We heard him say it with our own ears -- My name is not on the ballot, but my agenda is. In all his speeches, across the fruited plain, for over two years, before a cherry-picked adoring audience, it's always about him. "My name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out," Obama said Tuesday afternoon during an appearance on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show. Is he saying this election is a referendum on him? Sounds like.


This one is actually a referendum on the direction of the USA

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  • O yes I am extreme because I would like to know we have secure borders. Yep extreme because, I think Obama runs around with purse strings of America like he just died and went to heaven, of course it isn't his money. LOL
  • So true, Paul. It's outrageous to see the left portray Tea Partiers as evil and extreme because we don't agree with them, but more importantly because we want to follow the Constitution. Wow, really extreme. Infuriating!
  • Well said and I agree, to be honest, I think Obama's believes the world is about him, and I think he has always thought so, boy he had such a chance to bring people together, and he sadly fell to the ground. He doesn't know it yet, in fact he probably never will! Yes it is a referendum on Obama, so don't listen to those cutting down folks like O'Donnell, they are Obama supporters.
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