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Christianity Today Joins the Leftist Mob
Gary Bauer
Gowdy: liar-Pelosi Has No Constitutional 
Authority to Dictate the Rules of a 
SenateImpeachment Trial
by Katie Pavlich
{ townhall.com | ~ Former prosecutor and Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy is weighing in on House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi's continued refusal to turn over two articles of impeachment... against President Trump to the Senate for a trial. "If he[President Trump really is an existential threat the Republic, if he really has committed conduct that should result in his removal from office, then why would you not send it onto the Senate? The Constitution gives the House no role in deciding how this trial takes place. It is exclusively within the province of the Senate," Gowdy said during an interview with Fox News. "I think most of my fellow citizens will see through this 'lets hurry up and impeach him' and then sit on the indictment." Gowdy also took on the issue of "impartial jurors." "You had scumbag-Eric Swalwell investigating the president while he was trying to become president," Gowdy said. "The jury has already made up its mind." "How many members of the jury are actually running to take Donald Trump's job? You would never have that in a real judicial proceeding. So, Mitch McConnell is right, this is a political trial not a judicial trial," he continued. liar-Pelosi is demanding that the terms of a trial be "fair" before she proceeds with the articles after the holiday recess.   https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2019/12/24/gowdy-pelosi-...  
Christianity Today Regurgitates 
Dem Talking Points
Thomas Gallatin:  It’s wrong for evangelical Christians to support President Donald Trump against the Democrats’ partisan impeachment charade. That’s the basic argument offered by Christianity Today editor-in-chief Mark Galli in an editorial published last Thursday. Galli asserts about impeachment, “The facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.” Evidently, Galli has elected not only to accept the Democrats’ partisan conjecture and unsubstantiated talking points as a substitute for actual evidence and facts, but to make matters worse he has used the CT platform to moralize the Democrats’ anti-Trump message.

While admitting to the blatant partisan and fundamentally unjust manner in which the House Democrats conducted their impeachment case against Trump, Galli dubiously claims that the only moral choice for Christians is to support Trump’s removal from office. “That [Trump] should be removed, we believe, is not a matter of partisan loyalties but loyalty to the Creator and the Ten Commandments,” Galli writes.

So, uncritically accepting the Democrats’ many demonstrably false assertions against Trump (such as scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff’s made-up conversation of Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president) comports with the Ninth Commandment’s prohibition against bearing false witness against one’s neighbor?

Furthermore, the broad-brush insinuation that Christians who support Trump and reject the assertion that he deserves to be impeached and removed from office are doing so out of blind “partisan loyalties” ironically smacks of blind anti-Trump partisan animus.

The fundamental flaw in Galli’s thinking is conflating support for Trump’s presidency with justification for his entire “blackened moral record.” Galli asks, “Can [Christians] say with a straight face that abortion is a great evil that cannot be tolerated and, with the same straight face, say that the bent and broken character of our nation’s leader doesn’t really matter in the end?” But is that actually what Christians have been saying?

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins gave a cogent response that says otherwise: “Putting aside Galli’s holier-than-thou patronization, the underdeveloped political theology advanced here represents a failure to look at Trump’s record and the growing contrast between the two parties on life, family, and religious liberty. Although Galli recognizes Trump’s accomplishments in these areas, Galli goes on to say these positives do not compensate for Trump’s failings in other areas. And while President Trump is certainly not perfect, it is totally unfair to imply that support for Trump jeopardizes Christian witness to Christ when many Christians support the president because of his commitment to policies that are grounded in a biblical worldview. Not only is it unfair, but it betrays the prudence and measured judgment that Christians ought to be bringing to a broken world, and a political system which is not perfect but requires us to apply our faith in the best way we can.”

As Mark Alexander observes: “It is one thing to disagree with Trump’s style or policies, but quite another for editors of an evangelical Christian publication to advocate for a purely political ruse to remove a president.”

In the end, Galli’s screed comes off as just another textbook example of the “orange man bad” polemic. It is merely a repackaging of Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s condescending “wrong side of history” trope, only aimed at Christians. And we should all expect better from the publication started by Billy Graham.   

~The Patriot Post

Marc Short -vs- Chuck Todd
by sundance
{ theconservativetreehouse.com } ~ Marc Short, Chief of Staff to Vice President Mike Pence, appears on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd to discuss what the White House expects from a Senate impeachment trial. Oddly, something about Short’s demeanor seems to neutralize the traditional partisan gibberish Toady is famous for. There’s still a lot of pontification, but Short does a great job cutting through Toad’s burping noises.
Ted Cruz Discusses Pelosi Withholding 
Impeachment Articles and “Spygate” Fraud
by sundance
{ theconservativetreehouse.com } ~ Maria Bartiromo shares an earlier interview with Senator Ted Cruz after the House passed two impeachment articles...   Senator Cruz is questioned about the impeachment fraud and the latest revelations in the 2016 election surveillance known as “spygate”. LOL… “Welcome to the party pal“… Wait til Cruz finds out he too was a campaign target as outlined by the FBI instructions to Patrick Byrne; I digress.  Within the interview Cruz actually does a good job of outlining a brief cocktail party-length explanation of corrupt FBI conduct toward the FISA court. “Political Espionage” – During the 2016 election season, Butina’s useful purpose appeared to be the reason the FBI in Washington DC enlisted Patrick Byrne as a handler, giving Butina specific instructions and introductions to Republican presidential candidates. Once those candidates were contacted the FBI’s background surveillance transferred to the republican politicians, including persons in/around the Trump orbit. Mr. Byrne stated several times that FBI Agent Peter Strzok, and persons working on his behalf, were the FBI officials directing the engagements. Byrne claims he was asked to participate in an FBI intelligence operation and to introduce, and/or facilitate the introduction of, Ms. Butina to the campaigns of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump...
Chairman Lindsey Graham -vs- Maria
 Bartiromo – Impeachment, Spygate and 
Lessons in Can-Kicking
by sundance
{ theconservativetreehouse.com } ~ Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham appears on SMF with Maria Bartiromo to discuss House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi withholding articles of impeachment from the Senate...  Senator Graham does a good job explaining the fraudulent visible reasons, purposes and strategy for establishing the House obstruction article; however, Graham completely overlooks the hidden motive for withholding it/them. Moving to “spygate” Bartiromo points out Special Counsel Mueller never investigated the “dossier”; however, Bartiromo misses that Rosensteins’ second scope memo in August 2017 specifically empowered the research of ie. use of the dossier for his probe. *POINT: In my opinion, this is the reason why the DOJ (AG Bill Barr) will not release the scope memos…. Barr is protecting DAG Rosenstein and his good friend Robert Mueller. Lindsey Graham goes on to discuss the background surveillance on the Trump campaign; and outlines questions he has and potential witnesses before his committee. Pause for a moment in this part of Graham’s interview, and notice how the answer to every question is within the declassification documents we have discussed. We know where the answers are. Amid the twists and turns many people have forgotten about the material congress asked President Trump to declassify a year-and-a-half ago. Additionally there has been some material cited that just seemingly slipped away without follow-up.  Consider...
IDF preparing for confrontation with Iran - 
Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi
{ jpost.com } ~The IDF is preparing for a limited confrontation with the Islamic Republic as Israel continues to act against Iranian entrenchment... IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi warned on Wednesday.  “There is a possibility that we will face a limited confrontation with Iran and we are preparing for it,” Kochavi said at a conference in honor of former IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen. Amnon Lipkin-Shahak at the IDC Interdisciplinary Center in Herzilya.  “We will continue to act and responsibly,” Israel’s top military officer said, adding it would have been better had Israel not been the only one engaged in the effort to stop Iran. The IDF, he said, is carrying out operations both publicly and below-the-radar to prevent the enemy from obtaining precision missiles, even if those operations bring about a confrontation. “We will not allow Iran to entrench itself in Syria, or in Iraq,” Kochavi said, publicly acknowledging for the first time the Israel Air Force has attacked against Iranian targets in Iraq. “Iraq is undergoing a civil war, when the Quds Force is operating there on a daily basis, when the country itself has turned into an ungoverned area.  Advanced weapons are being smuggled by the Quds Force in Iraq on a monthly basis and we can’t allow that,” he said. According to Kochavi, there’s been a change in threats, with all fronts active in trying to carry out terror or rocket attacks against Israel. “It wasn’t always like that,” he said, pointing to years of relative quiet from Lebanon and Syria. But over the last few months there were many instances where there were warnings of immediate threats to Israel that the military had to contend with...   https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/IDF-Chief-of-Staff-Aviv-Kochavi-C...   
Christianity Today Joins the Leftist Mob
 Gary Bauer

My wife and I attended a holiday party Thursday night where we were blessed to have the opportunity to talk with many Christian heroes and luminaries, including Dr. James Dobson and Rev. Franklin Graham. There were many Christians serving in government there as well at Vice President Mike Pence’s home, including Justice Clarence Thomas. 

It was an encouraging time and a reminder of all the battles that have been raging for decades in which we all did the best we could as followers of Jesus Christ.

As Carol and I were returning home we heard the news that Christianity Today's (CT) editor-in-chief, Mark Galli, had just released an editorial entitled, “Trump Should Be Removed From Office.”

This once respected publication, which Billy Graham helped to launch, has just thrown its lot in with the aggressively secular, abortion-on-demand movement that has spent the last 20 years trying to rip America out of the rich soil of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Some Christmas present to their subscribers. Shame on them!

Franklin Graham was quick to react. In a lengthy Facebook post, Graham revealed that the last vote his father cast was for Donald Trump. Graham wrote:

My father knew Donald Trump, he believed in Donald Trump, and he voted for Donald Trump. He believed that Donald J. Trump was the man for this hour in history for our nation.

Graham added this impeachment sham was “politically motivated, 100% partisan,” and he blasted CT, writing, “It’s obvious that Christianity Today has moved to the left and is representing the elitist liberal wing of evangelicalism.”

Graham is absolutely right. Five paragraphs into the anti-Trump editorial — there’s no other way to put it — CT engaged in a bald-face lie. It wrote: “But the facts in this instance [the Ukrainian phone call] are unambiguous." 

No they are not. That’s why legal scholars, members of Congress, and the American people are divided about the phone call. 

What follows in the editorial is a description of the call, which, if I did not know better, I would swear had been written by liar-Nancy Pelosi or scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff. I will not poison your mind by quoting it because you have heard similar things over and over again by far-left fanatics who hate everything that Donald Trump believes and, by the way, that Christianity Today claims to believe.

The editorial later asserts that they are "agnostic” about whether Trump should be removed by the Senate or at the ballot box in the next election. But it declares that he should be removed out of “loyalty to the Creator of the Ten Commandments." 

So, Christianity Today just endorsed a Democrat presidential candidate whose name we do not know yet. Whether that nominee is a class-warfare candidate like Sanders or Warren, who use envy to attack successful people, or Pete Buttigieg, who is committed to normalizing the homosexual political agenda, or whether it’s a resurrected scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton, that candidate is CT's choice in 2020.

Any Democrat candidate will be totally committed to abortion on demand, to taxpayer subsidies of abortion, to the restriction of religious liberty, and very likely anti-Israel. In short, everything that the Creator of the Ten Commandments, as CT put it, would abhor.

Here’s some breaking news for CT: No election involves a sinner running against a saint. All candidates are sinners. All the voters who vote for them have sinned. In the real world, most elections are a binary choice between fallen human beings who are willing to defend certain values and oppose other values. 

Donald Trump has boldly taken the side of believing Christians on every major public-policy issue: our freedom of religion, the humanity of the unborn child, that liberty comes from God, and many, many more. 

On the day CT printed this editorial, 13 more judicial nominees who will defend our values, nominated by President Trump, advanced in the Senate over the objections of progressives CT wants to see back in power next November.

Years ago, when I was a senior vice president at Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson and I were often in the foxhole together battling the left. We were also trying to alert the church about what was coming down the road. 

I don’t remember a day when the attacks by the left, often involving death threats, ever caused Dr. Dobson and I to waver or get depressed or to think of giving up. 

But there were days we would get letters from churches upset that we had criticized their deacon who happened to run the local abortion clinic. There were days when publications like CT, claiming to speak for the church, said we were being "alarmist” and that Christians should not be involved in politics at all. Those days depressed both of us more than anything else. 

Dr. Dobson never stopped fighting, and I haven’t either. But today, I will confess to you is a tough day when you’re fending off blows from liar-Pelosi and progressive activists, and suddenly all the reporters in Washington are calling, eagerly wanting to talk to me because CT just took the side of the radical secular left.

Please, my friends, take a moment today to pray for all the Christians involved in government and in the public-policy debate – Vice President Pence, Justice Thomas, Franklin Graham, and, yes, the president too. I would also covet your prayers for myself and my family.  

~The Patriot Post


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