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Honoring 2017's Bulldogs
by Michelle Malkin
Steyn Agrees $285 Million Cut 
In US Funding To UN Is A Good Start
{} ~ US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley announced on behalf of President Trump, a $285 million reduction... in the US contribution to that globalist control organization that is the antithesis of what our nation stands for. Mark Steyn explains why he sees that as very good news for America, pointing out that “the majority of members exist as independent nations in 1945,” when the UN was formed in the aftermath of World War ll. “And now you have a situation,” he says, “where essentially the dictatorships vote en masse, vote as a bloc, the 58 member Organization for Islamic Cooperation, for example, is a monolithic bloc. And the democracies are outvoted and half of the democracies are, anyway, just people who strike attitudes, like the European Union did mostly with the Israel vote.”...
Gregg Jarrett Talks FBI/DOJ 
Current Corruption Status With Chris Farrell
{} ~ Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell appears on Lou Dobbs show to discuss... President Trump’s Twitter response toward the FBI and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s plan to retire.  Farrell outlines several things within this interview that CTH has been tracking on background. First, there is a possibility the person Farrell describes at 02:50 might be John P. Carlin,  the former head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division who left in October 2016, right after the controversial FISA warrant was issued. John Carlin landed a job with law firm Morrison & Foerster leading their global risk and crisis management practice...
The journalist and the stolen CIA documents
by Emma Best
{} ~ A series of declassified Central Intelligence Agency memos describe part of the Agency’s investigation... into Jack Anderson of whom the CIA was never a fan, and his sources and methods which included unethical practices such as homophobic surveillance, blackmail, and lying about his sources - specifically his apparent use of hundreds of stolen Agency documents. The memos even call for a Congressional investigation into Anderson and whether or not he was part of “a deliberate disinformation campaign.” One memo, dated January 6th 1982, directly accuses Anderson’s syndicated articles, dubbed the Washington Merry-Go-Round, of “falseness.” The memo requested that the CIA Director write the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee to raise the issue. The Agency had apparently detected a pattern in Anderson’s articles that raised “the possibility that a deliberate disinformation campaign may be underway.” The Agency’s Deputy Director, along with the Director of External Affairs and the Executive Director, wanted Congress to look into the origin of the articles, including whether or not Anderson’s articles were part of a campaign “to defame and discredit” the Agency...
Crude Oil Price Outlook: Back to the '40s?
by Bob Adelmann
{} ~ The same day that OPEC announced it would be extending its production cut agreement through the end of next year... the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced that U.S. crude oil production jumped an astonishing 290,000 barrels per day from August levels. Oil traders yawned and drove the price of crude higher. After all, it was a one-month spike, and compliance among both OPEC members and non-members remained surprisingly high. The agreement was taking crude oil off the market faster than producers were adding it. Voila! Increased demand coupled with decreased supply equals higher prices. Futures moved higher with Brent prices set in London moving past $62 a barrel with West Texas Intermediate WTI, prices set in Cushing, Oklahoma approaching $60. Those traders were happy to ignore the increase in rig counts in the United States, and the more than 1,000 new horizontal wells being developed as a result — the highest seen since March 2015...
House Panel Subpoenas RINO-McCain Associate
For Names Of Steele’s Dossier Sources
{} ~ The House Intelligence Committee has issued a subpoena for an associate of Arizona... Sen. John RINO-McCain’s who revealed last week that he knows the names of the Russian sources used in former British spy Christopher Steele’s infamous dossier. A congressional source tells The Daily Caller that California Rep. Devin Nunes issued the subpoena on Wednesday for David J. Kramer, a former State Department official. Kramer refused to divulge the names of Steele’s sources during a Dec. 19 interview with the panel, the source says...
Honoring 2017's Bulldogs
by Michelle Malkin
{} ~ There are talkers and doers, sowers of dissatisfaction seeds and agents of lasting change. Much of my column work over the year is dedicated to exposing the worst crapweasels in politics, pop culture, media and the policy arena. But to ring out 2017, I'm raising a toast to some of my favorite bulldogs -- vigilant citizens, independent journalists and bloggers, and dedicated activists who work tirelessly to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Angel Moms and Dads: These brave parents of victims of illegal immigrant crime keep the legacies of their lost loved ones alive by fighting for secure borders and immigration enforcement to prevent more needless suffering. After President Trump spotlighted several members on the campaign trail in 2016, liberal journalists attacked them as a "hate group" -- never mind the fact that many are legal immigrants and naturalized citizens themselves. As open-borders lobbyists fight hard this coming year for amnesty, sanctuary cities, and border wall sabotage, look for the Angel Moms and Dads to step up and speak for the voiceless.

Terri LaPoint: An Alabama-based writer and investigative reporter, Terri runs for Health Impact News. She exposes the dangerous alliance between child welfare bureaucrats and elite medical institutions that undermine parental rights and separate sick kids from their families in the name of saving them. While the Justina Pelletier and Charlie Gard cases prompted international outrage, most medical kidnappings go unnoticed and unreported on a chillingly routine basis. LaPoint is the go-to resource for families under siege for defending their medical autonomy.

Luke Rosiak: This prolific investigative reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation has broken dozens of stories on the Democrats information technology scandal involving what Rosiak calls a "massive cyber breach on Congress and cover-up." For the past year, he has hammered away at House Dems who employed IT aide Imran Awan and his family members to the tune of at least $4 million in taxpayer funds between 2009-2017. Thanks to Rosiak's work, we learned that Awan and his brothers were under investigation for equipment theft and accessing congressional computer networks while working for several Democrats who served on committees that handle highly sensitive national security information. Awan was wiring gobs of cash to Pakistan; his brother Abid ran a used-car lot with no inventory, a fake sales staff and funding from a "Hezbollah-linked fugitive." While Rosiak collects and connects the shady dots, the rest of the media is still snoozing.

Kimberly Corban: This Colorado mom is a passionate Second Amendment defender in who directly challenged President Barack liar-nObama's support of gun control by sharing her experience as a rape survivor in 2006. More than 10 years later, Corban speaks regularly to young women on college campuses and defies the left-wing feminist orthodoxy of rape survivors as perpetual victims. She has weathered death threats and hate attacks online, but remains undeterred in her quest to help empower women through armed self-defense.

Obianuju Ekeocha: This Nigerian-born pro-life speaker and organizer is president of Culture of Life Africa. With her megawatt smile and razor-sharp tongue, Ekeocha takes on the abortion ghouls in Hollywood, the BBC and at the U.N. armed with data and backed by African women who uphold the sanctity of life in word and deed. Ekeocha uses Twitter and social media masterfully to unmask left-wing cultural imperialism and build a global culture of life.

Brian Bates: An Oklahoma private investigator, Bates' website on the case of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw's wrongful convictions ( is a rare challenge to prosecutorial misconduct and crime lab incompetence in the Sooner State. If not for his work, I would not have embarked on my own continuing investigative journey into a case that represents the worst miscarriage of justice in the criminal justice system that I've covered in 25 years. Stay tuned as many more independent experts and advocates weigh in on the case in 2018 while Holtzclaw fights for his exoneration.

Judicial Watch: The D.C. watchdog foundation is simply the best muckraking giant on the right -- shining bright light on the sleazeballs and scam artists in the Beltway swamp. Tom Fitton and his crew have spent decades fighting against government corruption and misconduct by using the Freedom of Information Act and challenging evaders in court.

Michael Morisy & Mitchell Kotler: These transparency advocates founded MuckRock in 2010 to assist journalists filing public records requests across a complicated landscape of local, state, and federal agencies and government agencies. MuckRock tracks the process from start to finish, sends follow-up messages to foot-draggers, and helps crowd source the results. I'm not just a fan of their passion project. I'm a regular user of the site, and you can see my FOIA requests on MuckRock.

Check out all of my Bulldog Award winners at CRTV's Michelle Malkin Investigates (, and here's to more effective exposure and hell-raising in 2018. Cheers!
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