The Unborn Declared Constitutionally Protected!

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Dear Representative:

The decision in Roe vs. Wade, which permitted abortion, was founded on the reluctance to legally identify the unborn as persons protected by the Constitution of the United States. The decision never declared the unborn were not persons, merely that the mother's preferences for her own body outweighed the claim to life of her legally-undefined unborn child. The decision framed the "choice" of pregnancy to be made after becoming pregnant instead of at the time of choosing to have sex, pregnancy being a foreseeable consequence. The decision does not comprehensively control the legal rights of the unborn, and many criminal and civil laws and cases have prosecuted and compensated for the death of an unborn child. The decision has only been largely unchallenged as to abortion. Recently, a decision by the Supreme Court of Alabama, Ankrom v. State, has ruled that the unborn are legally considered persons under the Constitution of the United States from the moment of conception. This case confirmed the criminal prosecution of a woman who chemically abused her unborn child, causing the child's death from Meth overdose shortly after birth. The woman contested the criminal prosecution under Alabama's chemical endangerment statute because the abuse took place before birth. Yet, if another person had caused (e.g., drugged her against her will) the child to be born overdosing and subsequently die, there would have been no question as to legal culpability. The question of culpability in the case was only residue from the indecision of Roe vs. Wade regarding the legal status of the unborn. Because of the Ankrom v. State case, the door has now been opened, indeed definitively decided, as to the legal definition of the unborn as persons protected by the Constitution. Precedent has now been set in the courts specifically defining the unborn as persons. Now is the time to also introduce legislation and amendments to the state and federal Constitutions declaring the unborn to be under the protective jurisdiction of the Constitution of the United States. I am ardently asking you to champion that cause. .

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