This video needs to be seen by every patriotic American citizen. Please spread this video to every one you know. Don’t bother with the liberal socialist democrats, they’re the ones who ordered the gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens in the first place. Not one story of  confiscating guns from the criminals, why is that? Please, please, please, did I say please? If not, please join and support the NRA and Also, buy a gun and learn how to use it.!


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  • Mayor Nagin has been indicted for his corruption during and after Katrina - In addition to his corruption and incompetence Nagin is responsible for the deaths of 1500 citizens of New Orleans for his inept and cowardly inaction pre-Katrina.  The police involved in this unlawful confiscation was by NO Police but also un-uniformed rogue police from other cities were present. I was deployed with the California Guard to Operation Gulf States Relief Sept-Oct 2005 and this incident has sickened me from the moment it happened to today -- The NRA investigated this but the failure of the New ORleans police to accept responsibility is a reflection of the ultra Left liberal outrageous commie mentality infecting our nation.  I wish there were more Annie Oakley's out there that will not only stand up for their families but to educate their neighbors about their rights as Americans and to resist and oppose the current Communist wave that has filled our country with its Anti-American  stench.  If you dont like my freedom and my willingness to own my freedom then leave the United States of America! That goes to all the rogue cops that wee so cowardly during Katrina! I saw you in action and hold ZERO respect towards you.

  • Too many generations of government employees educated in government schools to obey government orders'-- Heard of the Nerumberg trials? "I was just following orders as I marched people into the gas chambers..."

    America's fathers and churches allowed the government to take over the egucation of our upcoming generations. That is what the germans did before WWII.

    Blame the pastors and the seminaries. They failed to be the watchmen. And real men who love Jesus need to go have a talk with their pastor and build up unity and resolve to stand in the light of the Truth. Love your neighbor as you love yourself, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you...


  • I want to cry seeing this again. I lived by the 17 th Street Canal. The Road home program( Road to Hell) just settled with one of my properties. This whole thing has been an unbelievable nightmare. And don't think it can't happen to you. I wonder how proud those cops are for what they did to that old lady. Such manly men aren't they? Sure they feared for their life because of what was going on, but their problem was not the likes of the people you saw in this video. They left people with no means of protecting themselves from the criminals and gangs out on the street doing unspeakable things. This has taught me many lessons, but one in particular is prepare to take care of yourself. The government has other ideas of what to do with you! I also have joined NRA, Tea Party, and Oathkeepers as an Associate member. Pray for each other and pray that Jesus will direct us in saving this great Nation. And pray that it isn't to late.
  • Thanks Dee & Chaplain: Chaplain I hope you reach people, it appears most Patriotic Americans, really dont want to believe this is happening to our We The Peoples Republic, Country, Nation. I dont want to believe this, however reality has set in with me. Chaplain Ive read you here as well as other sites, & I thank you for the direction you lead folks, I hope everyone heeds your advice. Im grateful years ago I joined the NRA, Oathkeepers, Militia, this Tea Party as well as many other groups such as Doomsday Preppers etc. Im grateful to be a Christian  have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord & Saviour, Im grateful to have received the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. Im grateful to my Father God to be able to discern the Word Of God correctly & the directions He gives me. Im grateful thru the Holy Ghost to have been able to gain Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding & Instruction, in Gods Word, my Pastor, Christian friends & family, my prayers, my walk with Jesus everyday etc. Im grateful to understand Gods Prophesy, to be able to look at our country & the world, in part Israel, & the rest of the world & whats shaping up. Folks can ignore the signs & warnings or they can prepare. Out of frustration Ive learned most folks turn a deaf ear, maybe out of fear, folks really dont believe anything bad is coming, maybe folks dont really believe Gods Word, maybe this really isnt the time just before the Tribulation, maybe Jesus will come in a twinkling of an eye, a gather up the Christians before anything bad happens to them etc whatever the excuse. God isnt the author of confusion, So Chaplain will people listen to you, or God or Jesus or the Holy Ghost-I hope so. God thru you & me & other Christians strongly suggest join the NRA, OathKeepers, I expand to a militia & prepper group, This country is headed for a world of hurting, read your Bible, look at what this govt is doing, the 2014-2016 vote give me a break, the bombs bursting in air, Onward Christian Soldier Marching as to War. Lock & Load folks, Pray, Prepare, watch the signs. God Bless & Long live the Tea Party & America

  • I'm tried of the UN trying to tell America what they are going to do. But most of all I tried of our Senators even entertaining the thought of any type of Small Arms Treaty. That goes against our Second Amendment right. Throw the UN out of the United States.

  • I said it before and I'll say it again " Bill O'Reilly is a buffoon who is only interested in ratings and not the truth " . The truth only matters when it serves Bill O'Reilly's liberal agenda .
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