Do we think we can just call this a God fearing nation and therefore that's what it is?

Has believing in God become a group of words that we use just because it sounds good for a nation to say?

We talk about God and have a church on every corner in our nation. We, all across this nation speak of being a Christian nation with great pride but in our actions as a people we do not even know the true God of this universe, but yet expect Him to bless our nation just as He has in the decades and centuries past.

Today is independence day. We celebrate this day just as we always do. It's just a natural thing to do. The point is, where is the independence we celebrate. It's just as the God we serve or speak of when we speak. It's a past tense reality. A time that use to be but we have not come to grips with the fact that it's not what it use to be. We, as a nation have lost it in everything but our minds.

God, the Father of Jesus Christ is bust the same as He has always been. He never changes and stands at the door of this nation and knocks. He is telling us that if we will open He will come in and sup with us and He with us.

We have locked Him outside and given our liberties all to a false God the we have created that better suits our lifestyle.

It's easy to see that there are still American people that truly believe in Jesus Christ and live their lives as He would have them to. We are a nation filled with those people but that mindset is not one that directs our country nor is He recognize in most of the Churches that we see on the corners of our nation. In most cases even the people that truly follow Him can see things in their own Church that He is not pleased with.

Our Churches, just as our nation have very little time to seek His will or even teach their people to seek His will.

Yea, the leadership speak and say words that are about Jesus Christ, it all sounds good but the actions that are taken are not what He is saying, it represents the God of our minds and man's creation.

Sometime as individuals we need to step outside of a picture or situation to really see what is happening.

Just as there are people in Washington that can't see outside of Washington, there are people in Churches that cannot see reality around them spiritually.

Helen Keller was once ask, What could be worse than being totally blind? To this question see replied; Having 20/20 vision and not being able to see.

God, through His Son Jesus Christ desires to fellowship with you. His will is to talk to you as an individual, apart from any Church or other man or woman. Hear Him, as you sit stand or even lie in your bed, hear Him. Apart from any preacher, Sunday School teacher, hear Him. Even husbands, wives or children, hear Him. He desires to speak to your heart and direct you as a person. He speaks as oft as you will listen and open your heart to Him.

Just as our government has been over run by humanistic thinking people, our Churches have been overtaken by people that preach a social gospel and not the gospel proclaimed by the Holy Spirit.

There are two things that are more powerful than the government, a Truly Godly family and a Truly Spiritually filled Church. Just as those two things are torn down line by line, concept by concept, both can be rebuilt the same way. The hard thing is to start the process.

How do you get people that think they are doing right to (see) or (hear) something different?

The Apostle Paul was killing people or at least putting them in prison that believed in Jesus Christ. This happened until his spiritual eyes and ears were opened. It took a man with the willingness to speak truth to him, even in the sight of his own death to open his eyes. Stephen was the man that was willing to do this . He was stoned to death for what he said. You can find this in the book of Acts.

In our Churches today we have pastors that love the big crowds. They preach soft messages that never get to the root problem in ours hearts because of the fear of being rejected or cast out. Our people are starving for truth and in most cases don't even realize it.

There are people that are carriers of tuberculosis. they make other people sick and, they themselves don't even realize it. They wouldn't hurt anybody on purpose but are doing damage and can't even see it.

Our churches are the same way to some degree. It takes the Holy Spirit of God to change a person to make them what God wants them to be. In our minds we are doing that but what if we ask God what He thinks about what we and see what He thinks, even to the people standing behind the pulpit.

If we desire our country back as it was there is a price to be paid. Am( I )willing to pay that price? We have been living off the fat of the land and not seeing or hearing the tale- tale signs of our own demise.  It's been said that if you, as an individual ever get right where God desires for you to be, then( most of the people that you think are spiritual will not like you or hear what you have to say.)

Open your eyes, see the spiritual decay in our country and know that we are a part of it.

Listen and hear what is being said as relates to truth, even from our pulpits.

Drop to your knees and pray, Lord it's me, I need your guidance and direction to change a nation. Let it start with me , even if it means my death for my children's sake to the glory of God. You Lord, show me truth, not my pastor, not my wife, not my husband or any other man or person, you Lord teach me and help me to change what and who I am that I might change my nation and turn her head back to you.


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