It is time to do more than talk.  Sadly I have watched my country erode away from the onslaught of the Most Selfish Generation ever since I returned from Vietnam in the 60s. I propose that we target an ECONOMIC BOYCOTT immediately.  It can be done by focusing in on an area of the economy that will hurt the extremists.  Not just a single left-leaning store, but rather an entire industry.  Perhaps computers / electronics industry (Silicon Valley)?  Automobile industry?  Entertainment?  It must be FOCUSED, PLANNED, ORGANIZED well, PROMOTED and ENFORCED with at least social pressure.  Not a single or list of companies -- too 'small potatos' or confusing.  Perhaps a ROLLING boycott where we do a handful of industries and focus for a few months on one before moving to another.  BOYCOTT is a reasonable, serious step to assert REAL ECONOMIC POWER before it becomes necessary to take to more militant power levels.

This is where a "Tea Party" leadership must emerge.  There is no doubt that I have observed a lack of clear leaders -- it is time to ORGANIZE before these communist nazi people gain greater control than they have already rangled.


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  • How about starting with HOLLYWOOD!  They are the brain washing left leaning liberal dumbos of America.  But when the evil ones take over to control the sheeple they will get rid of the Hollywood dumbos first.  The Hollywood dumbos will be looking for their guns and realize that they were taken away.  Too bad!  Tough luck!

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