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  • @Mak,

    These people are heathens with not an ounce of respect for humanity living or dead.

    Why is their a military cemetery in Libya? Do not these veterans have any living family or a country that would honor them and bury them back in their own homeland? I don't know why these veterans are even buried in this barbaric country. These savages are a disgrace to humanity.

  • In a Military cemetery in Libya   Every time a joke and or
    on is made about the Koran, the whole world
    turns upside down...!! and we are all called racists!!!!!!!!

    However they appear to do whatever they like and no one says
    anything...and the majority of people

  • Islam is becoming more aggressive in their culture jihad to restrict FREE Speech and subtly slip these restrictions in America. Once they implement these restrictions as *hate speech* and have the law on their side they will rapidly practice Sharia in stages.... until it is fully implemented.

    We must take Islam as the threat it is to our Republic and counter-attack this evil agenda that is trying to push our Constitution aside and rule over us. Do not be naive and think this cannot happen. The regrets of European countries who did not take these issues seriously has led them to being over-empowered by Islam. They are nearly helpless now as the Muslim rapid rate of production and migration into their countries has expanded to such high majorities that even though the Muslims are less than 10% in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, England and the Netherlands, the Muslim population is quickly pushing into the 2nd phase of jihad on the defensive to protect their sharia rights. As this brings fear into the populace they will push into the 3rd phase. History shows over and over how this has happened in each country. America MUST be on guard and fight this!! 

  • I encourage everyone to get informed and get involved  Please consider Joining Act for America

    War has been declared on the American people by this blood thirsty regime we are in this together

    our way of life in under attach. What are you going to do complain how did this happen or get actrive and stop this horror.  The choice is your.    

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