There is a social epidemic of psychological pathology raging through this country. It is unprecedented and is further exacerbated by a failing mental health system, socio economic upheaval and the irresponsible mass distribution of mind and mood altering psychotropic drugs which find their way into the average families medicine cabinets and are regularly prescribed to children during their developmental years. Many times these drugs are prescribed without the supervision of a mental health professional. Long term effects of these drugs have not been thoroughly researched and in many cases lead to permanent changes in brain and body chemistry, mania and suicide. The solution for this travesty by the ultra far left elitists who currently rule by tyranny is gun control.

A recent gang associated school shooting in Atlanta Georgia on Thursday February 7, 2013 was stopped by an armed resource officer before any further tragedy occurred, no one was killed and the teen that was shot was later released that day and only received minor injuries. The resource officer did not shoot the perpetrator; another teen student, since he too was armed and was able to disarm the shooter by brandishing his weapon and taking control of the situation. Columbine as well as Sandy Hook were gun free zones. Columbine occurred during an assault weapon ban. Connecticut already has an assault weapons ban. Chicago Illinois has some of the toughest gun laws in the country yet there are 2.58 murders per day. The Chicago Superintendent of the Chiefs of Police attacks law abiding citizens instead of taking personal responsibility for his lack of solutions and failure to fight crime. The truth of the matter is gun bans and criminalizing law abiding gun owners will not stop these tragedies will not curb them and do not control guns or criminals. This has been proven time and time again not only over recent decades but throughout this century. Despite this obvious and logical truth the ultra far left elitists most of which are surrounded by their own armed security officers who carry and conceal “assault weapons”, default to the failed solution of attempting yet another power grab; the assault weapons ban and for nothing else than to pander to their constituents moving that much closer to total control. They know all well that no government municipal, state or federal governing body can guarantee anyone’s safety, but then again that’s not what this is about.

The elitist left will also create and expose average everyday Americans to what will be one of the most brutal and murderous black markets ever to exist in America: the assault weapons black market. If America is one thing it is resourceful and has great resolve in supplying tangible goods or substances that are deemed illegal, especially when their values increases 20-30 times over night. One only has to look back to the earlier part of the twentieth century to prohibition or more recently illegal controlled substances like narcotics and marijuana. The day they became illegal the profit margins went straight through the roof. Just ask Felipe Calderon about drugs and weapons black markets in Mexico and across the infamous “border”. The difference is that the “assault weapons” flowing into the U.S will most likely be of Chinese or Soviet origin especially now that there is a unprecedented fully operational AK103 factory (the first of its kind) on North American soil in the country of that great friend of the Obama administration Jugo Chavez’s Venezuela. I am sure it would be much to the delight and candor of the Chinese and Soviets to start sending cases of their own AK’s to over exuberant South and Central American cartel bosses who already ship kilo upon kilo of heroin and marijuana into the U.S on a daily basis. The caveat to this is Obama, Feinstein and company who do not even know or act as if they don’t know what an “assault weapon” is (which is a combat rifle with full auto capability or a full auto selector switch, which only private citizens with a class 3 tax stamp can own and these weapons are then registered with the ATF) will gladly infringe upon law abiding American citizens with the brazen swagger of any autocratic dictator of the 20th century, absolute power and suppressive law as they walk through America surrounded by heavily armed guards. I would not have thought that in my life I would have witnessed rule by tyranny in the United States of America (especially by Blacks and Jews who have suffered greatly at the hands of tyrants) supported by a propaganda machine no less than the likes of the ex Soviet Union or Herman Gerbils Nazi machine. That day is here. Ironically I have never owned what is currently misclassified as an assault weapon, however I have never felt more of a desire than the present to own one, not to protect myself against criminals but to defend myself from tyrannical rule. Based on recent gun sales numbers especially of these and similar weapons it looks like I am not alone.

These leftists do not believe in America, their idea of change is to strip us of our language borders, culture and our constitution, to open the door to foreign Nationals of their choice ex. Amnesty to  Latinos but no one else, what about Southeast Asians, Eastern Europeans, Africans there are plenty more illegal’s here from other countries.  They want to establish historical models and practices from European countries that are currently failing and they demonize anyone: Whites Blacks, Jews, etc. who do not want to go back to these approaches which are the entire reason this country even exists in the first place (to break free from Europe). They feel obligated to appease anyone from a different culture, or foreign National and blindly turn over the reigns of power to them despite lacking credentials. The elected officials not only scoff at the oath they took to protect the constitution they “spit on it” as they spit on any American citizen who challenges their decisions. The NDAA, department of homeland security amassing weapons and ammunition, all resonate the new world order under the Obama wing of the Democratic party the The New Socialist Peoples Republic of the United States. With the threat of democide looming as the final solution I think the question of the day to freedom loving Americans, (not freedom fearing Leftists or power grabbing Marxists) who still care about their country and for which it stands, is not if you are ready to stand by your beliefs, the question is are you ready to die for your beliefs? The far left has drawn a line in the sand. Based on their recent actions it is obvious they will do whatever they have to, despite the democratic process, to achieve their goals. Semantics are no longer an option, Republicrats are nothing but an arm of the Democrat party to pacify conservatives into thinking they have representation. It’s no longer about what you can do for your country; it’s about what your country is going to do to you.

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  • The Nazi's also used the mental health system to punish or kill people that posed a threat to their agenda.

  •     Like I keep repeating , it has NOTHING to do with gun control , it is all about PEOPLE CONTROL . And we are the people to be controlled , WAKE THE HELL UP .

  •  We have some of if not the most corupt politicians on earth.

  • I read a book, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah, and learned about the use of a frightening drug used in war in Sierra Leone.  The boys, forced to fight, became so morally compromised that even rehabilitation was difficult. 

    Wiki: Brown-brown is a form of powdered cocaine mixed with smokeless gunpowder (not "blackpowder"). Smokeless powder often contains nitroglycerine, a drug prescribed for heart conditions, which most likely causes vasodilation, allowing the cocaine to move more freely through the body. This in turn allows for a more intense high. Also, it may refer to heroin.[1] It was reportedly given to child soldiers in West African armed conflicts.[2]

  • Oh my God. I love what you are writing and I totally agree. With a corrupted system to the very core. What are we to do. I read your news intently and I listen to all of the talk surrounding me and the more I listen the more helpless I feel. There seems to be no choices left and I have lost any faith in our system of government. I do not believe the occupier administration is lawfully in position. Please keep on and help.

  • Unfortunately, it is past time that words will do any good! Action is what is now needed. Go out and get acquainted with your neighbors, find out what's needed locally to survive and thrive, get organized! The world will not be recognizable to you, do not let that beat you down! You're going to have to find an entirely NEW way forward! NOT obummers forward!

  • A bloody REVOLUTION is the quickest solution against the Progressive Socialist (Communist) regime that is destroying our Constitutional America!!!!!!

  • The illness is Communist indoctrination.

  • Thanks Dee &Michael: YEP all true, also YEP all true with all replies. For the last 4 yrs on all conservative sites, which I belong to many & love them all. Millions of words Ive read, posts,blogs, comments, replies etc. Petitions havebeen signed, letters written, faxs sent, phone calls made etc. Its about time folks to look where this has gone, Maybe for the first time take an honest look at America, & where all your words have taken us, your words have dug our graves deeper, our kids & grandkids future freedoms & liberties have been taken away, your words America have gotten us deeper in debt,1000s of issues & your words have made matters worse, America youve lost the will to fight. America youve allowed 60 million little babies to be murdered, America youve turned your backs on the Vets, America youve turned your backs on God Jesus etc. America your BS words say one thing your actions or inactions say something different. 1776 is here

  • Nothing else will set you free like the truth. One must desire the truth not a drug induced ego trip. The world is not as it appears.

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