many dumb brains,they forget who I was truly....I did not know the potential of my skin congeners,someone wishes vindicated,feelings of hegemonism,expansionist,settler revenge of the Mexicans,of all southern,gotten to live lazing government.

    I always aspire to have ""big government",that all depend on it,..so I could control all,direct their destines,control their feelings,thought actions...

    Develop an government corruption,create a political caste of "bourgeois socialists"",manipulated,blackmailed,intimidated,carry out....an excessive action of ""brainwashing".an action "proselytizing",develop an intense campaign,in favor to me,to see me 'AS THEIR LEADER ONLY""...My narcissism,my idolatry for the cameras,telepronters,speeches cheap,tasteless and colorless,always saying "the same shit",but with different words,""apologize",blame it on the Republicans..or Bush,..American mock,laugh at their faces...with ""my smile fool Batman joker""..

    I will confess,that despite being a "'socialist-communist"",anti-American I am..I go to the political activities,the mock,to make my ""top shows and perfomances"",crying,hickey,put de sad face,but inside I'M CHEERING..!!!!....I want to end the United States history,its Constitution,the Senate...you shipid society....

    Actually,it made me so hard,achieve my dreams to dominate,manipulate,intimidate,blackmail,split,face,create feelings of hatred and resentment...

    I want to thanks,to African-Americans,mexicans,gays,looter ""occupy wall street",union mafias,gangs,Latinos parasites and spies,to all the trash and excrement,whic has accompanied ma and help gaining power..take into account..


    Barry Soetoro or EMBARRACK ''KING HUSSEIN""NOBAMA!!!!!!!...

  • Mr. Marcus if the rest of America were on the same boat, we would be the most prosperous and free nation for the rest of the world to follow. Not the UN one world order the elite are trying to take us to!

    God bless you, and God bless America.

  • not until those responsible go to jail...for the irs targeting, the ap targeting, the benghazi coverup, the fast and furious coverup...and all of the other infractions on american constitutional rights, and tyrannical acts by this government.....why is it that the obama administration and their supporters, have more constitutional rights than us on the right??

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