These Colors Will, Will NEVER RUN!

The Will of the American Spirit is as strong now as it ever was, has been, and/or shall ever be, in the name of all that is Greater than any person, place, thing, or entity.

The fabric may be burnt, but the Vision lives on.

Its ends may turn to tatters, yet Its Truth forever reigns.

Its buttons may be pushed, so it always dwells Supreme.

Her people may be burdened, one worth remembering.

The lifestyle always changing, for better never worst.

All country's know its colors, knows we're always First.

Not that we'd e're be festered, No! Never The Less.

We're First in Battle, Best in Show, In all this worlds' mess.

So Burn they may, and shot through too, It's holes be Hallowed still.

Spit at and Hit, Still Tried be The True, New Day's San Juan Hill.

So Be it 'err, she will be strong, One thing she'll never miss.

These Colors WILL, will never run, America, We Know This.


Max Simon Uhrig   God Bless America again, Please? Amen.


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