Mr Bond your position reflects how the NAACP is lost in a cloud of self destructive deception. It is struggling to maintain relevance in the face of 21st century realities. The endless search for "issues of discrimination ...and positively reinforcing actions that do a disservice to the black community you claim to represent. The problem has "MOVED ON" over the horizon beyond "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" to the level playing field of achievement and capability. Every other minority group including 'AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS" have assimilated and competed successfully. The issues are no longer "SEGREGATED SCHOOLS, WATER FOUNTAINS,RESTROOM,HOUSING, ETC"...but rather marketable skills in a highly technical job market. The battle should be for "competent teachers,relevant curriculum's, return to the Christian foundation and morals that produced your generation Mr.Bond. I will take "worn-out relevant books" that teach the basic skills of reading writing and math, taught by a solid teacher not a "PROGRAMMER & CORE". Also in the renewed foundational  education subjects like ... CIVICS,GEOGRAPHY,WORLD HISTORY,AMERICAN HISTORY,THE CONSTITUTION... absolutely necessary. The WORD OF GOD IN THE BOOK OF PROVERBS THE 18th CHAPTER THE 16th VERSE SAYS "16 A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men."  On this foundation you can build engineers,scientists,technicians, architectural engineers, carpenters,mechanics,electricians, business majors etc.   Competence in any of these areas make the individual "marketable" money knows no color. If the last vestiges of prejudice wants to "hold us" to a higher standard, so be it, just like a professional athlete it requires focus and determination and in the end works to "our" benefit. Notice I said "our" benefit,because I am a Christian, a Minister and servant of GOD, an American that happens to be Black. The condition of the black family is traceable to the "GREAT SOCIETY & WAR ON POVERTY" it completely destroyed the family ties that produced your generation Mr. Bond and Mine, single parent homes, baby's having baby's  29 yr old grandmothers absentee fathers, the chain of wisdom and character and faith, was broken. The NAACP missed the bus somewhere back in 1970's and decided the unending pursuit of discrimination would be it's mission not the Challenger of "DAMAGE CONTROL AND REPAIR"  you have made the "NEW PRIESTHOOD" THE CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEYS WEALTHY AND POWERFUL. THE DEMONIC ACLU HAS A PERMANENT STAKE IN THIS SWAMP OF DECEPTION AND MANIPULATION. THEY DO NOT WANT THE "FOUNDATION RESTORED" SO WITHOUT THE LORD ANYTHING YOU BUILD WILL NOT STAND. S  E  L  A  H

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