As an American, born and raised in these United States, a Patriot and someone that loves my country I desire to see things done once again in a constitutional way. I desire to have my country back and to be a country that is looked up to by the world, not because we are better than anyone else but because we stand for something other than just ourselves and the love of money.

There is however, something the each of us as individuals must realize, We speak of grass roots and how much power it is in our communities and those people working to bring about change. In my mind there must be something in common as we speak of those communities. We can say that we all want freedom of speech, to bare arms or freedom of worship which is all good and we all can agree on those things.

Well, let's say we can accomplish those things. Let's say we, as a generation come together and by some miraculous turn of events we leave the next generation, our children and grandchildren debt free as a nation. Let's say that when we are gone from this earth one of the last things we leave our children is the most powerful nation on earth, If we do all these things, which are all things that I, myself would like to see, Is that the most important thing we can leave behind as a generation?

While all these things are great things to leave to our children there is a still greater and much more valuable asset that we must not leave our children or future generations with out. Sometimes the greatest blessings come from a price we do not want to pay, We find that once the price is paid that the lesson learned will take us much farther in life and into eternity than riches or power ever will.

Every person that is living today has an appointment with eternity. Each year you live you pass right by the very second that you ,as a person will step out into eternity. Sometime we get so caught up in what we think is important about right now that we forget to prepare for that time. We do all we can to see to it that our children are left with all they need as far as this country is concerned but neglect to teach them. by our own lives about eternity.                                                                                                                                                                                    WILL THE REAL JESUS CHRIST PLEASE STAND UP!

Who is Jesus Christ to you? Who do you teach your children He is?

As we look over this vast nation we live in and call home just think of all the different possibilities that can call into play. Who do we listen to? Can you listen to me? The answer to that is probably not. You see, it's not me I desire for you to hear or believe. One of the greatest problems we have in our country is that it's so many people saying so many things that it becomes very confusing. All I might do is add to that confusion.

Have you ever laid in your bed at night when all was quit and just allowed the Spirit of God to speak to you? You see, He desires to do that. It's not me that truth comes from or that can straighten out the mess we are in. I might be able to say a few thins to help but, hey you don't even know me. Jesus Christ wants you to really get to know Him on a personal basis. He desires to direct your path, even when it looks like all hope is lost. He desires to help you direct your children. even if everything in this country falls apart.

We must win this victory. It will not come from a politician, a preacher or in some cases even your parents or people you think you can trust. It's not in any educational system or any professor or teacher but this victory can become yours. Each individual can have a peace that surpasses all understanding.

One of the best places  to start this learning process is down on your knees, humbly admitting that we are helpless and we need to be taught by Him. There is a book that is written of Him, pick it up and ask Him to help you. Not me, not any man but seek His face. the victory will be yours. Try it and see.

We must win this victory and know Him.






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