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Trump Signals Determination in Face of Growing Pandemic
Thomas Gallatin   
Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals Donating 
Potential COVID-19 Treatment To US Hospitals
by Jeff Dunetz 
{ } ~ Some allies are better than others. Hydroxychloroquine sulfate is the malaria drug that is being tested as a treatment for China CoronaVirus. India is possibly the largest producer of the drug in the world...  They have banned exporting the drug to other countries.  Teva Pharmaceutical, an Israeli multinational drug company that specializes in generics, announced they will be donating at least ten million doses of hydroxychloroquine sulfate to U.S. Hospitals. Malaria is a major medical problem in India. Anti-malarial medicines are of critical importance there. But now those anti-malarial drugs may be the most potent medical weapon against the Chinese Coronavirus. But as my friends at Clash Daily reported, India is not sharing. India isn’t trying to screw the U.S., they probably are trying to make sure they have enough for their people. As of March 26th, India’s had 716 cases of Covid-19. On the other hand, Israel has a population that is .006 that of India’s and 2,590 cases as of the same date. Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva Pharmaceutical which is also a significant manufacturer of Hydroxychloroquine sulfate said it plans to donate 6 million tablets to U.S. hospitals through wholesalers by March 31st and more than 10 million within a month. All subsequent product manufactured and shipped to wholesalers will also be donated. According to its website, Teva is a global leader in generic and specialty medicines with a portfolio consisting of over 3,500 products in nearly every therapeutic area. Teva provides more than 10% of the U.S. drug supply, providing American patients with approximately 1 out of 7 prescriptions they take...  

More Information on Historic 
$2 Trillion Rescue Bill
By Don Purdum  
{ } ~ Early Tuesday morning, Senate Republicans and Democrats agreed on a historic $2 trillion rescue bill... The emergency bill will quickly help every worker, business, and the health care system impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the country. The goal of the bill is to provide reinforcement for the economy until the pandemic is gone, businesses can re-open, and workers can go back to work. This aid could last for weeks or months. One of the biggest hurdles for America to overcome is the current and projected unemployment claims. Last week, unemployment claims increased to a dramatic 281,000 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, those were initial numbers posted before companies started laying off or furloughing workers to become compliant with multiple state requests. These requests closed all but life-essential businesses. Projections for unemployment claims over time are much more staggering. Goldman Sachs predicted that unemployment claims could spike to 2.25 million. The left-leaning Economic Policy Institute (EPI) says unemployment claims could rise as high as 3.4 million. Over the last couple of days, President Trump has expressed concern and frustration about the halt to business and its potential devastation to workers and families. On Monday, Trump said that we can’t let the cure be worse than the problem. On other occasions, he has made it clear that workers and businesses who need help are not to blame for the current situation. For workers, the bill will give a one-time direct payment to every adult. Each adult making less than $75,000 per year will receive $1,200. Married couples whose combined income is less than $150,000 will receive $2,400. For every minor child, a $500 payment will be provided. Additionally, the package will help furloughed workers for four months. They will get the regular payments from their state for unemployment plus an additional $600 per week. The bill also has something for those who have student loans. Federal student loan payments will be paused through September and are interest-free. The pause would be automatic and there is nothing borrowers would need to do to take advantage of the payment pause...
Dem-Controlled House Won’t Vote 
On Corona Relief Bill Until Friday
by Martin Walsh
{ } ~ The Republican-controlled Senate passed the largest rescue package in modern history on Wednesday to alleviate economic pressure caused by the coronavirus... By a vote of 96-0, the Senate passed a massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus compromise package, which will bring relief to individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations. However, House liar-Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t hold a vote on rescue plan until Friday morning at the earlier, the Washington Times reported. She had time to draft a bogus bill last weekend that included a slew of ridiculous, non-related liberal goodies — yet it’s going to take her almost two days to hold a vote on the Senate bill That’s absurd. As the Senate was racing to complete the package on Wednesday, the Democratic-controlled House gaveled in for a pro forma session on Wednesday morning and gaveled out less than three minutes later. Politico’s Jake Sherman noted that the House showed up for less than two minutes on Wednesday and then left. They are supposed to be back on Thursday morning, but still won’t even vote on the relief bill until Friday. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed Democrats for delays in getting the measure completed and approved. “Every one of our fellow citizens has been touched by this public health emergency, anxious about sickness and unprecedented economic uncertainty,” he said. “Our hospitals and healthcare workers are nearing their capacity. They need – and expect – their government to act. This agreement to provide relief to American workers, families, and small businesses is critically important – and should be considered without delay. McCarthy said, “we are already behind.” “For the past three days, Democrat leadership in Congress took their eye off the ball, delaying consideration of this bipartisan-crafted bill,” he said. “They insisted on using this crisis as an opportunity to propose completely unrelated legislation that amounted to an ideological wish list. Our country is on the edge, but we must be in this fight together. It’s time for Washington to start acting that way, and send this bill to the president.” Beyond liar-Pelosi’s antics and refusal to pass the bill immediately, the historic $2 trillion coronavirus bill will bring relief to individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations. The relief package also includes thousands of dollars in direct payments to most Americans — millions of whom face unemployment related to the spread of the virus — as well as a $500 billion loan fund for large corporations and a $367 billion loan program for small businesses...
DOJ charges Venezuela’s 
Maduro with narcoterrorism
by Jerry Dunleavy
{ } ~ Attorney General William Barr announced narcoterrorism charges against Venezuelan socialist leader Nicolas Maduro for his role in facilitating the global drug trade... in coordination with the Colombia-based terrorist group known as the FARC. The Justice Department said on Thursday that Maduro formed and leads his own drug ring, dubbed the Cartel of the Sun, and gives the FARC free rein to operate in parts of Venezuela. Investigators said Maduro and his co-conspirators were being charged with conspiracy to commit narcoterrorism, conspiracy to import hundreds of tons of cocaine into the United States, and a variety of weapons charges. The department said Maduro expressly indented on flooding the U.S. with cocaine to harm the health and well-being of the nation. The chief justice of Venezuela was also charged with international money laundering. Maduro assumed power in Venezuela in 2013 following the death of authoritarian ruler Hugo Chavez. His tenure has been marked by rampant unemployment and poverty in his country, brutal repression, and human rights abuses, with more than 4 million Venezuelans becoming refugees in the largest humanitarian crisis in the Western Hemisphere. The U.S. and much of the world considered Venezuela’s 2018 presidential election illegitimate, and Venezuela’s National Assembly refused to recognize Maduro’s second presidential inauguration in January 2019. The National Assembly selected Juan Guaido to be its leader, and Guaido announced that he would serve as interim president with the support of the National Assembly, citing the Venezuelan Constitution. The U.S. and nearly 60 countries worldwide recognize Guaido, not Maduro, as the legitimate leader of the country. The State Department already has imposed  hundreds of sanctions against Venezuelan companies and individuals linked to the ruling Venezuelan regime, and the Trump administration imposed penalties against Venezula’s government, its central bank, and its state-run oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela...
First Space Force Mission Is A Go
By Collin Anderson
{ } ~ Space Force's first official mission is a go, with personnel set to launch a military communications satellite into orbit from Cape Canaveral Thursday afternoon... "We're launching a giant spacecraft into space," United Launch Alliance (ULA) president and CEO Tory Bruno told the Washington Free Beacon. And giant it is. ULA will send an Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite into orbit for Space Force on its Atlas V 551 rocket, the most powerful in its arsenal. The rocket, which Bruno called "the Bruiser," weighs 1.2 million pounds pre-launch. The satellite itself weighs 14,500 pounds when fully fueled and strapped to the rocket, or about 2.5 Ford Expeditions. The launch will create 2.25 million pounds of thrust. The mission is about much more than brute force—it will establish infrastructure that will strengthen America’s military presence on earth. The satellite will become the sixth of its kind in orbit for the United States, creating a constellation that gives America complete global communications coverage.  "This is the most sophisticated, most powerful communications satellite that has ever been launched," Bruno said. "All the way around the world, our troops can be communicated with, can have the high bandwidth, back-and-forth comms, imaging, and intelligence that they require, right down to a guy in a tent with a handset who's doing his thing." While Bruno acknowledged the possibility of extraterrestrial conflict in the future, the satellite system would serve as a defense hub, not an offensive weapon. He compared it to an aircraft carrier that "needs to be protected by destroyers, submarines, cruisers.""What the Space Force is being tasked to do is put up a big, sophisticated spacecraft that our country depends on to be secure. And then also make sure that those things are protected in orbit," he said. "They are discouraging people who might want to take terrestrial conflict and extend it to space, which has always been a traditionally peaceful domain, as well as the ultimate high ground for things like communications. So this is all about Space Force, this is the marquee mission." The satellite system is also shared with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands, allowing America to work with its allies on space-enabled missions, Bruno said...
Chuck scumbag-Schumer Is Claiming Victory, 
But Here’s What Little His Long Delay 
Actually Accomplished
By Christopher Bedford
{ } ~ The Senate reached a new coronavirus agreement in the early hours of Wednesday morning, three days after liar-Speaker of the House liar-Nancy Pelosi torpedoed a bipartisan deal... Democrats were quick to claim a great victory for America, and their allies in the media have been just as fast to parrot that, but based on the draft so far released, the new deal is much the same as the old deal– and the changes struggle to justify delaying the much-needed aid for days while businesses closed and people died. “To the American people we say, ‘Big help, quick help is on the way, because we face about the most unprecedented health crisis we have,'” Senate Minority Leader Chuck scumbag-Schumer told CNN after the early deal was announced. “The five pillars that we fought for to make the bill better, much better than the bill Friday, are all in the bill.” So what was really accomplished? The final text hasn’t been released and details are still being hammered out, but the latest draft indicates changes since Monday were almost entirely cosmetic and few will be controversial with House or Senate Republicans.
Pillar 1) Health care
The first of scumbag-Schumer’s “five pillars” is $130 billion in funding for hospitals. While his statement called this a $55 billion increase, Monday’s draft included $127 billion for hospitals and health care providers. There’s a $3 billion difference here, nowhere near $55 billion– and on Capitol Hill there is unanimous agreement that aid is needed now and in incredible amounts. In a letter to congressional colleagues, scumbag-Schumer additionally claims Democrats won “$1 billion for the Indian Health Service,” but that number was included in Monday’s bill. Pillar 2) American workers Pillar 3) States and local governments Pillar 4) Oversight and accountability Pillar 5) Small businesses...
Trump Signals Determination in Face of Growing Pandemic
Thomas Gallatin  On Monday, President Donald Trump asserted that he would like to see the country open for business in a matter of weeks, not months. “We can’t have the cure be worse than the problem,” Trump argued. “We have to open our country because [not doing so] causes problems that, in my opinion, could be far bigger problems. … Life is fragile, and economies are fragile.”

Trump further defended his position, arguing, “You have tremendous responsibility. We have jobs. … People get tremendous anxiety and depression, and you have suicides over things like this when you have terrible economies. You have death probably in far greater numbers than the numbers we are talking about with regard to the virus.”

The president’s senior economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, backed up his assessment: “We can’t shut in the economy. The economic cost to individuals is just too great. The president is right. The cure can’t be worse than the disease, and we’re going to have to make some difficult trade-offs.”

The mainstream media has been keen to play up the dilemma by claiming that Trump’s economic concerns are out of step with medical experts who warn that the threat posed by the China Virus pandemic is just beginning and will get much worse before it gets better.

However, Trump’s economic concerns are legitimate and echo the opinions of many Americans, especially those who find themselves out of a job, holed up at home, and wondering how they’ll pay the bills — especially when congressional Democrats elect to put partisan politics before the needs of the American people.

In fact, it is likely that one of the primary reasons behind much of the mainstream media’s criticism of Trump for his economic concerns is that his approval rating is rising. That can be most directly tied to his handling of the China Virus pandemic, as the most recent ABC News/Ipsos poll finds Trump with a 55% approval rating on the crisis — a dramatic increase over recent weeks. It appears clear that Trump’s daily press conferences informing the public of his administration’s actions to combat the pandemic have been welcomed by a majority of Americans. Quite simply, they see the president leading this fight.

Also on Monday, Trump signed an executive order forbidding price gouging and hoarding critical supplies. Attorney General William Bar explained, “Under section 102 of the Defense Production Act, the president has authorized to prohibit the hoarding of needed resources by designating those materials as scarce or as materials who supply would be threatened by persons accumulating excessive amounts. Once specific materials are so designated, persons are prohibited from accumulating those items in excess of reasonable, personal or business needs, or for the purpose of selling them in excess of prevailing market prices.” However, Barr also assured that this order did not apply to people who have stockpiled large amounts of toilet paper, nor to those individuals who have long prior prepared by accumulating large amounts of goods for personal consumption.

Finally, the Trump administration will for the first time use the Defense Production Act to procure 60,000 coronavirus test kits, following Trump’s invoking of the law last week even as he downplayed wanting to use it. “We’re a country not based on nationalizing our business,” Trump noted on Sunday, “The concept of nationalizing our businesses is not a good concept.” However, he did anticipate that “we may have to use it someplace along the chain.” Well, it appears clear that point has now been reached.   ~The Patriot Post  

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