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  • Ah the old just get a republican elected game.

    Truth is we have been living in an oligarchy for the past 100 years or more.

    It's not going to make a tinkers dam worth of difference who wins the election.

    "It is generally conceded that even a monarchy or a dictatorship is an oligarchy, or a government run by a small, ruling minority.

    Such is also the case with a democracy, for this form of government is traditionally controlled at the top by a small ruling oligarchy. The people in a democracy are conditioned to believe that they are indeed the decision-making power of government, but in truth there is almost always a small circle at the top making the decisions for the entirety."

    A. Ralph Epperson

    Lets forget about the democracy thing for awhile.

    I prefer a constitutional republic, with the constitution intact as written by the framers.

    How do we achieve that?

    And being a REPUBLICAN it seems to me, the very name suggests what the republican party ought to be striving for.

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