The Watchman: The Battle Over Jerusalem!


The Watchman: The Battle Over Jerusalem – February 11, 2014!

Israel Belongs to the Jewish People and GOD our FATHER who art in Heaven!! Jerusalem Belongs to Israel and GOD our FATHER in Heaven!! God Created Israel for His People and for His SON Jesus Christ to Born there!! Israel is in the HOLY BIBLE!! Palestine is NOT in the HOLY BIBLE!



Jesus Christ was Born in Bethlehem, Israel!! Jesus Christ DIED in Israel!! AGAIN ISRAEL Belongs to the ISRAELI’S Born there that Praise Jesus Christ as Their KING of kings and LORD of lords!!

Palestine was Made up my a LIAR Muhammad and the Islamic Muslims that are TERRORISTS and MURDERERS!!! There is NO god named allah, at all!! Muhammad got his Information from Satan ( the devil )!! Satan ( the devil ) DECEIVED Muhammad thinking he was allah the god of his lands!! Muhammad was a FALSE Prophet, and allah is a FALSE god!! Muhammad and allah are NOT in the HOLY BIBLE!! Islamic Muslims WORSHIP a FALSE Religion and a FALSE god!!


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