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Military Readiness Isn't What It Should Be
John J. Bastiat  
Mind-Blowing! Flynn Prosecutor Now Claims Authorship Of Interview Notes ‘Misidentified’
by J.E. Dyer
{ } ~ The DOJ attorneys prosecuting Michael Flynn sent a letter to Flynn’s attorney that the Flynn interview notes were ‘misidentified’ as being written by Peter Strzok... The only serious response to this utterly bizarre disclosure is, “I can’t even.” Most readers are familiar with the basic facts of the Michael Flynn case. The salient facts in this instance relate to the interview done with him by FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka on 24 January 2017. That interview became the basis for the single count of giving a false statement to which Flynn eventually pleaded in December 2017. There has been widespread, justifiable criticism of the apparent methods and motives of the FBI in handling this interview. It’s evident in hindsight that what the agents did was ambush Flynn, under the pretext of discussing counterintelligence security with him, and ask him a lot of questions to which the two agents already had institutional answers. They had background investigations and monitored phone calls to rely on; their evident purpose was not to obtain information from Flynn but to lay a perjury trap for him by tripping him up on the details of previous events his memory might have been faulty on. Their record of the interview indicated afterward that they saw no sign of deceptive intent in Flynn’s responses.  But differences between his recollections in the interview and the information Strzok and Pientka already had from other sources became the basis for holding a perjury charge over Flynn, and eventually threatening to bankrupt his son with a wire brush “investigation” as well. The Flynn saga has been a long and tortuous one no doubt torturous as well, for the Flynns; the purpose is not to rehash the entire thing here. So fast-forward to Flynn switching counsel in June 2019: letting Covington Burling go and hiring Sidney Powell as his attorney. It seems Flynn and his counsel must unquestionably be given every single scrap of memorial material from the 24 January 2017 interview.  On the other hand, if I were Judge Emmett Sullivan, I’d be looking seriously at throwing this case out, and reprimanding the prosecution severely for putting the defendant, the court, and the taxpayers through this utter travesty of a proceeding.  Looking into prosecutorial misconduct wouldn’t seem to be out of line...   
Gregg Jarrett Unravels the Coordinated, Premeditated Plot to Impeach Trump
by ~ During his appearance on Fox and Friends, Gregg Jarrett discussed the revelations that the “whistleblower’s” attorney was tweeting about a coup against President Trump in January of 2017... “Whistleblower” attorney, Mark Zaid, also stated, “I predict @CNN will play a key role in @realDonaldTrump not finishing out his full term as president.” Gregg points out that this information, in addition to the fact that Zaid was the attorney who Rep. scumbag-Schiff’s committee recommended to the whistleblower, shows that this is a witch hunt to try to impeach President Trump. “All of the witnesses who will be called have already testified secretly. They are all opinion witnesses offering their interpretations of the conversation they weren’t privy to. They are all diplomats and diplomats are notorious gossipers. So, for example, Steve mentioned Bill Taylor is one of the first witnesses. Taylor said oh, it was my understanding there was a quid pro quo. Did you get that from the president? No. A guy told a guy who told a guy who told me. If that were in a court of law a judge would say to the jurors disregard the testimony, strike it from the record. It’s irrelevant.” With all of this new information, it is even more apparent that the “whistleblower” is not entitled to anonymity, and they are merely an informant acting as a Democrat operative. 
Pam Bondi, former Florida AG, 'likely' to 
join White House during impeachment
by Dave Boyer 
{ } ~ Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said Thursday she will “most likely” join the White House communications team as President Trump gears up to fight impeachment... During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Ms. Bondi said she and former Treasury Department spokesman Tony Sayegh would be coming in to help with not only communications, “but with special projects and legal issues and just lots of stuff with the White House. They’re so crazy busy.” She said the president already has a “huge team” that she would be joining, including “wonderful” acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone. “Jared Kushner is one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met,” Ms. Bondi said of the president’s adviser and son-in-law. “And the president, frankly, is his best spokesperson. This is just helping with a huge team and doing a lot of other special projects. So if it works out, I’m going to be thrilled.” White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway said Thursday that Ms. Bondi and Mr. Sayegh are being hired as special temporary employees “to work specifically on all matters related to this ‘impeachment inquiry.’” Asked about Ms. Bondi’s lobbying work, Mrs. Conway replied, “She’s not here to lobby. She’s here to try to make sense of how in the world we’re going to impeach and remove a democratically elected president from office, based on somebody’s presumption of an interpretation of intuition of an implication of an assumption.” Ms. Bondi, a Republican, served as Florida’s top state prosecutor from 2011 until last January. She has been working as a lobbyist for several interests, including as a registered foreign agent for the government of Qatar..   
The Democrats’ Nomination 
is scumbag/liar-Hillary's to Lose
By Bill Schanefelt
{ } ~ Be afraid, be very afraid. Barring some serious event in her life, scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton likely will be nominated for President of the United States by the Democrat party in mid-July next year.... “Ridiculous,” you say. “Why, even Bill Maher and Doug Schoen are against her,” you continue. That is true, but it means nothing. As do all of the other disparaging stories in the MSM about her public appearances and the possibility of her entry into the race.. Before anyone sweeps the notion her becoming President under the rug, it is important to understand, in the first instance, that, of the current crop of contenders, only Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren has a chance of exiting the Democratic Convention in Miami next July 16th with the nomination in hand. Let's take a cursory look at the field now before we go into scumbag/liar-Hillary's entrance and eventual dominance of the race for the nomination. You may disagree with my opinions, but making the case for anybody else prevailing will be a challenging task for anyone. One more health- or age-related incident, and commie-Bernie is toast. He still has an army of supporters, but the health issue will eventually take its toll, especially as dinky/liar-Warren vigorously appears in multiple venues and rises in the polls:  ...commie-Sanders’ health poses a concern to Democrats....most seriously, given his Oct. 1 heart attack, leaned Democrats divide about evenly, 48-45%, on whether or not commie-Sanders, 78, is in good enough overall health to serve as president. That’s a stark contrast to both loose lips liar-Biden, age 76, seen as in good enough health by 74%, and dinky/liar-Warren, age 70, seen as healthy by 80%....But younger adults, who are among commie-Sanders’ strongest supporters, are most apt to think he’s in good enough health to serve – six in 10, 18- to 39-year-olds say so. Just 40% of those age 40 and older agree. loose lips liar-Biden's campaign is on life-support. In addition to the Ukraine problem, he's having trouble raising money and falling in the polls, he lies constantly, he loses track of what he's saying or where he is, he's often confused, he sometimes talks like he's still in office, and, frankly, he looks like hell! I'll be amazed if he's still in the race when the December debate rolls around. Pete Buttigieg is strong in the polls now and seems to have a good strategic plan, but being gay hurts him badly among  black, Hispanic, and rural voters. He will continue to put up a good fight, but he will soon top out as the caucuses and primaries unfold. Amy Klobuchar is feisty and may well get close to dinky/liar-Warren, but only if she can raise enough money...
Russia Became a Communist 
Hellhole Because of This Man
by Richard Lim
{ } ~ To understand communism, it’s important to look at the man who was the first to institute a government dedicated to Karl Marx’s ideals: Vladimir Lenin.... When I was in college, I recall a conversation with several classmates who joked about throwing a get-together and naming it “The Communist Party.” They mocked the idea that anyone would fear this supposedly well-meaning ideology. I wonder if they would have been laughing if they were in the presence of gulag survivors. This Nov. 7 marks the 102nd anniversary of Lenin’s rise to power in Russia, and Nov. 9 will mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the symbol of tyranny built by the regime he forged. Victor Sebestyen’s 2017 biography on Lenin—the first major biography of the Soviet leader to hit Western bookshelves in two decades—documents his many crimes against humanity. Lenin’s streak of cruelty began long before he came to power. By his early 20s, his zealous dedication to Marxism led him to believe that anything justified revolution. Cruelty Without a Conscience. When a famine broke out in the Volga region in 1891—one that would kill 400,000 people—Lenin welcomed the event, hoping that it would topple the Czarist regime. His sisters, dedicated revolutionaries themselves, assisted with relief efforts for the starving and were shocked by his callous refusal to help...   
California Woman Contracts Parasitic Worms
 in Her Eye After Going on a Trail Run
By Julie Mazziotta
{ } ~ A woman in California contracted parasitic worms in her eye after running through a swarm of flies during a trail run. The 68-year-old woman is only the second known person in the United States to contract the rare condition... which typically occurs in cows. The woman, who was not named, was featured in a case study in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. She first discovered the worms in March 2018, when her right eye started to bother her. The woman splashed tap water into her eye, and a “wriggly” .5-inch roundworm came out, LiveScience reported. She then found another roundworm, which she also pulled out. She went to an eye doctor the next day, who found a third roundworm and instructed her to continue washing out her eye with distilled water and also to apply a topical medication. The woman, who is from Nebraska but spends her winters in Northern California, then returned home to the Midwest but still felt something in her eye. Doctors there could not see anything, but she soon found a fourth roundworm and pulled it out herself. She believes that she developed the worms after going trail running in Carmel Valley, near Monterey, in February 2018. While on her run, she remembers going through a swarm of flies, and “swatting the flies from her face and spitting them out of her mouth,” according to the report. The woman’s doctor sent samples of the roundworm to the Centers for Disease Control, where researchers identified it as Thelazia gulosa, a rare species of eye worm. The only other reported case of Thelazia gulosa occurred in a 26-year-old woman in Oregon, who had 14 roundworms removed from her left eye in August 2016. These first cases occurring within a span of two years is concerning, the scientists wrote in the case study. The cases “suggest that this may represent an emerging zoonotic disease in the United States,” they said. Additionally, the roundworm sample was developing eggs, “indicating that humans are suitable hosts for the reproduction of T. gulosa.” Still, the risk of infection is extremely low...
Military Readiness Isn't What It Should Be
John J. Bastiat:  The Heritage Foundation just completed its 2020 Index of U.S. Military Strength, a comprehensive annual assessment of U.S. defense capabilities, and as usual the news isn’t good. Based on its historical dedication to in-depth assessments of U.S. defense strength, Heritage credibly touts its Index as the only “non-governmental” (read: “not exceedingly biased”) annual assessment of U.S. military strength. This year’s summary: “As currently postured, the U.S. military is only marginally able to meet the demands of defending America’s vital national interests.”

Sadly, the only surprise related to this report would be if anyone were surprised at its conclusion. At base, of course, the report is merely a witness to nearly a decade’s worth of inattention and neglect during the scumbag/liar-nObama regime, a result only recently begun to be rectified.

The report begins by outlining the long-standing objectives related to the use of U.S. military force: “Over the past few decades, three vital interests have been specified consistently and in various ways by a string of Administrations: Defense of the homeland; successful conclusion of a major war that has the potential to destabilize a region of critical interest to the United States; and preservation of freedom of movement within the global commons (the sea, air, outer-space, and cyberspace domains) through which the world conducts its business.” The report then discusses the well-settled means recommended to achieve those objectives: “The many factors involved make determining how big the military should be a complex exercise, but successive Administrations, Congresses, and Department of Defense (DOD) staffs have managed to arrive at a surprisingly consistent force-sizing rationale: an ability to handle two major wars or major regional contingencies (MRCs) simultaneously or in closely overlapping time frames.”

The primary regions assessed are Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The Index notes that while conditions in Europe are “favorable” — meaning an MRC is unlikely — those in the Middle East and Asia are not so sanguine. Specifically, while the likelihood of an MRC in the Middle East is “moderate,” general political stability in the region continues to be “unfavorable.” That’s putting it mildly. Asia, meanwhile, is “favorable … in terms of alliances, overall political stability, militarily relevant infrastructure, and the presence of U.S. military forces.” But this overall assessment, while sounding upbeat at first blush, is substantially offset by further characterizations of several Asian state actors. Indeed, the report flatly identifies Russia, China, North Korea and Iran as “aggressive” threats to vital U.S. security interests. Further the capability of each is assessed as “formidable” (the highest category) or nearly so, “gathering” (the second-highest capability, in the cases of Iran and North Korea).

To support these characterizations the Index points to Russia’s provocations in Ukraine and other Eastern-European nations, its active support of separatist forces in Ukraine, its regular performance of “provocative military exercises and training missions” and its aggressive sales and exports of arms to countries hostile to the U.S. The Index also cites Russia’s “sabotage [of] U.S. and Western policy in Syria and Ukraine” as well as its “investment in modernizing its military,” even as it continues to gain combat experience in both regions.

The report also singles out China as “the most comprehensive threat the U.S. faces,” categorizing its capability as “formidable” and its behavior as “aggressive.” China continues to modernize and grow its military capabilities even as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) metastasizes well beyond China’s territorial waters and lands. The PLA’s provocative activities include numerous comprehensive military exercises near very tense borders, live-fire maneuvers near Taiwan, probes of South Korean and Japanese air defense identification zones, and countless episodes globally of Chinese cyber-combat, espionage, and computer-network exploitation.

Of course the usual suspects — Iran and North Korea — continue to also pose menaces to world peace, as do terrorist threats around the globe (notably in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan). But with the “normalization of deviation” DOD has been forced to accept — that is, the resigned acceptance of a defense force incapable of fully addressing the span of security threats to the U.S. — these threats are simply acknowledged in the report for the clear and present dangers they are. That said, though none of these threats should be taken lightly, each should be taken in stride: Meeting the two-MRC requirement would also address the threat posed by any single regional conflict generated by one of these actors.

And how should this two-MRC challenge be met? Through a lengthy analysis, the Index practically translates “two-MRC capability” into a standing U.S. joint defense force of 50 Army brigade combat teams (BCTs), 400 Navy battle force ships with 624 strike/fleet-defense aircraft, 1,200 Air Force fighter/bomber/ground-attack aircraft and 36 Marine battalions. How does DOD currently stack up against this levy? Not so well.

Using the three metrics of “capability” (a force’s modernization level), “capacity” (the size of the force), and “readiness” (the force’s ability to mobilize and employ), each of the four war-fighting Services was assessed as “marginal.” U.S. nuclear capability — itself the umbrella under which a great deal of implied conventional U.S. military capability vests — was also assessed as “marginal.” Even this is a charitable assessment, given the fact the “bulk of the current nuclear arsenal was first developed in the 1980s” but — cynically speaking — at least it’s consistent with the rest of the picture.

Finally, the report acknowledges the practical reality faced by our defense forces, namely, “that unless a dramatic change in circumstances occurs, such as the onset of a major conflict, a multitude of competing interests that evolve during extended periods of peace and prosperity will lead Administrations and Congresses to deemphasize investing in defense and instead to favor domestic programs. Consequently, garnering sufficient support to increase defense spending for a two-war-capacity force is problematic.” Still, as the report ominously warns, “This political condition does not change the patterns of history, the behavior of competitors, or the reality of what it takes to defend America’s interests in an actual war.”

For our part, this year’s Index strikes us as spot-on, especially in its appraisal of the near-term, practical prospects of achieving the military strengths needed to meet the two-MRC requirement. Still, Step One, as the saying goes, is that “acceptance is the first step to recovery”: This problem will not be fixed until it is first identified and then acknowledged. Our good friends over at Heritage have consistently helped to raise the military-preparedness flag over the years, this year being no exception. Let’s hope that this administration, unlike the last — or virtually any Democrat administration since Truman — will acknowledge the immediacy of the problem and act accordingly, notwithstanding this current period of qualified peace and prosperity which, historically speaking, is likely to be relatively brief.   ~The Patriot Post  

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