Why are there socialists, communists, illegal immigrants, black racists, and wiggers on this site? I thought that the Tea Party would be composed predominantly of people who pretend to be patriots? Instead we are getting, on this site, the same commie BS we get 24-7 on the media and all over the internet. Why can't there be a real patriotic site on the internet where real patriotism has a voice? Why does every one of these phony patriot sites have to be controlled by communists?

The answer is simple. We live in a communist dictatorship wherein all "conservative" and "republican" sites, forums, bogs yada yada, are controlled by the commies, every single one.Our enemies are using our tax money to stomp us. Taxation without representation.  Everything media,  is phony, feminist, socialist, Trump-hating, and obsolescent, totalitarian black-racist terrorist. Why? Because people pretending to be patriotic are leftist actors and actresses, making monkeys out of many of you who believe them.

What about the honest and sincere patriots that are on this site? Most of you are dead men walking. You sit silently, making a brave comment every now and then, but the smart ones of you know that this site is like the republican party, a servo-mechanism of the democrats. You don't fight for this site because you are habitually avoiders of violence. Its time to embrace the fight.

You and I support Trump because we know he sees all this and has the brains and savvy to lead us out of the wilderness. But what do we get on this site? We get insane commies pretending to pray to God, that "his only begotten son, Ben Carson" be president. They spew out hatred of Donald Trump, and lies too, while pretending to be retired colonels in the Army, impeccable patriots and other lies.

Our enemies are totally unscrupulous and they will ruin or kill anyone who stands in their way. At least they will try to do that. That's why I am here, to strip them naked, and to spit in their face until they eject me from their phony mud-making project, or this site is ideologically cleansed. Because the commies are rich and they own everything, especially Fox Entertainment.So what !; there are 270 million of us and we will defeat these malignant minority dwarfs.

Know this. The commies are trying to ruin Trump, while the dirty-back-stabbing conservatives and republicans are helping the commies, just like they have for the past 30 years. Only now they are openly, on this site, announcing their bigotry and ideology. At the same time they call it "Americanism, democracy and anti-racism" (a code word for anti-white).The reds (commies) wave the former US flag too. That's why we of the right wing, wave the Confederate flag.

The commies, aided by some people on this site will try to assassinate trump. They are already trying to terrorize him, an effort led by the republican party. We won't let that be a successful hit.

We have a plan to win and it will work.

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